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IsoBaa Merino Wool Review | Wear More, Wash Less

One of Jake’s and my favorite activities is hiking. And while there are tons of technical hiking layers out there, merino wool is simply just the best. There are SO many benefits to merino wool and it allows us to have less clothing in our wardrobe, less trips to the laundromat and keeps us out on the trail longer. Therefore, we partnered with IsoBaa to prove to you just how great their merino wool clothing is. 

We received promotional products from Isobaa Merino. But we retained complete editorial rights to the content and opinions in this post.

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Why IsoBaa Merino Wool Is A Must-Have:

I put IsoBaa Merino Wool to the test. Jake and I live in a camper van, so we have limited space for clothing. And like mentioned above, we do a lot of hiking, backpacking, and go many days without a shower. So we need practical clothing that can keep us fresh, and not scare away any neighbors! 

IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing are the perfect items to add to our wardrobe. 

Benefits of IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing:

Odor Resistant: 

A huge benefit to IsoBaa Merino Wool clothing is that it is odor resistant. This allows you to wear your IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing for days if not longer. Jake and I have been known to wear merino wool layers for over a week straight with no showers and our clothing still doesn’t get super raunchy! Which is a HUGE benefit for a couple of vanlifers! 

You can even check out this 30-day challenge, where customers wore their IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing for 30-days straight and the clothes didn’t even smell afterward! 

IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing is made with naturally antibacterial fibre, so it doesn’t allow an environment for bacteria to grow!

One shirt can replace 3 (Less Clothing To Pack For Travel):

Packing IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing For A Trip

And with the clothing being odor resistant, you can pack less when you travel. This way you can save space for other items in our suitcase (like camera gear, snacks, etc), rather than packing tons of extra clothing.

Wrinkle Resistant:

And not to mention it’s wrinkly resistant. So shoving IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing into your suitcase is easy to take out and wear right away! No ironing needed!


IsoBaa Merino Wool is super breathable. This allows you to stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s chilly. While also protecting you from wind and water absorbing into the layers.

Temperature Regulating (Pajamas):

One of my favorite features of merino wool clothing is that it is temperature regulating. When you are out on the hiking trail, your body temperature rises and falls depending on the terrain. That is why IsoBaa merino wool is a must-have layer for hiking and backpacking. 

Jake and I wear merino wool even when we go to bed. It might seem silly to spend so much money on pajamas, but it is super helpful when you live in a camper van and every night is a different temperature.

Wicks Moisture: 

And while you are climbing that mountain breaking a sweat, IsoBaa merino wool clothing doesn’t absorb the sweat, rather it wicks it away. Which can be super important. Especially when you are sitting up on the mountain, taking in the beautiful view, you won’t be sitting there shivering because you now have wet clothing, rather it wicks away the sweat so you can be comfortable the whole time!

Quick Drying:

Emily sitting on a camper van wearing Isobaa Merino Wool which is the perfect items for vanlifers
IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing Is Great For Vanlifers

And if it rains or you really sweat hard, IsoBaa merino wool clothing is quick drying. 

Having quick drying layers is key in vanlife. You don’t want to have a bunch of wet clothing sitting in your van creating moisture.


Got sensitive skin? IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing has your back! Merino Wool is actually hypoallergenic and shouldn’t cause any skin irritation. While you might think of wool being itchy, merino wool fibers are much more fine and can be woven into clothing much easier for a comfortable fit.

What About The Sheep?

Merino Wool is made from sheep’s fur, so you might be wondering, what about the sheep? Are they being treated fairly? And the answer is, absolutely! 

At IsoBaa, they put an emphasis on quality products. They care about the sheep they are getting their product from. And they make sure they use suppliers that don’t use a mulesing process.

IsoBaa Merino Wool is sourced from Merino sheep that graze the highlands of Australia and New Zealand. The merino sheep fur is a much finer and softer type of wool than other sheep, therefore, the clothing is much more comfortable to wear, than maybe the wool you were used to (such as a sweater your grandma passed down through the family).  

What’s The Catch To IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing?

Merino Wool Clothing does come with a higher price tag then traditional clothing (such as cotton). BUT, for a good reason. Merino Wool can replace having to have extra clothing in your wardrobe. There are TONS of benefits as listed above. 

All quality merino wool clothing is around the same price as IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing. So, you simply can’t go wrong investing in some quality merino wool clothing from IsoBaa. It will definitely pay itself off in having quality gear. And you can literally cover yourself head to toe with IsoBaa Merino Wool. 

They have products in every category possibly, from hats, socks, underwear, sweaters, t-shirts, leggings, shorts, you name it!  

Proper Care For IsoBaa Merino Wool:

One last important thing to note about IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing is it does take a little extra care. While you don’t have to wash it as often, it is strongly encouraged to wash IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing in cold water, use non-biological detergents, skip the fabric softener and wash items with similar colors. And to avoid shrinkage, it’s best to hang-dry the clothing. Plus it’s quick-drying, so it’ll be dry in no time! 

Takeaway | IsoBaa Merino Wool Clothing Review:

Emily wearing Isobaa Merino Wool is the mountains because it wicks moisture

If you couldn’t tell from reading this post, Jake and I are HUGE fans for Merino Wool Clothing. There simply just isn’t a better piece of clothes, especially for our lifestyle. We hike endlessly, and live in a camper van where laundry is not done regularly. So investing in quality products from IsoBaa is a no-brainer for us! We hope this IsoBaa Review helps you make a quality decision in your next clothing purchase! 

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