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12 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere In The World

Working remotely gives you the ultimate freedom to work from wherever you want.

Remote work is one way many full-time vanlifers and travelers earn a living because they can still travel the world while making an income.

But, unfortunately, many of these jobs are not “get rich quick” opportunities and take time to build up to a full-time income. Here is a list of 12 remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world.

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Blogging is obviously one of our favorite remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Blogging is most definitely not a “get rich quick” remote job. We have actually had our blog now for 3+ years and still haven’t reached the point of a full-time income for the two of us. 

But our niche is all about “budget” which takes a little longer to build up because we aren’t really trying to sell people on products, rather we are trying to inform people about how they can travel on a budget and spend a minimal amount of money! It’s simply what we are passionate about and we are okay with our blog taking a little longer to build up. 

That doesn’t mean your passion might not be a gold mine-money maker! If you are trying to build up a full-time income quickly, choose your blog niche strategically. Some very successful blogging topics are food, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, parenting, etc. Simply, if you build trust with your followers, then they are likely to purchase products at your recommendation.

Some ways you can make money blogging are ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, Patreon, online courses, etc. Let me explain what each income source means.


Ad’s are the easiest way to make a passive income on your blog. You sign up for an ad hosting website such as Google Adsense, Mediavine, AdThrive, etc.

Most bloggers who are just starting out will sign up with Google Adsense because there is no minimum pageview requirement. The requirements to sign up with Mediavine is 30,000 pageviews/month and with AdThrive 100,000 pageviews/month.  And it can take years to build up to that kind of traffic.

Once you sign up with the hosting site, you must verify your website and then the ad host will “strategically” place ads throughout your site. Then the blogger makes money based on ad views or click-throughs. 

Although on Google Adsense, sometimes ads will be placed a little more often than one might like. Bloggers should be weary of annoying their visitors with too many ads, or poorly targeted ads. And ultimately, the more people that see the ads and potentially click through, the more money the blogger can make 

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another way to make a passive income on your blog. And is one of the key components to blogging remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. But you must put in the work to earn your readers’ trust by promoting only products you would personally use or strongly believe in.

But how affiliate marketing works is you sign up for different affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates, Avantlink (REI, Patagonia, etc), Impact, CJ affiliates, etc.

Affiliate programs allow bloggers to make their own personalized links to products that are encoded to track clicks and purchases. Anytime someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase (within a given time period), you will make a small percentage off that purchase. You usually make anywhere from 1-30+%. 

Therefore, if your niche involves a lot of product purchasing, like skiing, fashion, cosmetics, etc, then you have many opportunities to direct your readers to purchases.

Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts are a little harder to come by at the beginning when you don’t have a ton of traffic visiting your blog. But it is still a great way to make an income while blogging. How sponsored posts work, is a company will pay you to post an article about their product on your blog or social media account. 

This is where you often see people posting on social media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) with products and “promoting” it to their followers. This is where it is extremely important to stay true to yourself and only promote products that you personally use or strongly believe in. Because if you take every offer that comes into your inbox and the products are just terrible, you can quickly lose your readers’ trust. 

A great way to start out when blogging is to start promoting products that you already own. You can then market those posts to companies you want to work with. Companies are generally very willing to provide a free product in exchange for a blog post, because it costs them very little. These arrangements are a good way to build up your “portfolio” of brand collaboration. But the ultimate goal is to have companies pay you to post an article on your blog. If your blog has enough traffic and loyal followers, then it can be great value for brands.

Some platforms that help bloggers get sponsored posts are Social Fabric, Intellifluence, Sway, Izea, Aspire, etc. Or another great method is to reach out to companies you want to work with and see if they have any sponsored post opportunities.

If you find a good collaboration, sometimes these relationships can turn into full blown sponsorship’s.

How To Get wifi on the road

Many of these remote jobs require internet. So How Do You Get Wifi On The Road?

Online courses or E-books:

Online courses or Ebooks are not only a great way to build your audience on your blog, but can also be a remote job you can do from anywhere in the world. 

If you’re an expert in a topic, you can sell your knowledge as an Online Course or E-Book. For example many people who have been blogging for years, create courses to help people start their own blogs. Because learning to blog at first is very overwhelming, so people try to break it down and make it easier for beginners. 

One of our favorite courses we took when starting our blog was Blogging Blastoff by It’s A Lovely Life. It’s a 30-day course that walks you through all the steps of setting up a successful blog. They have been blogging for almost 20 years, and are now making over 6-figures per month. Their course passes on their many years of insight to new bloggers. I say that, just as a warning to be weary of courses offered by people who don’t actually have the experience.

There are tons of online courses on many different topics. But only create an online course if you feel you are an expert and can provide an exceptional level of information!


Using Patreon to support your blog is a unique way to bring in money. It has a reputation for being basically e-begging (electronic begging, panhandling etc). But users have reshaped that narrative by making sure that they provide something special or exclusive in return for the free donations. 

Many bloggers offer extra content, special skills, or consultations, for a monthly subscription to their blog. It’s a great way for bloggers to fund their website, but only if you can convince people to give money for what you’re offering.

5 Ways to Create an Income on a Blog

Those are the 5 main ways to create an income on your blog. And in our opinion, one of the best remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. 

But ultimately, the most important thing when growing a blog is to get traffic to your website. The more eyes on your blog, the better your income can be!

If you are just starting out, we highly suggest taking this FREE 5 Day Crash Course by It’s A Lovely Life on how to make a money making blog! They also have a 30-day Blogging Blastoff Course that covers all the basics for a successful blog.

Blogging is a fantastic remote job for vanlifers/travelers because you can work from anywhere around the world. But a drawback is limited internet access. You can sometimes write blog posts offline, but in order to publish them, update your site, and email clients, you will need the internet. And if you are writing posts that require research then it can be tough to work without internet access. 

If you are interested in starting a blog, use Bluehost to host your website for only $3.95/mo. Blue host makes it super easy to get started at a very low price! You can check for an available domain below!


Photo by James Adams on Unsplash

Another fun way to make a remote income is by creating video content. It is yet another one of our favorite remote jobs to you can do from anywhere in the world.

But this is also not a “get rich quick” job. As you probably already know, the most common platform for vloggers is YouTube. There are many different categories for vloggers to create content about such as how-tos, beauty, daily life, travel, gear reviews, etc. 

And vlogging is definitely not as easy as it looks. A lot of work goes into vlogging such as filming, video editing, SEO strategies, etc. to make their videos stand out.

You can start vlogging for a low cost. You can video with your smartphone, and use a free editing software to see if you like it. But over time if you grow a following, you may feel the pressure to upgrade your equipment.  And to be clear, most successful vloggers are using at least hundreds, probably thousands of dollars in equipment.  (Camera = $800, Computer $1500, Software = $300)

Making an income vlogging is much like an income for blogging (ads, affiliate links, sponsored videos, and Patreon). But there are restrictions on YouTube before you can officially monetize your vlog channel. Once you have 4,000 minutes watched and 1,000 subscribers within a 12 month period, you can begin to monetize your YouTube channel. 

Vlogging is a great job for vanlifers/travelers because it can all be done offline, besides uploading the video to Youtube. Often vanlifers film their van build to inform others, or create content about the daily life of a vanlifer.

Jake and I do some Vlogging that we post to Youtube.  But we have decided to focus most of our time and energy on blogging.

screenshot of Two Roaming Souls Youtube Video: Jade Lake & Marmot Lake

Check Out Our YouTube Channel: Two Roaming Souls


Being a remote photographer/videographer can be a lucrative hustle for people with the right skills.  But professionals face a decent amount of upfront costs, like cameras, different lenses, editing software, travel, etc. As you grow your photography business, there is certainly more equipment that can be helpful to take your business to the next level.

There are a few different revenue streams for photographers/videographers. You can run your own business and find clients to shoot wedding, family, elopement, nature, real estate, etc. 

With your own business you have to manage your own clients. You can usually set up your own prices and run on your own schedule. But in addition to taking beautiful photos and videos, it requires good people skills or sales ability. You need to be able to market your skills. And don’t ignore the amount of time it takes to find and coordinate with clients.

Another way photographers/videographers can make an income is to sell their photos/videos. There are many different ways you can sell your photos such as: in a gallery, online website, or many photographers/videographers create packages people can purchase to use on their websites. Or you can sell your photos as stock images on platforms like iStockphoto or Shutterstock.

If you’re not ready to fully commit to your own business, look online for remote photography/videography jobs. Working for another company can help to find clients, set prices, and build your portfolio.

Photography also plays a huge role in our blog and social media. Because the better photos you have the more people are enticed to follow you and click on your blog posts.

Photography and videography are great ways to make an income while living in a van remotely. Because a lot of the work can be done without the internet.  And you have the time and freedom to travel to any locations.

Silver Lake (Mono County, CA)

Freelance Writer:

Freelance writing is a great remote job you can do from anywhere in the world if you enjoy writing. A freelancer is someone who creates content for another company/person. It can also be a stepping stone to creating your own blog to see if you enjoy writing as a job. 

It is one job you can start today and start earning some money right away. But, in order to be a successful freelance writer, it is a good idea to be a good writer, have decent grammatical skills and enjoy writing.

There are TONS of different companies that you can work with to become a freelance writer online. Some companies that you can get started with today are Upwork, Textbroker, Freelancer, Fivver, etc. Each company will have you set up a profile to market your skills to future clients. For some companies, you need to get your profile accepted before you can pick up any work. 

Each of these companies are run a little differently, but ultimately they try to match you with potential clients that fit into your writing skills and desired topics.

Working for these companies often starts out slow until you have enough experience, build clientele and build up your skills through the website. So you often have to start at a lower wage than desired to get your foot in the door and start working up to higher paying jobs once you have adequate experience. 

Freelancing can be a great remote job for vanlifers/travelers, but definitely comes with challenges. Because you need to pick up remote jobs through their website which requires the internet, job task deadlines and if you are often writing about a topic where you need to do research it can be hard to write offline. 

Video Editing:

Photo By Dillon Shook On Unsplash

Becoming a video editor requires some skill. But it can also be a high paying remote job you can do from anywhere in the world.  

But what a video editors job usually entails is someone sending you their video footage, you sifting through the footage, putting it into a video editing software and creating a captivating video. And if you want to be paid well, and continue getting work, then you must have good skills with editing software.

Some requirements before committing to a video editing remote job, is you need a computer with enough storage to hold massive video files, video editing software and the internet bandwidth to download/upload video files. 

If you are interested in becoming a video editor, there are TONS of videos on YouTube that can help you become a video editor. You can learn the basics, explore new trends, and ultimately work up to making professional looking videos.

The two most popular video editing software are Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Other reputable video editing software that is less expensive is Corel Video Studio, Cyberlink Powerdirect, or Pinnacle Studio. Most of these editing software come with a free trial, so test some different ones out to see which one is easiest for you to create amazing videos. 

This can be a great remote job you can do from anywhere in the world for vanlifers/travelers, because you can edit videos offline. But the primary logistical challenge is uploading and downloading video footage to/from your client. Because you often need good internet speeds which can be hard to come across in certain cities/towns while living remotely.

Teaching A Language Virtually:

Teaching a language online is growing in popularity as one of the best remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Primarily because it is an online job that actually pays well from the start. Essentially you will be teaching someone on the other side of the screen another language. But, it is important to be fluent in the language you are teaching.

Many of the companies have a detailed hiring process. Also, over the years, it has become tougher for non-teachers to land a job with one of these companies. The companies are getting more interest so they can become more selective with who they hire.

One popular company to work with to teach English online is VIPKID. It’s a program where people teach English to kids in China. A big competitor is SayABC. If you are serious about getting a job teaching a language check out Digino’s list of online teaching companies. A lot of these companies start at $15/hr.

One drawback to this position while living remotely is needing a solid internet connection. Therefore, you will need to find a place with a strong internet connection and a place where you can talk without bothering other people. Making libraries, Starbucks and common places for vanlifers/travelers to get the internet a little tougher. We suggest getting a hot spot and driving to a place with strong internet connection so you’re not interrupted by others or vice versa.

Virtual Assistant:

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

This job varies by client, but becoming a virtual assistant is essentially what it sounds like. You will become someone’s assistant virtually and do a handful of tasks online for them. Tasks can range from answering calls, scheduling their daily tasks, creating content, etc. 

Becoming a virtual assistant can become labor intensive and sometimes around the clock job. Making this hard for vanlifers/travelers, because we often get off-grid and out of cell phone range. But if you are serious about becoming a virtual assistant, find a client that is flexible and doesn’t have crazy deadlines that can be hard to meet. 

If you are looking for a virtual assistant job, you can find some on regular job search sites like Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. Or you can also find virtual assistant jobs on the same websites listed above for freelance work such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fivver, etc.

Customer Service Representative:

Becoming a remote customer service representative is probably not anyone’s first choice when thinking about a dream remote job you can do from anywhere in the world. But remote customer service representative jobs can pay pretty well. The jobs range by company, but essentially you answer calls or emails about how you can troubleshoot a problem. 

With a remote customer service representative job often comes a training period with the company. You will need to learn how to help their customers and direct them to the appropriate place or how to troubleshoot a specific problem. 

You can find customer service jobs on Indeed,,, flexjobs, ziprecruiter, etc. 

Becoming a customer service representative has its challenges because you need a constant internet connection/cell connection. But often with customer service representative jobs, there is a set schedule, and you can be in cell/internet range for that duration of your day. Which makes it a decent option for a remote job you can do from anywhere in the world.


A captioner is someone who adds captions to video content. You usually get paid per minute of video. There is a learning curve when starting off as a captioner. But, most companies will take you through a training course so you can know the right format to caption in. 

With captioning, you are basically racing the clock. The longer you take on the project, the less money you make per minute. But with time, you can become pretty fast, and get longer/higher paying jobs. A bonus to captioning is if you are fluent in another language. 

One company I have personal experience with is Rev. The company breaks it down for you and is easy to follow. You get a preview of the video you will be captioning, pick up the job and begin captioning. They give you a large time frame to finish the project. If you come across a problem where you won’t be able to finish the job, you can drop the job for someone else to pick up. 

This is another job that can be challenging for vanlifers/travelers because you will need a solid internet connection. But it can be a job done in a coffee shop, library etc. But please use headphones if you are in a public area so you aren’t disrupting others around you.

My favorite budget noise cancelling headphones are these Bluetooth E7 Headphones. These headphones are comfortable, the battery life is amazing and they are a great value for the price.


Transcription is similar to captioning but you are listening to audio and you write down what you hear usually as a document. Oftentimes, it’s doctor’s notes, interviews, lectures, etc that you will be transcribing. The pay is low/moderate, but you can work your way up if you become fast at the job and make a higher wage.

In this job, the faster you can type the better money per minute you will make. Also if you are fluent in other languages, the pay for the job will significantly increase. 

A list of some transcribing companies are Rev, Scribie, Go Transcript and Transcribeme

Transcription can be a great job for vanlifers/travelers as a remote job you can do from anywhere in the world. If you can land a job with a company where you have the content you need to transcribe, then you can do the job offline. But if you work through one of these companies (listed above) you will most likely need an internet connection.

Website Developer:

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Personally after developing our blogs website from scratch, designing a website from the ground up is a lot harder than one might think. But becoming a web developer is a solid job and can be great money. But the job requires an adequate knowledge of how to develop a website. And also a huge plus if you know how to code.

There are also many different website platforms, such as wordpress, squarespace, gator, shopify, etc. So the more platforms you master, the more potential jobs you can pick up. But if you become an expert in one platform, you can strictly promote yourself on that platform. 

Web developer jobs can also range from just picking up small jobs helping people fixing specific problems on their website, to building a website for a client. 

You can find web developer jobs on Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. Or you can also find freelance web developer jobs on the same websites listed above such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fivver, etc. Personally I think this could be the one of the most rewarding remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world because you can make good money. 

Take Online Surveys:

Taking online surveys is only for making a little extra cash on the side. It rarely become a remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. I used to do this at one of my jobs when I had downtime, instead of scrolling through social media. But by no means is this going to make you a millionaire. 

What you have to do for this job is join a survey company and take their surveys about a whole spectrum of topics. They will most likely give you points for each successful survey and then you can trade those points in for cash or gift cards. 

People have claimed to make a decent chunk of change from taking surveys online, but I can’t attest to that. I would make a few bucks here and there depending on how much time I would put into each survey. It’s an adequate way to make a few extra bucks here and there and a way to kill downtime while making money.

Some companies are Survey Junkie, Fusion Cash, i-say, Survey Monkey, etc. 

Takeaway | 12 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere In The World:

Many of these remote jobs are not “get rich quick” jobs, but rather remote jobs that can provide a decent income stream for people with time and the right skills. But the freedom of working remotely from anywhere in the world, makes them uniquely desirable. The more time and money you invest in your remote job, the more money you can make. If you have a passion for travel (like us), these remote jobs you can do from anywhere in the world can make you an income to support your dreams.

Do you have any experience with any of these remote jobs? What is harder than it seems? What works well for you?

Let us know in the comments.

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