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Grand Teton National Park 2 Day Itinerary

Driving up to Grand Teton National Park is one of the most impressive mountain ranges visible to the eye. Whether the mountains are in the distance or you are up close, the mountains will simply blow you away. In this Grand Teton National Park 2 day itinerary, we will share the best hikes, viewpoints, where to stay, and more! 

Bear Country:

First, be aware that Grand Teton National Park is in bear country, so be sure to carry bear spray with you at all times! Wildlife is abundant here, so you will most likely see deer, elk, moose, bear, bison, etc. NEVER approach the wildlife or feed them, keep them WILD!

Mormon Row Historic District:

The first stop on this Grand Teton National Park 2 day itinerary is Mormon Row Historic District. This is a famous spot, known for its old homestead complexes that line the Jackson Hole Valley from the 19th century.

There used to be 33 homestead buildings that formed around a church and school. There are only a handful of homesteads still standing. Mormon Row Historic District is usually a great spot to grab a stunning sunset!

On this stop, you drive right up to the homesteads, so you can just view them from your car, or get out and walk around. You unfortunately can’t go inside any of the old homesteads, but they are simply a cool site to see from the outside. 

Taggart Lake & Bradley Lake Loop:

Jake and Emily dangling their feet over Taggert Lake with the Tetons in the background
Taggert Lake

One of our favorite hikes in Grand Teton National Park was Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake Loop. It is an easy 6 mile hike with 761 feet elevation change. It’s a loop hike, so you will be surrounded with stunning new views along your route. 

If the weather is nice, you can take a dip in one of the lakes to cool off. But, plan for the water to be chilly, because it is an alpine lake.

This hike also leads to a few other hikes in the park, so if you are up for a long adventurous day, you can venture further to Amphitheater Lake, Surprise Lake, Delta Lake (details below), etc. 

Jenny Lake Overlook:

Jenny Lake Overlook

Jenny Lake Overlook is an easy overlook to access right behind the visitor center. You can take a short walk just to enjoy the view or there is a loop hike around the lake. 

The Jenny Lake Loop hike is 7.7 miles with 728 feet elevation change. It’s a fairly easy hike around the lake. It’s suggested to go counter-clockwise so you walk up to a stunning view of the Tetons. Also, be on the lookout for wildlife, and be sure to carry bear spray along this hike as it has been reported to have high wildlife activity.  

Also, be sure to detour over to Hidden Falls to see a beautiful waterfall that drops about 100 feet down. 

Delta Lake:

the Two Roaming Souls (Jake & Emily) standing in front of Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park
Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park

A hike that is quickly growing in popularity in Grand Teton National Park is Delta Lake. But I do want to note, that this hike is NOT EASY and will challenge even the fittest of hikers.

Delta Lake is a 9-mile hike with a 2329-foot elevation change. The trail shares a path with Suprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake. There is one crucial point in the trail to continue up toward Delta Lake, otherwise you will end up at Suprise Lake instead. Currently (as of July 2023) there is no signage for the turn-off.

We suggest having a GPS map to help find the veer in the trail.

Once you are on the correct path, this is where the trail truly starts to climb up a challenging boulder field. You will notice a few different paths leading up the boulder field, but all should lead you up to the stunning Delta Lake.

Snake River Overlook:

Snake River Overlook is another easy overlook to access on this Grand Teton National Park 2 day itinerary. The viewpoint is right off the parking lot and looks down on the Snake River with a stunning view of the Tetons in the background. 

This spot is a photographer’s paradise and a great place for sunrise and sunset. The colors that form in the sky and the way the sun hits the Tetons is something majestic. 

Oxbow Bend

Yet another stunning overlook to check out on a Grand Teton Road Trip is Oxbow Bend. It is literally just a highway pull-off where this view can be seen out of your front windshield. The Snake River and the view of the Tetons in the background is just a view that never gets old.

In the early hours of the morning or late in the evening, you can get the river to calm down and you can sometimes get a great reflection of the mountains in the water. Therefore, making this spot another great location for photographers. 


a pink sunset at a campsite near Shadow Mountain in Grand Teton National Park
View from one of our favorite free campsites near Grand Teton National Park (linked below)

There are a handful of great campgrounds within the National Park. And if you are able to plan in advance and book a campsite in the park, we highly suggest it. But, if you are like Jake and I and never know the exact dates, then you will likely need to find alternative camping plans. 

Although Grand Teton National Park does offer some great free camping options just outside the park. One of our favorite spots is near the base of Shadow Mountain (check out our favorite spot to camp in Grand Teton National Park on iOverlander). Space is limited in this area, especially during peak season. You still must ONLY camp in designated spots (which are numbered).

There are also a handful of other free camping areas surrounding the park. Check out our post, 3 Great Websites For Free Campsites to find other great campsites.

Best Hotels or Vacations Rentals Near Grand Teton National Park:

Check out other great vacation rentals nearby the National Park.

Take A Virtual Tour of The Grand Tetons With Us

Join along as we explore Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park on a fun vanlife adventure.

Takeaway For Grand Teton National Park 2 Day Itinerary:

Grand Teton National Park will blow you away with the stunning views that line this beautiful place. The mountains are simply magical, and there are so many beautiful hikes within the park.

This 2-day itinerary barely even scratches the surface of this breathtaking park, but if you want to check out some of the cooler spots your first time through the park, then this itinerary certainly won’t disappoint!

If you are headed North, check out some of the coolest destinations in Yellowstone National Park!

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