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CGear Sand-Free Mat Review | Expand Your Camper Van Outdoor Living Space

One item that has been a game-changer for Jake and I has been the CGear Sand-Free Mat. It helps extend our outdoor living space. Of course, you can just sit outside on the dirt, but then your feet get all dirty and then you are dragging that dirt into the van. So the CGear Sand-Free Mat helps keep our van a little cleaner. In this CGear Sand-Free Mat Review, we will go over all the specs, pros, cons and why we love this Sand-free mat. Let’s dive in!

CGear Sand-Free Mat

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CGear Sand-Free Mat Specs

CGear Sand-Free Mat Review


  • Small: 8’ x 11’
  • Medium: 8’ x 14’
  • Large: 8’ x 20’

Material: Polypropylene – Military-grade construction 

Pros Of The CGear Sand-Free Mat

  • Sand-free
  • Non-fade material
  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof
  • Ultra-durable
  • Reversible
  • D-Rings to hold it down
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Mold-Free
  • Comes in 3 different sizes & 2 different colors
  • Cleans super easily
  • Quick Drying

Cons Of The CGear Sand-Free Mat

  • Not super compact for easy stow-away
  • Material isn’t very soft (not great for laying directly on)

Why We Love The CGear Sand-Free Mat:

CGear Sand-Free Mat

We love that laying this mat out in front of our door allows us to keep most of the elements (sand, mud, dirt, etc) out of our camper van. The patented double layered weave design helps to sift sand through the layers and works perfectly every time. Therefore, the CGear Sand-Free Mat is literally the perfect addition to expand your camper van outdoor living space at the beach. 

But not only is it great for the beach, it can also be used on most terrains (even rugged terrain) to keep you off the dirt, or easily sift the dirt or dust through the layers too. Additionally, it’s super easy to clean, is quick drying and the material is mold-free. And if you lay this mat on grass, it won’t kill it because the material still lets wind and sunlight through to continue the natural growth. 

If the weather is a bit windy or you want to leave the mat set up while you leave the van for a bit, there are D-rings to stake down the mat so it doesn’t blow away. 

One drawback to the CGear Sand-Free Mat mat is the material isn’t super soft. It’s meant to be durable and is made of Military Grade Construction, so it’s not as soft as a towel or blanket. On a positive note, we lay this mat down before working out so our yoga mats don’t get covered in dirt and it’s held up after countless HIIT workouts of the fabric rubbing amongst the dirt underneath. After owning this sand-free mat for over a year, it looks basically brand new after multiple uses and on some tough terrain. 

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Takeaway | CGear Review:

In vanlife obviously space is important, and you only want to dedicate your additional storage space to products you need. While this mat doesn’t pack down extremely small, it’s worth the extra space it takes up. 

In conclusion, if you have a little extra space to spare and you want to expand your camper van outdoor living space, this CGear Sand-Free mat is the perfect product for you!

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CGear Sand-Free Mat Review

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