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Moonshade Review | Removeable Camper Van Awning

Aerial View Of Our MoonShade which is one of the best awnings for camper vans

A recent addition to our camper van set-up has been a Moonshade awning. It has become a real game-changer for providing that luxury awning to your campervan at a fraction of the price and it’s even removable.

While that might seem like a negative to have to put it up and take it down. This awning can be put up in literally 3 minutes after you get the hang of setting it up.

So if you are interested in adding an awning to your camper van set-up, let’s dive into this Moonshade Review about all the details you need to know about this removable camper van awning. 

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Stats Of The MoonShade Removable Camper Van Awning

Coverage When Set-Up: 9’x7’ 

Storage size: 28″ x 6″

Weight: 8 lbs

Material: Top- 420D recycled-yarn ripstop polyester with UV 

Bottom- Reflective coating; heavy-duty polyester webbing trim

How To Set Up A MoonShade Awning:

Setting up a MoonShade is actually quite simple. For the first setup, it might take a few minutes extra, but basically, after you set it up once, you will already get the hang of it. 

Setting Up MoonShade

The first time we set up the MoonShade, we assembled all the poles first.

Setting Up MoonShade

Then, we laid the fabric flat out on the ground and ran the skinnier poles (13mm aluminum tension poles) through the pockets in the corner. This will basically pop up the roof to be concave. Next, all you need to do is add the plastic clips midway on each pole.

Setting Up MoonShade

We then held up the shade to get the appropriate width of where to place the suction cups on the van. We briefly laid the MoonShade back on the ground while we put the suction cups up.  You can also purchase permanent anchors (see different anchor options below).

Once we had the proper width, we added a little moisture to the suction cups and stuck them on (you might need to clean the portion of your van if it is dirty or dusty). 

The next step is pretty easy as the attachment is a carabiner that seamlessly clips onto a plastic mounting bar on the suction cups. 

Setting Up MoonShade

Then, get the telescoping poles (19mm telescoping aluminum support poles) and place the metal prong into the grommet on the corners. Place the rubber footing on the ground. Be sure to hook the carabiner onto the metal hoop at the top of the support poles. You can now adjust the height of the pole to the height you would like. 

Lastly, attach the paracord guy lines to the corner of the MoonShade, and tie on the stake to the other end (follow the instruction for proper knots). Once you have the stake attached to one side and the other side of the rope attached to the corner, stake out the guy line so it has good tension to hold the pole stable in place. 

Voila! Now you have great shade from the sun or other elements with your MoonShade! 

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MoonShade Awning Anchor Options

MoonShade has a few different anchor options to fit onto your camper van or vehicle.

Magnetic Anchors

Magnetic Anchors are probably the easiest attachment anchor. But that’s only if you have a metal attachment. For example, our Fiberglass Hightop Camper Van doesn’t have magnetic capabilities.

But having the option to move the magnets to the perfect width for set up makes it efficient and easy.

Suction Cup Anchors

Suction Cup Anchors will work for many camper vans and vehicles. But you will likely need to dust off or wipe the area so it can bind a good hold. It can be a good idea to add a little moisture for a better hold. Suction Cup Anchors might not work if the vehicle has a large curve to it leaving a gap.

The biggest negative to this option is if a large gust of wind rolls through, it might blow it off its suction.

They sell the suction anchor is both small and large.

Adhesive Anchors

The Adhesive anchors are semi-permanent attachments. You attach them to your vehicle with super-sticky 3M VHB. These anchors will then remain stuck on the vehicle when the MoonShade Awning is no longer attached. So the biggest negative to this option is that they can add an eye sore to your camper van when the MoonShade isn’t there.

Sprinter Rail Anchors

Spring Rail Anchors are designed specifically for factory Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van roof rails. The aluminum nuts drop into the rail and lock into place by tightening the stainless steel eye bolt.

Pad Eye Anchors

Last but not least is the Pad Eye Anchors. This is similar to the adhesive anchor but a little more permanent. The Pad Eye Anchors use VHB backing and self-tapping screws to securely attach the anchors onto the side of your camper van or vehicle.

MoonWall Accessory For Moonshade Awning

In 2022, MoonShade launched a moon wall accessory. This wall allows for extra coverage and privacy with the Moonshade.

The wall comes in both short and long versions depending on the vehicle you use the Moonshade with. The short Moonwall works with smaller vehicles like SUV’s, Jeeps, small travel trailers, etc and attaches to the 7-foot front edge.

The long Moonwall attaches to the 9-foot edge and is best for vans, RV’s, trucks, large UV’s etc.

The dimensions of the short Moonwall are 78″x78″ and the dimensions of the long Moonwall are 100″x78″.

How it works, is the front side attaches to the front edge of the Moonshade. You then stake down the bottom edges into the ground. Then, Bam, you have the ultimate privacy and have added shade under your awning.

Pros & Cons Of The MoonShade Removable Camper Van Awning

Pros of MoonShade Awning

  • Inexpensive compared to other quality awnings on the market
  • You can use code: TwoRoamingSouls to save $30 on your purchase at checkout!
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Different anchoring methods
  • Comes with a strut pole (so you can use MoonShade on smaller/shorter vehicles)
  • Water Resistant (will protect you from light rainstorms here and there, but water does flow between the shade and your vehicle.
  • Pretty durable in wind (but winds over 15-20mph, you might need to keep a good eye on it, so it doesn’t blow away)
  • Has the option to add a MoonWall for added privacy & shade protection

Cons of MoonShade Awning

  • It only comes with two legs, so it has to either attach to a vehicle or a tree branch
  • No warranty (although, if you reach out to them about any defects they will warranty certain items on a case by case circumstance)
  • Not super secure for STRONG winds
  • No screen sides, so in buggy areas, you might get annoyed.
  • Must take down before moving vehicle

Although check out our post → Best Bug Sprays & Repellents For Camping to keep those pesky bugs away so you can continue to comfortably sit outside using your MoonShade.

Use code: TwoRoamingSouls for $30 Off

Who Is MoonShade Awning Good For: 

MoonShade Legs Up On Side Of Van showing one of the best awnings for camper vans

A MoonShade Awning is really quite good for anyone who likes to hang outside their vehicle and needs a little extra shade. It attaches to most vehicles, although it works best with taller vehicles such as vans, SUVs, trucks, campers, etc. 

To use it with a small vehicle, you can use the supplied extra support pole if your vehicle isn’t long enough to anchor both sides. And with shorter vehicles, you may not achieve standing height under the Moonshade.  But nonetheless, this will work with almost any vehicle! 

But you don’t always need a vehicle to put up Moonshade. If you plan to go camping and let’s say you have to walk in a ways to the campsite, you could always find a nice tree or tree branch to attach it to. But, that might come with more hassle than it’s worth?! You can decide…

I think the MoonShade is most ideal for vanlifers, overlanders, campers, etc. Basically, people who love the outdoors. It’s a great way to be outside without having to lather yourself in sunscreen, or simply bake in the hot summer sun. It also provides some shade to your vehicle and can keep it cooler.

Why We Love Our MoonShade Removable Camper Van Awning:

One of the significant things we love about our Moonshade is it’s not permanent. This awning will be with us for years and can easily move between different vehicles. 

First off, most awnings are super expensive and they draw attention to your campervan. Jake and I sometimes park in cities in quasi-stealth camping fashion.  Having a removable Moonshade awning is a much more discreet awning style that won’t attract attention when it’s not in use.  And we feel that having an awning sitting off the side of your vehicle is a sure sign that this is a mobile home. So having a MoonShade Swning be versatile, where you can easily set it up and stow it away is perfect for our lifestyle. 

Another thing we love about the MoonShade Awning is that it is adaptable. Whether you are watching the sunset and need the Moonshade Awning to be at a super steep angle, or you want to enjoy a rainstorm, MoonShade has you covered (pun intended). 

We have sat outside during a rainstorm and the MoonShade Awning kept us dry. And we watched a sunset where the sun was really low in the sky and reflecting off the ocean water, so we put the legs up on the van and were able to enjoy the outdoors with a little extra shade before the sunset. 

Although MoonShade doesn’t have a Warranty per se, they do honor product defects. If something is to break other than normal wear and tear, you just need to reach out to their customer service team, who will most likely replace the product at no additional cost. 

I just think MoonShade created an awesome product adaptable to most outdoor enthusiasts. It is super easy to set up, protects you from the elements, and is the most affordable camper van awning available. Now it’s time to make one of the greatest purchases for your camper van setup!

Use code: TwoRoamingSouls for $30 Off

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