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How To Get Mail On The Road

Getting mail while traveling on the road can be a challenge.  You need to figure out exactly when and where to have packages shipped, balance the cost between different methods, and deal with lost or misplaced packages.  Luckily, there are several reasonably priced and reliable methods for receiving your mail on the road.

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This is by far our preferred method to get mail on the road.  For starters, you don’t not have to worry about paying any extra, or limited pick-up windows.  You know that your mail will be held safely, and avoid having to jump through any hoops to get it. 

Also, ask your friend or family member if you can address the package with their name. Using their name really helps to avoid any delivery issues.

USPS General Delivery

The United States Postal Service offers the ability to have mail sent to participating post offices via General Delivery.  You can use this for some online purchases, or also to have friends or family send you mail.

A huge benefit of this method is that they hold packages for up to 30 days. The service is free, though you may need to pay any shipping costs from sellers or shippers on the other end.

But first, not all post offices accept general delivery.  To check if a USPS locations accepts general delivery, go to their locator

Click on a location to expand and look for “General Delivery” under the “On-Site Services” section.  And in addition, it’s a good idea to call and verify. Even though it’s listed as a service, sometimes problems arise when the workers on-site aren’t familiar with the service.

The other issue is that some locations will not accept mail coming from UPS or FedEx, so it best to have mail sent through USPS if possible. We literally had a package returned to sender because it came from UPS.

To address a package for delivery, follow this format

Your name

General Delivery

Post Office Street Address

City, Zip Code – 9999

Example (fake address, don’t try to use this)

John Doe

General Delivery

123 Main St

Denver, CO 80204-9999


When you collect your package, you need a photo ID.  And there are limitations on how much mail you can receive that is at the discretion of the local postmaster.

The only negative of this service is that USPS locations have limited hours of operation.  And you also may encounter other negatives that accompany these often underfunded locations. But we’ve received dozens of packages using this method and not have any problems.

Amazon Lockers

Amazon has a service that allows you to ship products purchased on to a secure locker.  The benefit of this method is the fast, and often has free delivery.

However, there is a size limit on individual packages because they have to fit in a locker. And the package will only be held for 3 days before it is returned and your money refunded.

The short pickup window does put a little more pressure on your travel plans. However, we have found it to be really reliable.

To search for Amazon Locker locations, you can use their helpful locator.

Once you find a convenient location, add it to your Amazon account either at checkout or by going to the manage addresses page.

Once your package is delivered, you will receive an email to let you know. The email also provides a PIN number that you can enter to unlock the locker.

UPS Access Point or Mailbox

The UPS Store has two options available for receiving mail. 

The first is to sign up for UPS Access Point that allows packages shipped through UPS to be delivered to either a UPS store or a local retailer who has signed up for the program. 

There is a fee starting at $5 for this service, and you definitely should contact the place receiving the package to ensure that they will follow through, and also to find out their policy (e.i. How long they will hold the package, charges, etc).

The second is to rent a mailbox at a UPS store (around $20/mo).  If you are going to be in one place for a while and need an option for receiving more than just a couple packages, this can be a good option.

FedEx Locations

Getting mail on the road from a FedEx Office

FedEx office locations will hold packages mailed through FedEx for free.  But you only have 5 days to pick up the package once it is delivered. 

Just find the address of a FedEx location near you and have your FedEx package mailed to their address.  It’s not a bad idea to call ahead just to verify that they will honor the service.

Mail Forwarding Services

You can sign up for a mail forwarding service or sometimes called virtual mailbox.  These services are definitely the most expensive, but they are also the most comprehensive all-in-one solution to getting mail on the road. 

But with this method, your packages and envelopes will only be sent to the company operating your virtual mailbox. Most virtual mailboxes will scan paper mail and send you a digital copy via email.

But If you want to have the physical piece of mail then you still need to arrange for the package to be sent to your location usually for an additional charge.

These services are more of a long-term and permanent solution to receiving all your mail.  And they are especially helpful for having a reliable place to send government, employment, and financial documents. 

These services offer a helpful array of services, like filtering junk mail, mail scanning, email delivery, cashing checks, and more.  The best reviewed services are Anytime Mailbox, Traveling Mailbox, US Global Mail, USA2ME, and Escapees Mail Forwarding.

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