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Campervan Kitchen Essentials

Being able to cook in your campervan is one of the best luxuries of vanlife. Plus having a kitchen in your campervan is one of the things that makes your van actually feel like a home instead of just out for a camping weekend. Having kitchen equipment that doesn’t take up a ton of space and can be multi-functional is the best kind of kitchen essentials you need. Here is a list of campervan kitchen essentials to get you started. 

First, you will want to know what kind of fridge and stovetop you will plan to have in your campervan. Because depending on the type of food you carry in your fridge and pantries, will tell you what stovetop is best for you.

And depending on the stovetop you go with will help aid in what kitchen essentials will perform best in the kitchen. 

For example, if you plan to add a high-tech blender such as a Vita-mix, then you most likely want to have fresh fruits and veggies for smoothies. Which then means, you need to plan ahead and maybe get a larger fridge.

Or maybe you want to stick with dry foods, but you need a super-efficient stovetop so you can make good meals. 

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Our Personal Fridge & Stove Top Recommendations

We have the Vitrifrigo VF51 and love it. It has a built-in Freezer which allows us to have ice and ice cream on the road (which is pretty much essential in our opinion)! But it also allows us to stock the fridge with plenty of fresh veggies, cheese, and a couple of beverages to get us through a week and more!

Best Fridges For Campervans and Vanlife Pin

Or check out some of our other top fridge recommendations for off-grid travel.

Camp Chef Everest

For our stovetop we have the Camp Chef Everest. It is a super-efficient stovetop that has an incredible range from simmer to high heat. It is also large, so we can cook with multiple pots and pan without losing space on the burners. 

Check out our post, Best Campstoves For Campervans to see which stovetop suites you best!

Pots/Pans For A Camper Van Kitchen

Non-stick pots and pans are a must in vanlife because you have a limited supply of water. So having non-stick pots and pans makes cleaning a breeze. 

Caraway Non-Stick

Our personal favorite non-stick pots and pans are made by Caraway.

Caraway non-stick pans redefine cooking with their superior design and performance. Crafted with a ceramic nonstick coating, they effortlessly release food, ensuring easy cleanup without compromising on quality.

The durable aluminum construction guarantees even heat distribution, promoting precision in your culinary creations. With a sleek and functional design, Caraway pans elevate your kitchen aesthetics while providing a reliable and non-toxic cooking experience.

However, they are not advisable to use on high heat and require silicone or wooden utensils (which we will list below).

Therefore, you might want to add a cast-iron for those high-temperature meals.

Lodge Cast-iron

The cast-iron skillet is a timeless campervan kitchen essential. When cared for properly, they will last a lifetime. The Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet makes it easy because they come pre-seasoned and ready to go. Cast-iron skillets can do it all. 

A little butter or oil can make the surface non-stick. But they’re also rugged enough to cook right over a campfire.

Add in a lid, and you’ve got yourself a camp oven.

You shouldn’t need much more than these 3 pots and pans to cook within the kitchen. 

Splash Screen

And don’t forget to add in a splash screen! As mentioned above, water supply is limited, and if you have sauces and grease splattering all over the kitchen it can be hard to get everything clean. So adding in a splash screen is the perfect campervan kitchen essential to keep your van tidy. This is the splash screen Jake and I have, but make sure the screen properly fits over the size pan you have! 

Food Storage For Campervan Kitchens

Food storage can either be a huge waste of space unless you have the right equipment.

Photo by Jack Cole on Unsplash

Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers

Having Tupperware that can easily be stored away when not in use is ideal for vanlife. These Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers are great to pop up to store extra food, and easy to stow away when not in use. They come in 3 different sizes and are airtight for no accidental leaks. 

Organic Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

We love using our Bee’s Wrap to store away food. We have found these eco-friendly Bee’s Wraps to be very durable and easy to clean. They are biodegradable, non-toxic, and plastic-free. They are easy to store freshly cut veggies, cover over dishes or wrap baked goods in etc. It helps eliminate single-use plastic. 

Utensil Kitchen Essentials For Campervans

The right utensils not only optimize storage but also enhance the overall convenience of cooking on the road.

Campervan kitchen essentials

Collapsible Measuring Cups

Having collapsible measuring cups helps keep extra room in your limited drawer space. If they can sit flush, in the drawer then it will make life much easier to store other stuff as well. 

Wusthof Knife

Having one good sharp knife is really all you need in your campervan kitchen essentials. We have had this Wusthof Knife for over 4 years now and it never fails. It will make cutting anything in the kitchen a breeze. 

Rubber Tip Tongs

Rubber tongs are indispensable companions for non-stick pots and pans. Offering a gentle yet secure grip without scratching or damaging the delicate surfaces of non-stick coatings. With these rubber tongs, you can confidently flip, stir, and serve your meals with ease.

Silicone Spoon

And to pair with the tongs is a silicone spoon. This will be gentle on the non-stick pots and pans to ensure their longevity.


Selecting the right tableware for vanlife is crucial for practicality and safety. In the confined space of a van, durability, weight, and break resistance are key considerations. Opting for non-breakable materials like plastic or stainless steel is common to avoid the hazards of shattered glass in a moving vehicle. This choice ensures a safer and more convenient dining experience during the adventures of vanlife.

Plates, Bowls & Cups

For the main campervan kitchen essentials such as plates, bowls, silverware, cooking utensils, etc, if you already have some, just reuse the ones you already own. For plates, bowls and cups, Jake and I only had glass, so we popped into the dollar store to grab some plastic kitchenware and it has treated us well ever since.

But if you don’t already own plates, bowls, cups and silverware, then consider getting bamboo as they are eco-friendly, long-lasting and won’t rattle in your cupboards/drawers. 

Insulated Coffee Mug

Emily enjoying a cup of coffee after learning how to make the best cup of coffee in vanlife

No one likes cold coffee or tea in the morning, and ever since Jake and I have added in this insulated coffee mug, we can keep sipping for hours! It has simply been one of my favorite additions to vanlife! Plus they are super stylish too! 

Bamboo Cutting Board

A Bamboo Cutting Board is a campervan kitchen essential. The reason bamboo is my top choice over wood and plastic is because it will simply last longer.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and a knife won’t slice through it easily like most plastic or wooden cutting boards without dulling your knife. Plus it is antimicrobial making it a great health conscious product. 

Electronics For Your Camper Van Kitchen

Magic Bullet Blender

For smoothie enthusiasts, a must-have in your campervan kitchen arsenal is the Magic Bullet. This compact and versatile blender becomes an essential tool for effortlessly whipping up your favorite smoothies on the road.

You can even step up your blending game with a Vitamix or Blendtec which are much more powerful blender options. But, do make sure your blender can be run by your inverter in your solar power set up.

We love our little magic bullet for the size and power and get the job done for what we need it for!

Campervan Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Choosing eco-friendly cleaning products for vanlife aligns with sustainable living practices. The limited space and resources in a van necessitate mindful product choices.

Dr. Bronners Biodegradable Soap

Our favorite all-in-one biodegradable camp soap is Dr. Bronners.  It’s a highly potent natural soap that’s easy on the environment, and made in the USA.

Jake and I use Dr. Bronner’s as our everyday soap in our campervan.  If you want to convert to using Dr. Bronner’s in your home, then buy one of the larger bottles and just use a refillable soap dispenser. The refillable dispenser is a good place to dilute the soap by mixing with water.

Takeaway For The Best Campervan Kitchen Essentials

One of the best parts about living full-time vanlife is having a kitchen that is fully functional. You don’t want to have to go out for all your meals, or only eat dry foods like ramen or instant rice. So having these campervan kitchen essentials will set you up for success, and help you conquer cooking in your campervan kitchen. Now it’s time to cook up something good, enjoy! 

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