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Top 27+ Things To Do In Twin Falls, Idaho (+Where To Stay & Best Restaurants)

Perrine Coulee Falls

Twin Falls, Idaho is a special place that took us by surprise. Traveling north in our campervan, we were searching for a fun place to hang out for a few days and enjoy some beautiful nature. And Twin Falls is exactly that. There are tons of amazing waterfalls, great places to eat, and even some legendary kayaking adventures. So we formed the perfect list of the top things to do in Twin Fall, ID.

The town of Twin Falls is located in the southern central part of Idaho. The dramatic landscape was created nearly 15,000 years ago by the Lake Bonneville flood. The water from Lake Bonneville forced its way through forming what we now know as the Snake River Canyon.

Part of the magic of Twin Falls is the network of irrigation canals that disperse the river water far and wide across the region. To transform what was just a desert outpost into the vibrant agricultural hub, now known as the Magic Valley.

Here are our top things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho.

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Shoshone Falls

Aerial view from a drone of Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is the biggest and most impressive waterfall on this section of the Snake River. In this spot, you can see signs of how the Lake Bonneville Flood forced its way through the Snake River Canyon. The falls rush over the cliff edge and fall 212 ft and span 1000 ft wide. They are often referred to as the “Niagara of the West”.

The best time to visit Shoshone Falls is in Spring to see the magnificent flow. Because in summer & fall, you may experience lower flows because part of the flow is diverted for irrigation purposes.

There are a few different ways to explore Shoshone Falls, either by car, foot, or kayak. 

If driving to the falls, the most popular thing to do here is check out the first overlook, which is just a short walk from the parking lot. For a different perspective of the falls, head up to the second overlook which is just a short .2 mile hike from the parking area.

If driving, the cost to visit the park in peak season (March 1st – September 30th) is $5 per vehicle. During the non-peak (October 1st- February 29) there is no fee. 

You can also access the falls from the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. The next closest parking lot is the Evel Knievel Jumpsite (which is free). This hike to the falls is 1.69 miles one-way.

Kayaking Shoshone Falls

Or during the peak season (typically Memorial Day – Labor Day) you can kayak to Shoshone Falls. The best way to do this is to book a combo boat/kayak tour. A boat will take you from Centennial Waterfront Park up to Pillar Falls where you will jump on a kayak from here.

The paddle is a moderate 4-mile roundtrip adventure. On the way there, you will be kayaking against the current, which in return should help as you mosey on back to Pillar Falls.

If you are really up for an all-day adventure, you can rent or launch your own vessel from Centennial Waterfront Park and kayak up to Pillar Falls, portage your kayak over the Pillar Falls hiking area, and then continue up to Shoshone Falls. This route is 8 miles roundtrip.

Do Note: You can only cross Pillar Falls when water levels are low. (Spring is usually too high of water activity)

The kayaking route from Centennial Waterfront Park to Shoshone Falls is long and challenging, so this is suggested for experienced kayakers.

Dierkes Lake

An aerial view from a drone of Dierkes Lake
Dierkes Lake

Also within Shoshone Falls Park is Dierkes Lake. It’s just a 5-minute drive from Shoshone Falls.

This area was once a homestead to John Dierkes. But with the local canal irrigation system, the area flooded and is now a lake used for recreation. 

During the warm summer months, this area is popular for swimming and fishing. There is a designated swimming area with a seasonal lifeguard. 

Beyond Dierkes Lake to the east, you can find 3 hidden lakes. These lakes can be popular for cliff jumping. But use extreme caution, as accidents have occurred over the years and the water can be murky making it difficult to see hazards in the water. 

Perrine Coulee Falls

a girl opening her arms in front of Perrine Coulee Falls
Perrine Coulee Falls

This waterfall drops 200 feet over the Rim of the Snake River Canyon. The water flows year-round making it one of Twin Falls’s most famous attractions. 

What’s exceptionally unique to this waterfall is you can easily walk behind the falls. Especially in summer with the warmer temperatures, it can be a refreshing mist to cool off.

There are a few different ways to see Perrine Coulee Falls. There are two viewpoints overlooking the falls from the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. You can park in the Canyon Crest Event Parking Lot and walk onto the Canyon Rim Trail to overlook the falls.

Additionally, there is a small roadside pull off right next to the falls. Hike over the cement barriers to a dirt trail leading to the waterfalls.

Or you can park at the bottom of the canyon and enjoy a short hike up to the waterfall. The hike is .5 miles and climbs 200 ft in elevation.

Pillar Falls

An aerial view from a drone of Pillar Falls
Pillar Falls

This area has a unique water feature that has a series of Rhyolite pillars standing tall in the middle of the Snake River.

Pillar Falls is best seen from the water via kayak or boat tour. You can rent kayaks or launch your own vessel at Centennial Waterfront Park. 

Or you can also book a boat tour up to the Pillar Falls

For people wanting to travel beyond Pillar Falls and up to Shoshone Falls, you can hop off the boat and into a kayak from a launch point on the other side of Pillar Falls. This kayak adventure is a scenic 4-mile (round-trip). Book a Boat Tour To Pillar Falls/Kayak Tour to Shoshone Falls Combo

Another option is hiking down to the falls. The hike is around 2 miles roundtrip with 500 ft elevation change. New housing developments have interrupted this area. But you can park here and then walk the road to the Pillar Falls Trailhead.  

The water level changes throughout the spring, summer, and fall. When the water levels are low you can get out and explore the pillars.

Do note, it is very dangerous to swim in this area due to undercurrents.

Blue Heart Springs

Aerial View of Blue Heart Springs
Blue Heart Springs

One of our favorite things we did in Twin Falls was kayak to Blue Heart Springs. This area can only be reached by boat making it a unique attraction to Twin Falls.

This crystal clear blue water stays a consistent 58 degrees year round making it a great place to cool off during summer.

If you need to rent a kayak or paddleboard, you can rent from Blue Heart Kayaking or Banbury Adventures.

Or if you have your own vessel, you can use Blue Heart Kayking and just pay for launch ($5) and shuttle ($10). But do note, they won’t shuttle personal equipment back in their shuttle. But if you are traveling in a pair, you can just pay for 1 person to shuttle back and pick up your car.  

Thousand Springs State Park (Ritter Island)

Aerial view of Thousand Springs State Park
Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs State Park is a stunning park outside Twin Falls, Idaho. While there was never an actual count of one thousand falls, there were once too many falls to even count. However early settlers had to make the choice between keeping this natural wonder or using the water for irrigation. And yes, they choose irrigation.

But nonetheless, it is truly a beautiful sight to see, as many waterfalls cascade along the canyon rim. 

Thousand Springs State Park can be accessed via kayak or land.

Personally, Jake and I kayaked from Blue Heart Springs to Thousand Islands State Park and got a shuttle back to our car, which we highly recommend (previously mentioned above).

If you choose to visit on foot, the cost is $7 per vehicle. There is a nice 1.8 mi hike around Ritter Island offering stunning views of the waterfalls nearby.

Watch Base Jumpers At The Perrine Bridge

Base jumpers jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID
Base jumpers on the Perrine Bridge

Watching BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Twin Falls. There are many different viewing platforms along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail to watch people jump off this towering bridge. But we found the best ones to be just east of the Perinne Bridge.

Base jumpers from around the world come to Twin Falls because it’s the only man-made structure in the U.S. where you can jump year-round without a permit.

And if you want to join in on the fun, but don’t have base jumping experience, you can book a tandem BASE jump with a professional. 

Snake River Canyon Trail (Evel Knievel Jump Site)

The Evel Knievel Jump Site along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail
The Evel Knievel Jump Site along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Simply one of the best ways to fathom how massive the Snake River Canyon is to walk the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail.

The Snake River Canyon Rim Trail spans nearly 10 miles along the rim. It’s popular amongst hikers, cyclists and more. There are many awesome vista lookouts over the canyon.

One especially popular stop is the Evel Knievel Jump Site. Where the famous stunt performer attempted to jump over the Snake River Canyon in his man-made sky cycle. (Spoiler Alert: his parachute went off too early and he didn’t make it).

But you can also witness the Perrine Bridge, Pillar Falls, Shoshone Falls, etc all along this trail. 

One end of the maintained trail starts from Washington St. N. The other end meets up with Shoshone Falls. From here the trail turns into the Cenntenial Trail and is less maintained. But there are trails leading to Dierkes Lake and beyond. So you can choose your own adventure from here.

Centennial Waterfront Park

pavillion with a view of the Perrine Bridge at Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls, ID
Centennial Waterfront Park

One of the best free things to do in Twin Falls is head down to Centennial Waterfront Park. This free park is located down along the Snake River with tons of covered picnic tables and green grassy areas to enjoy a picnic lunch.

This park is also a popular area to launch watercraft to explore the Perrine Bridge and up to Pillar Falls.

Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID

You can rent kayaks or book a guided boat tour. You can even go ziplining if you are feeling a more thrilling adventure. Book a Zipline Adventure.

Additionally, you can hike around the area for more epic views within the Snake River Canyon.

Visit A Local Brewery 

two IPA's with great sun reflection at Koto Brewing Co
Koto Brewing Co

A great way to cap off a great adventure from many of these top things to do in Twin Falls, ID is cheers with a nice craft beer.

There are two great local breweries in town: Koto Brewing Co and Milner’s Gate Brewery.

Both breweries offer a great selection of craft beers and tasty food. Consider visiting during Happy Hour (typically 3-6pm). 

Koto Brewing Co has $2 off craft beer and good discounts on appetizers. They also have great vegan options on their menu. 

Milner’s Gate Brewery offers half-off craft beers and 25% off appetizers. And for my Wisconsin cheese lovers out there, they have some of the best cheese curds I’ve tried out west. Plus they offer a unique beer caramel sauce, which makes for a nice sweet treat. 

Second South Market

the indoor seating area at 2nd South Market
2nd South Market

Second South Market is Idaho’s first food hall. What’s especially unique about this location is that it was a former machining, blacksmith, boilermaker, welding, and hardware building from 1926. Once you walk in the door, they have historical information to learn about this interesting space.

The best part is there are 7 different vendors to choose from:

  • Lucy’s Pizza
  • Smokey Bone BBQ
  • Petite Creperie
  • Fuji Express 
  • Full Steam Espresso
  • Poke & Sushi Hut 
  • Taphouse

This is especially a great place to visit if you are traveling with a large group who can’t decide on one cuisine.

We loved the atmosphere inside, but they also have an awesome outdoor patio.

There are often local bands, bingo, and karaoke happening throughout the week. When live events are happening outdoors, there is typically a $5 cover.

Elevation 486 

a couple cheersing with two cocktails at Elevation 486
Elevation 486

Elevation 486 makes the list of best things to do in Twin Falls, ID because of its awesome patio overlooking the Snake River Canyon and the spectacular view of the Perrine Bridge. 

They serve upscale dining during lunch and dinner, but you can also just enjoy a few nice cocktails outside on their patio. If you don’t want to order food, you can just ask if there are seats at the fireplace available.

This place got its name from being exactly 486ft up from the canyon rim. We really enjoyed the vibe of this place, especially for a sunset.

Balanced Rock

Want to see one of the most unique rock formations? This iconic 50-foot rock feature balances 40 tons of weight on a narrow pedestal. You can hike right up to the rock, but it can be a steep climb.

Grab Some Local Idaho Potato Fries

You can basically grab local home-cut fries from many different restaurants in town. But when in Idaho, you gotta eat at least 1 Idaho potato right from the source!

We went to the Twin Falls Sandwich Company during happy hour where they offer 50% off their fry appetizers. We got some pesto parmesan fries which were delightful.

But like I said, nearly all the local restaurants will offer fries. Just make sure the menu says something about “local”, “home-cut”, “hand-made”, or simply ask your server. Because of course, you don’t want just frozen fries that are transported here, especially when you are in the state where most of the potatoes come from!

Miracle Hot Springs

Relax in a geothermal pool. The Miracle spring water flows year-round, is odorless, and has an alkaline pH of 9.6. 

There are four large outdoor geothermal pools with different temperatures ranging from 96 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. For an additional cost, you can book a private pool or VIP pool. 

The cost starts around $28 to soak in the large pool (+ an additional $5 if want a private pool).

They also offer unique accommodations, from camping, domes, and park homes. More info below.

Honorable Mention Things To Do In Twin Falls, ID

Here are a few things we didn’t quite get to on our visit, but if you are looking for more fun things to do in Twin Falls, consider adding these to your bucket list. 

City of Rocks National Reserve

This area is often referred to as “a city of tall spires,” “steeple rocks,” and “the silent city.” This area has tons of unique rocks that make you wonder exactly how this area was formed. There’s tons of great hiking, camping, rock climbing, bird watching, and more to do in this area. 

Teepee Rocks

Teepee Rocks is exactly what the name states. There are unique rock formations that look like teepees made from rocks. It’s popular to hike amongst these interesting geological wonders. 

Black Magic Canyon

Following the unique rocks theme, Black Magic Canyon is a spectacular sight to see. For the last 10,000 years, the Big Wood River has continued to carve its way through these 800,000-year-old basalt lava flows. 

Do note this canyon is still used for irrigation purposes, therefore there can be a consistent flow of water from Spring to Fall. You can check the Big Wood Canal Company American Falls Reservoir District 2 website for more details on whether or not this hike is safe. Also, rattlesnakes are common in this area during the warmer months. 

You can find the hiking trail here on AllTrails.

Tea Kettle Cave

The Tea Kettle Cave is certainly an off-the-beaten-path hike near Twin Falls, ID. It’s quite eerie as you climb into a narrow hole, into what opens up into a large underground cave. It’s especially nice to visit when the sun is at its highest point to get the epic sun beam shining through the top of the cave. 

Check out this blog post by The Mandagies for more details on finding Tea Kettle Cave.

Little City Of Rocks

If you couldn’t tell by now, there are lots of “cool rocks” to look at nearby Twin Falls. This area is yet another awesome place to hike around and see unique rock formations and even Native American petroglyphs carved into the rocks from several thousands of years ago.

Auger Falls

Auger Falls is located in Auger Falls Heritage Park. The whole area is popular for hiking and mountain biking. But Auger Falls is less popular due to the other more impressive waterfalls in the area. But it’s still a beautiful sight nonetheless. The falls cascade from edge to edge, dropping a powerful amount of water.

The best time to see the falls is in Spring. During summer the falls can be less impressive due to water irrigation purposes.

There is an easy 4 mile loop hike around the area for more amazing views of the Snake River Canyon and along the river’s edge. Don’t forget to look around as you can find other waterfalls flowing over the canyon rim.

Mermaid Cove

If you’ve fallen in love with the other waterfalls on this list, you may want to consider checking out Mermaid Cove. You can also find this waterfall in the Auger Falls Heritage Park. This waterfall is two-terraced, meaning there is more than just one stunning part to this waterfall. 

You can also access this falls on the Jerome side of the canyon. Park near the end of Yingst Rd. 

Bruneau Dunes State Park

The Bruneau Dunes are known for having the tallest single-structure dune in North America. The dune stands 470 feet tall and can be an adventure to climb. But you can also grab a sled or a sandboard to ride down instead of the treacherous walk back down. 

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

Want to be transported to the moon? Just kidding, but this area is covered in lava flows with many interesting areas to explore. Especially the cinder cones and caves are some of the best things to explore within the park. 

Castle Rock State Park

This is another beautiful area with great hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, etc. Some of the rock formations date back 2.5 million years.

This area is especially popular for rock climbers, with people coming from all over the world.

Box Canyon Springs Preserve

Similar to Blue Heart Springs is Box Canyon Springs Preserve. It is a branch of the Thousand Springs State Park and costs $7 per vehicle. You can enjoy the lookout from above, or consider hiking down the canyon ledge to the Box Canyon Springs Preserve. There is a waterfall and swimming hole with crystal clear blue water.

The hike is around 4 miles and climbs 396ft in elevation. Find more details on AllTrails.

Malad Gorge

Another unit of Thousand Springs State Park is Malad Gorge. A beautiful canyon that drops 250 ft to the canyon floor. There is a paved path along the rim of the Malad Gorge on either side of the canyon.

Best Restaurants In Twin Falls, Idaho

Lucy's Pizza from 2nd South Market
Lucy’s Pizza from 2nd South Market

For a small town, there are actually tons of great restaurants to choose from. You probably noticed early on this list that we included some of these locations in our top things to do in Twin Falls, ID. But just for a refresher, here are some of our top restaurants in Twin Falls.

If you are looking for an epic view over the canyon rim, we highly suggest Elevation 486. Redhawk Gadtropub also has a great view over the canyon and an easy walk to the Perrine Coulle Falls, but they are not known for their food or service.

We also highly suggest Koto Brewing Co and Milner’s Gate Brewery. Both offer great pub fare and have tasty craft beers to choose from. Both have great happy hour deals from 3-6pm. Koto offers $2 off their craft beers and discounts on appetizers. Milner’s Gate offers 1/2 off beers and 25% off select appetizers. If you like cheese, you should definitely consider getting the cheese curds.

Lastly, if you are traveling with family or a large group, 2nd South Market is a great place to grab food. It offers a really nice indoor and outdoor patio, plus they have 7 different vendors to choose from. Although, we highly suggest Lucy’s Pizza. We got a random flavor of the day pizza, and it was beyond excellent! They also have live music, bingo, and karaoke throughout the week.

Also included in the list are highly rated or suggested places that we have yet to explore the next time we are in town. But we thought you might enjoy the list of other great places to try while in Twin Falls, ID.

  • Elevation 486 (Great Patio, Views of canyon and Perrine Bridge)
  • Milner’s Gate Brewery (local beers and great pub food)
  • Koto Brewing Co (local beers and great pub food, also great vegan options)
  • 2nd South Market (Good for groups with all kinds of cuisine)
  • Twin Beans Coffee Co (sweet & savory crepe)
  • The Twin Falls Sandwich Company (not the best dine-in vibes, but good for a quick bite)
  • Scooters Chillin & Grillin (Sports Bar)
  • Jim Bob’s Bakery (Best Donuts in Twin Falls)
  • Redhawk Gastropub (views of Perrine Coulee Falls, but slow service and subpar food)
  • Jakers (upscale steakhouse)
  • Buffalo Cafe (all-American family diner)
  • Idaho Joe’s (American comfort food)
  • La Fiesta Mexican (Casual Mexican, fun vibe)
  • Don Juans Mexican Restaurant (Authentic Mexican)
  • Janitzio (Casual Comfort Mexican)
  • Saffron Twins Falls (Indian)
  • Norms Cafe (Old School Diner with classic comfort food)
  • 4 Roots Juice Bar & GF Cafe (Modern Healthy Cafe)
  • A Taste Of Thai (Thai Cuisine)

Where To Stay In Twin Falls, ID

Farfield Inn & Suites in Twin Falls, ID during nighttime

Here are a few great hotel recommendations near Twin Falls, ID.

  • Filmore Inn B&B – Classic brick Tudor style home bed and breakfast.
  • Miracle Hot Springs – A unique stay located outside of town is the Miracle Hot Springs. They have unique glamping domes $150-$179 per night. Or have park homes with access to the hot springs. They also have campsites available.
  • Potato Hotel – One of the most unique accommodations in all of Idaho is the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. It is located about 20 minutes from town, and no built-in kitchen, so plan accordingly. But it’s certainly an experience you don’t want to miss. 
  • La Quinta – Traditional hotel in a good location in Twin Falls, ID.

Vacation Rentals In Twin Falls, ID

Here are a few fun recommendations for vacation rentals in Twin Falls, ID.

  • Vista Cliff House – On the rim of the Snake River Canyon, 3bed/3bath
  • Canyon Rim Home – Overlooking the Snake Canyon Rim, 7bed/4 bath, great for large groups, heated pool, hot tub, game room
  • Vintage Idahoan – Shabby chic 1bed/1bath villa, close to downtown

Camping near Twin Falls, ID

We primarily travel full-time in our campervan, so we personally like to find the best camp spots.

Backyard Farms (Harvest Hosts Location):

a goat sticking his head out looking for a snack at Backyard Farms in Twin Falls, ID
Backyard Farms (Harvest Hosts Location)

A unique stay right outside Twin Falls, ID is Backyard Farms. But it does require a Harvest Hosts Membership. If you don’t know what that is, check out our in-depth review + a coupon code. But for a quick summary, this membership allows self-contained campervans and RVs to camp on business properties.

All you need to do is buy something from the business in exchange for a place to stay. And Backyard Farms is certainly an awesome experience you will not want to miss when in Twin Falls, ID.

The owners Lori and Jim Bo greet you upon arrival and show you around their small farm. You will learn quickly that they have a passion for their animals. Then, they will bring you over to their shop where you can try many different flavors of goat cheese, plus try some of their goat lotions and soaps. And if goat products aren’t your thing, they also have fresh eggs too!

There are also a few other Harvest Hosts Locations nearby Twin Falls, which you can see once you purchase your own membership.

Or you can also try Boondockers Welcome, which is a peer-to-peer membership where people allow other RVers to camp on their property for free. All you need is a Boondockers Welcome membership. We wrote all about Boondockers Welcome membership our in-depth review.

Other Camping Options Nearby Twin Falls:

  • Caldron Linn: Dispersed primitive camping on BLM land. Located in a canyon near Caldron Linn Falls. High Clearance is recommended.
  • Walmart: an easy stopover for campervans and RVs is good ol’ Walmart. We stayed here one of the nights and had no issues.
  • Miracle Hot Springs: Starting at $25 a night
  • Rock Creek RV: $25 per night
  • Jerome KOA: (starting around $38+ per night)
  • Oregon Trail Campground: (starting around $42+ per night)

You can always use iOverlander or check out our post on how to find free camping.