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Vail Breweries (Best Craft Beer In The Valley)

Emily enjoying a Hazy IPA from Vail Brewing Co
Emily enjoying a Hazy IPA from Vail Brewing Co

Vail Colorado is not only renowned for its world-class skiing and outdoor adventures but also has a couple local breweries to quench your thirst. Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just looking to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that this picturesque town has to offer, Vail’s breweries are a must-visit destination.

Over the years, several breweries have entered and exited the scene, yet a select few have prevailed, standing strong and delivering some of the most exceptional beers amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains.

Vail Brewing Co

Vail Brewing CO
Vail Brewing CO

Established in 2015, Vail Brewing Company has been making some exceptional beers in the Vail Valley. There are two locations, a tap room in Vail Village, and the original brewery and taproom located in Eagle-Vail. You will also likely be able to snag their beer at many different local restaurants and bars in the valley. 

Vail Brewing Co offers a wide selection of unique hand-crafted ales. Plus homemade kombucha and seltzers. They seriously have such a wide selection, that you are almost guaranteed to find a beer you like. 

Our personal favorite beers Vail Brewing Co makes are their rotating Hazy IPAs. But a few solid choices that you can find in many of the local restaurants are the Gore Creek IPA and Pete’s Stash Pale Ale. And a Vail Craft Beer Classic is the Hot Mess Blonde Ale. 

The downtown Vail location is set up on the upper deck of Solaris in the Vail Village. There is a cozy indoor tap room, and a great outdoor patio to soak in the Vail Resorts mountain views.

The Vail Village location doesn’t serve food but offers a few snack items such as chips, pretzels, etc. You are allowed to bring food from local restaurants. Or they can assist with ordering food from Bol (the local restaurant downstairs).

3 tacos from the Rocky Mountain taco Truck at Vail Brewing Co
Rocky Mountain Taco from Vail Brewing Co

Rocky Mountain Taco

The Eagle-Vail location of Vail Brewing Company has paired with Rocky Mountain Taco Food Truck. There is a stationary taco truck that makes delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, bowls, and more!

Tacos and beer with a nice outdoor patio. Personally, this is why we like the Eagle-Vail location better. And something about seeing the giant stainless steel tanks just really completes the brewery vibe.

But you truly can’t go wrong with either location.

Plus Rocky Mountain Taco has expanded to build a great sit-down restaurant, which is one the best restaurants in the cute nearby town of Minturn. And of course, you can get some VBC beers there too.

Outdoor Patio at Vail Brewing Co
Outdoor Patio at Vail Brewing Co

Music & Events At Vail Brewing Co

Don’t miss out on some fun live music or trivia nights at the Vail Brewing. Check out their music/entertainment page to see if there are any local events happening while you visit.

G1 Ski Bar Vail (7-Hermits Brewing CO)

Jake & Emily enjoying 7-Hermits Brewery in the heart of Vail Village after a ski day
Jake & Emily enjoying 7-Hermits Brewery in the heart of Vail Village after a ski day

The 7-Hermits Brewing Co. has moved around the valley over the past several years. It started on Sylvan Lake Road in 2014 and then expanded to a brewpub on Capitol Street in Eagle, CO. After that, it moved to the heart of Vail Village where they now serve an array of local beers. You can grab some beers literally steps away from Gondola One.

Although the beer is still brewed at their Eagle location (their Eagle tap room is no longer open). 

The name of the bar has since changed to G1 Ski Bar Vail, but you can still grab a 7-Hermits brewed beer. 

Additionally, G1 Ski Bar Vail serves small bites, tacos, and pizzas. You can grab a bar stool along the long bar inside, sit at a high-top table, or at their nice outdoor patio which is open year-round. There are heaters to stay warm in the winter and during the chilly Colorado evenings.

Breweries That Have Permanently Closed in Vail or Nearby:

The areas surrounding Vail Valley were once flush with some tasty breweries. But sadly, a few have gone out of business and permanently closed. Here are the breweries that have permanently closed over the years in Vail or the surrounding area. 

  • Bonfire Brewing
  • Gore Range Brewery
  • Crazy Mountain Brewery

Luckily, some of the locations have since been re-sold and new breweries are coming onto the scene.

Breweries Near Vail, CO

Craftsman Brew Co – Edward, CO – (15 min drive): 

Craftsman Brew Co has been on the food scene since 2017 making specialty handcrafted sandwiches in the valley. But they have since bought the old Gore Range Brewing Co building and now brew their own beer. 

There are tons of indoor booths and great outdoor seating in the back of the restaurant.

If you’re in the Vail Valley, take the journey over to Craftsman Brew Co in Edwards and grab a local beer and delicious grub. 

Eagle River Brewing Co – Gypsum, CO – (34 min drive): 

Eagle River Brewing Co is the newest brewery in the Vail Valley. They bought the old Bonfire Brewing location. They specialize in German-style beers. 

Currently, they are not offering food, but you might be able to find a few bar snacks for sale. They also occasionally have live music, but they have no website, so it might be hard to find what events are happening and when.

Outer Range Brewery – Frisco, CO – (27 min drive):

cheersing Outer Range Brewing Co beers which is one of the best Breweries near Vail, CO
Outer Range Brewing Co

Outer Range is personally one of Jake’s and my favorite craft breweries in the Rocky Mountains. They have such a wide selection of beers, and they specialize in hazy IPAs (our favorite). So we often just get a flight and try all the new beers on draft. 

The Outer Range Taproom is a mixed-market concept with two other businesses located inside. 

If you’re hungry, grab some Thai-inspired fried chicken items at Bird Craft. They have everything from fried chicken, to poke bowls, salads, and more. 

And if you aren’t feeling beer, you can also visit Mountain Dweller which is an artisan coffee shop also located inside. Their hours start much earlier at 7am and close around 4pm.  

Also, check their local events page. You might find a local live band playing or some fun trivia nights happening.

And don’t miss the rooftop patio upstairs for the best mountain views.

Highside Brewing – Frisco, CO – (27 min drive):

Highside Brewing Co
Highside Brewing Co

Highside is another brewery in downtown Frisco that should not be missed if you enjoy IPAs. But they honestly brew just about every type of beer. 

Upstairs is High-Country BBQ where you can order a whole array of tasty food. They serve meats straight from the smoker, yummy sandwiches, and tacos. And of course, each meal comes with some scrumptious sides. 

Check their events page to find what shows or fun trivia nights they have going on each week. 

There is also a Highside Brewery location in Breckenridge and Fairplay, CO.

Dillon Dam Brewery – Dillon, CO – (30 min drive):

The Dillon Dam Brewery is an independent craft brewery and the largest brewpub in the Colorado Rockies. They have about 20 great beers on tap, so you are destined to find a beer you like at their location. There is a bar area where you can grab some beers and a light snack or also many more tables for sit-down lunch or dinner. 

Their restaurant serves American-style pub food.

You can check their page for local events, but since Covid, they have since slowed down on live shows.

How To Get Around Safely

To avoid drinking and driving, there are actually some good ways to get around Vail.

There is a convenient free bus system in Vail. See routes and schedules here.

If you are headed farther down the valley (Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum) you can use the Eco Bus.

Uber and Lyft are not very abundant except for the busiest times of year. But the local taxi company is RideTaxi.

In Frisco and Dillon, the free bus is called the Summit Stage Bus.

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