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Our Vanlife Solar Shop is a collection of the best components to build an off-grid solar setup for Vanlife.  You can find highly-rated products for nearly all aspects of a solar project.

If you are just learning about solar, this post is a perfect place to begin: Vanlife Solar | Beginners Guide To Solar Components.

These individual components are not organized as one complete kit. So it is still up to you to know how to properly pair components together.

There is a section at the bottom of some “kits” that help to provide pre-selected components that work together. I highly recommend that beginners take advantage of kits, to ensure proper sizing of components.

Or I include our top rated portable power stations if you want a plug-and-play off-grid power solution.

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The two most popular types of deep-cycle batteries for campervans are Lithium and Lead Acid. Most people opt to pay the extra cost for Lithium batteries up front. Aside from the many benefits of lithium batteries, they are also cheaper in the long run. So I recommend them to everyone.

We personally have 2 100Ah Battle Born batteries, and after 4 years of full-time living, they have worked flawlessly without incident.

Top Of The Line

Battle Born 12v 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Battle Born Lithium 100Ah 12V Battery: Top Choice Vanlife Solar Shop

Simply the best. These top-of-the-line lithium batteries are the most rugged, longest-lasting batteries on the market. With a 10-year warranty to back it up.

Best Value

SOK LiFePO4 Lithium 100Ah Battery

SOK Lithium 12v 100Ah Marine Grade

A great cheaper alternative to the Battle Born, but with a shorter warranty (7 years). They can be serviced with replaceable cells and BMS. (Often Sold Out, Plan Ahead)


VMAX AGM Lead-Acid 12v 100Ah Battery

VMAX AGM 12V 100Ah Lead-Acid Battery: Budget Choice Vanlife Solar Shop

A great budget-friendly Lead-Acid battery. But shorter lifespan and only 50% of its battery capacity is useable. So more expensive in the long run.

Solar Panels | Vanlife Solar Shop

Top Of The Line

Rich Solar 100W 12v Polycrystalline Solar Panel

These rigid poly solar panels are a quality product with great efficiency. Rigid panels are the most durable.

Best Value

Renogy 100W 12v Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Renogy is a well-known solar supplier. These panels are very common among the vanlife community.


Refurbished Solar Panels from SanTan Solar

This company in Phoenix (Gilbert) Arizona sells extremely discounted refurbished solar panels. Solar panels degrade at a rate of approx. 1% per year, so buying used panels represents an incredible value.

Charge Controllers & Inverters | Vanlife Solar Shop

Victron MPPT Charge Controllers

Victron makes top-of-the-line charge controllers.  Bluetooth connectivity, but no display. You need to size your charge controller to handle the maximum input of your solar panel(s).

Renogy Rover Series Charge Controllers

These charge controllers are a great pair with other Renogy hardware, but can be used with other brands as well.

Xantrex 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverters

These Xantrex inverters are quality, affordable inverters for small to moderate power needs. The 1000W version is the perfect size for most vanlife setups. We have been using the 1000W version in our campervan for 4 years without any issues.

Giandel 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverters

These Giandel Inverters are another great affordable line of inverters in some larger sizes for more demanding power needs.

Battery Monitors & Shunts

Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor

This is the very best battery monitor on the market. Batteries are likely the most expensive part of your system, so it’s a good idea to invest in components that help protect their health.

Victron Shunt

Pair this Shunt with the Victron Battery Monitor.  A shunt is basically like a toll-booth for a bridge and the battery monitor is the toll-booth operator. That is, the shunt is the bridge that ALL electrical loads pass over, and the battery monitor keeps track of the traffic going over the bridge.

AiLi Battery Monitor & Shunt

A much more affordable battery monitor and shunt. Fewer features than Victron but at an incredibly affordable price.

Blue Sea Systems Busbar

All electrical loads need to be connected to your shunt, so a busbar gives you the additional connections you need to keep everything organized.

Fuse Box, Fuses, & Breakers

Blue Sea Systems Blade Fuse Box

This fuse box is really easy to use.  It will keep your connections of DC loads neatly organized and safely fused. And pick up a box of assorted fuses so you always have the right fuse for new additions or replacements for a blown fuse.

Tocas 12v Circuit Breaker
Manual Reset

These waterproof circuit breakers are an essential safety product to fuse heavy duty connections. (For example: between your batteries and inverter, or batteries and fuse box.)

They also have a manual reset so they can also be used as a switch for maintenance, etc.

ANL Inline Fuses & Holder

Instead of a circuit breaker, you can also use these ANL fuses to safely fuse your heavy-duty connections. But you need to also purchase separate switches (listed below) to pair with them.

Heavy-Duty Switch

Instead of a circuit breaker, you can use a heavy-duty switch to allow you to cut power to circuits, for maintenance, etc.

MC4 Connectors & Entry Gland

MC4 connectors are for connecting multiple solar panels together (if you have more than one)

MC4 Connectors

Use these MC4 connectors to wire your solar panels together.

Cable Entry Gland

Provides a leak proof fitting for solar panel wires to enter the roof of your van.

Wire & Connectors

Wire sizes and lengths needed are heavily dependent on your specific setup. If you feel lost when it comes to wiring, check out our guide to all things wiring, connectors, crimping, etc.

However, these wire gauges and lengths are common choices for campervans.

Please verify your wire sizes for safety.

Heavy Gauge Copper Wire
(8AWG – 2/0AWG)

This is high-quality stranded copper wire, supplied in equal lengths of red and black, plus heat shrink and copper lugs. These thicker wires are very expensive, so only use them where they are absolutely essential.

Medium Gauge Copper Wire

Use this high-quality 10AWG wire for critical loads.

Thin Gauge Copper Wire

Use this 12AWG wire for small DC loads (lights, fans, etc.)  The two wires paired together makes for clean and easy positive and negative wire runs.

Panel to Charge Controller Cable (with Connectors)

These wire kits are beginner-friendly cables to connect your solar panels to the charge controller. (Simply cut off one end and strip about 1 inch to attach to the screw terminal on your charge controller)

Connectors & Terminals

Large Copper Lugs
(4 – 2/0AWG)

Use these large copper lugs for high-current connections between batteries, inverters, shunts, etc.

Assorted Tinned Copper Lugs
(10 – 4AWG)

Smaller lugs for connections to medium load circuits.  Tinned for corrosion resistance.

Assorted DC Load Connectors

These assorted connectors are suitable for most DC load connections (fuse box, switches, butt splicing, etc.)

Heat Shrink Tubing

Use heat shrink tubing for all wire connectors 8AWG and larger.

Tools & Supplies | Vanlife Solar Shop

Electrician’s Multitool Pliers

The most essential tool for any electrical work. For cutting, stripping, and crimping 10-22AWG wire and connectors.

Heavy-Duty Wire Cutters

Larger wires require heavy-duty cutters.  These make clean cuts on wire up to 4/0AWG.

Hammer Lug Crimp Tool

Large lugs require a heavy-duty crimp tool.  (requires a hammer)

Ratcheting Crimper Tool

This more advanced and easy-to-use crimp tool takes the guesswork out of making perfect crimps. Simply choose the correct slot and the crimper makes a perfect crimp every time.

Digital Multimeter

An essential tool for testing and diagnosing circuits.

3M Super 33+ Electrical Tape

An essential for insulating electrical connections.

Heat Gun

A heat gun makes quick and precise work of activating heat shrink tubing.

3M 4200 Marine Sealant

High-quality marine grade sealant for preventing leaks.

Solar Kits | Vanlife Solar Shop

These kits are not necessarily complete systems, nor compatible with each other.  But they can be a good starting point if you want to simplify the process of selecting components that pair well together.  Plus, bundling saves money over buying parts individually.

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Solar Kits

400W Off-Grid Solar Kit

We bought our solar kit from Northern Arizona Wind&Sun.  That exact kit no longer exists, but they always have updated versions of their kits for vans/RVs.

Their off-grid solar kits come at a premium price, but you can trust that they always include the best components. And kits are also customizable if you want to make changes (For example, we requested that they add a second battery to our kit to double our storage capacity).

Their solar kits include nearly everything you need for the foundation of your electrical system. However, their solar panels and batteries must be shipped freight, which is quite expensive. We saved money by being able to pick up our panels and batteries in person in Flagstaff, AZ.

Lastly, their customer service was also great for helping answer questions during installation. (very helpful for a DIYer like myself)

Renogy 400W Solar Kit

This 400 Watt Renogy solar panel kit comes with 4 panels, wiring, mounting hardware, Bluetooth Module, fuse, and 40Amp MPPT Charge Controller.

Renogy 200W Solar Kit

This 200 Watt Renogy solar panel kit comes with 2 panels, wiring, mounting hardware, and 40Amp MPPT Charge Controller.

Portable Power Stations For Vanlife

Personally, we recommend a wired electrical system over portable power stations for vanlife. But they are still a good option for certain people and situations.

Here’s both sides of the debate between portable power stations vs wired electrical systems.

Best Full-Time Off-Grid Power Station: Bluetti AC200Max (2048Wh, 2200W)

Bluetti AC200Max is an excellent portable power station for vanlife and off-grid living.

An excellent off-grid power supply for full-time vanlife. The Bluetti AC200 Max has enough power and versatility for most vanlifers power needs.

Best Medium-Sized Power Station: EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro (762Wh, 800W)

EcoFlow River 2 Pro is an excellent medium-sized solar generator.

The best medium-sized portable solar generator. Ideal for devices, laptops, fans, lights, etc. But not really enough for full-time use of bigger loads like refrigerators, TVs, etc.

Best Minimalist Power Station: Bluetti EB3A (268Wh, 600W)

Bluetti EB3A is the best value small Portable Power Station

A very well equipped small portable solar generator for devices, lights, and other small loads. Excellent price and size for it’s features.

Vanlife Accessories

After you have got what you need from the Vanlife Solar Shop, these are some of the most common things you will want to connect next.

MaxxFan 5100K

The best value roof vent fan, with 10 speeds, intake/exhaust, and built in rain cover. (Our Full Review Here) Or you can find our other reccomended vent fans for vanlife.

12v LED Light Strips With Dimmer

LED light strip with dimmer. (Warm or Cool White) Either cut and wire directly to 12v, or use supplied AC adapter.

Aceegoo 12v Recessed Ceiling Lights

These recessed lights make the perfect ceiling lights that look really professional. Here’s a helpful guide for installing these lights in your van.

12v Switches

We use these 12v switches for all kinds of devices in our campervan. Affordable, simple, and reliable.

Shurflo 12v Water Pump

This is a great water pump for supplying on-demand water flow in your van. (Our Full Campervan Plumbing Article with detailed instructions)

Vitrifrigo VF51 Fridge Freezer

Best value 12v upright fridge with a freezer. (Our Full Vitrifrigo Fridge Review)

Dometic CFX Fridges

The Dometic CFX series is the most efficient top-of-the-line chest fridges for vanlife.

WeBoost Cell Signal Booster

This device amplifies the cell signal wherever you travel. It allows us to stay connected and productive in so many more remote areas. (Our WeBoost Drive X RV Cell Booster Review)

This booster is a game changer for us connecting to the internet when we go “off-grid”. They have since come out with an even more powerful WeBoost Drive Reach RV.