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LARQ Water Bottle Review (First Self-Cleaning Purification System)

LARQ Bottle

By now, you have probably heard about a self-cleaning water bottle. But did you know LARQ was the first company to invent this unique feature? In this LARQ water bottle review, we will covered everything you need to know about this water bottle and if it’s the right water bottle for you?

Have you ever wondered why you have to clean your water bottle, when essentially you are just using water to clean it?

But have you ever thought about how bacteria grows in the first place? Usually in moist environments…. So isn’t that exactly what a water bottle is? Therefore, it is very important to clean your water bottle regularly to prevent bacteria growth, mold, and fungi.

That’s why I have switched over to the LARQ Water Bottle, the first self-cleaning purification system.

We received promotional products from LARQ. But we retained complete editorial rights to the contents and opinions in this post.

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What Is LARQ?

LARQ is the first portable and digital water purification system. A LARQ water bottle is an piece of innovative technology that you can carry in your hand to kill bacteria, mold, fungi, and more.

How Does A LARQ Water Bottle Work?

The LARQ water bottle uses a UV-C LED to purify the water called PurVis. This UV technology shines down into the stainless steel cavity of the bottle to kill 99% of bio-contaminants, E.coli, and any odor-causing bacteria. All of this happens with an easy touch of a button.

The Science Behind the LARQ

The purification system uses 280 nanometers of UV light. This process is often used in hospitals to sanitize workstations, so ya, this is some high-tech stuff! The UV light breaks down any DNA that is formed from bacteria growth or viruses and eradicates 99.9999%.

There have been experiments done on the LARQ bottle and it has successfully outperformed other bottles and purification systems. For example, after 3 minutes of UV light on water that was exposed to E. Coli, LARQ eliminated 99.9999%. 

Another experiment was performed on the LARQ water bottle versus your average water bottle. Samples from the inside of each bottle were recorded on a petri dish. After 4 weeks mold grew on the petri dish that had samples from the “average water bottle.” No mold had grown on the petri dish of the LARQ sample. 

Check out more in depth details on the experiments here –> LARQ Technology

How to use LARQ Water Bottle For The First Time (Step-By-Step Guide):

After taking the bottle out of the box for the first time, you will need to unlock it.

Hold down the center button for 5 seconds. When the bottle is unlocked, you will see a white ring flash on the rim.

Next, charge the cap. You can either remove the cap and charge it via USB or can keep it on the bottle and charge it that way. When the cap is fully charged, you will notice a steady green light around the top rim. 

Once the cap is fully charged, then fill that bottle up with some tap water!

Press the top button once and you will see the blue light pulse softly. The water will purify for 1 minute. By just tapping top of the cap once, you are using normal mode. Most people will just use this method if filling up for any tap water source.

Adventure Mode

If the water maybe needs an extra good purification, then double tap the top button for Adventure Mode. This mode is designed for purifying water from natural sources like a river, lake, spring or even waterfall. This purification process will take 3 minutes.

Do note that if the water has any debris or is discolored, the bottle won’t be able to make these items disappear, but it will make it safe to drink!

Self-Cleaning Mode

Once the user hits either normal or adventure mode to begin the first cycle, then the bottle will go into self-cleaning mode.

The bottle purifies itself every 2 hours with a 10 second self-cleaning cycle so you always have fresh water. 

Don’t interrupt a cycle. If you do the bottle will go into safety mode and pulse orange. 

How To Turn Off The Bottle (aka: Travel Mode)

There is also the option to fully turn off the purifying system without fully draining the battery. This mode is called Travel Mode. Users often turn travel mode on when packing the bottle away in the their suitcase or simply when not using the bottle.

To activate Travel Mode hold the button down for 5 seconds, you will see a white flash on the top of the cap and it will be locked. This action will prevent the UV-C light from performing. This is usually used to save battery life!  

Pros Of LARQ Water Bottle

  • Don’t have to wash out your bottle regularly 
  • No replacement filter needed (unless using the new filtered cap)
  • Non-toxic way to purify water
  • The UV-C LED is patented 
  • A single charge lasts about a month 
  • Reduces single-use plastic 
  • Comes in double-insulated (cold 24hrs, hot 12hrs)
  • Mercury & Ozone free 
  • 1% of sales go to the planet to benefit the environment and bring safe drinking water to billions
  • The bottle is waterproof, even the USB charging port
  • Can purify water to eliminate E. Coli
  • Can get water from nearly anywhere

Cons Of LARQ Water Bottle

  • Expensive
  • Have to recharge the battery to purify the water
  • Heavy weight
  • Doesn’t remove debris or discoloration (unless you buy the filtered cap, which does have a re-occurring cost)
  • Doesn’t filter heavy metals or chlorine

Who is this Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Good For?

This self-cleaning water purification bottle is literally for Anyone! But here are a few users who might benefit for having a self-cleaning water bottle.

Full-time Vanlifers/RV’ers/vehicle dwellers:

Full-time vanlifers, RV’ers, and vehicle dwellers can benefit from this water bottle the most. No more worrying about that sketchy water you got from the water fountain at the park, or from that hose at a strangers house.

Especially if you have a large water tank that probably doesn’t get cleaned often enough. So chances are even if you are getting clean drinking water, you might be contaminating it with your fresh water holding tank.


You often bring water in a jug that’s super hard to clean. That water gets hot during the day and cold during the night providing chances for bacteria and viruses to grow. Let LARQ purify any weird things that might be forming in there! 


Hiking along a water source? Well now you can just stick your water bottle in, wait 3 minutes for the bottle to purify (in travel mode) and you have some safe-to-drink water. The weight is a bit more than you’d like, but it beats carrying 1+ gallon on your back if you don’t have a filter.


You often are getting your water from different water sources from the hotel sink, to airport water fountains, restaurant sinks, etc and its impossible to know how clean those are. So now you don’t have to worry about how pure the water really is and trust LARQ is giving you safe and clean water!

Plastic water bottle drinkers:

Let’s put a stop to single-use plastic bottles PLEASE! Jake and I clean up trash at all the campsites we stay at and all the hikes we go on and it’s a shame how much plastic we find out in this beautiful world we live in!

Who Is This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Bad For?

  • People who leave their water bottle everywhere. This one would hurt to lose, because it isn’t “cheap”.

Does LARQ Water Bottle Really Work? (My Personal Opinion)

I am a huge advocate for reusable bottles. But normal water bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria growth. I absolutely despise that musty water bottle smell and can honestly taste when my water bottle has gone too long without a cleaning. 

Therefore, I love this world’s first self-cleaning water bottle, because I no longer have to question the water source I am filling up from. While I still think this bottle should be cleaned by hand regularly, it can last many weeks without a cleaning since it does it on it’s own.

And let’s be real, every time we hand wash out our water bottles, I bet we aren’t killing all the bacteria that has developed. Sometimes it’s hard to get in every nook and cranny of a water bottle. 

The LARQ bottle is a smart and sleek invention that’s launching hydration technology into the future. They come in an array of pleasing colors to fit any style. The LARQ water bottle makes you excited to drink water that tastes good and is healthy for you too! I hope you enjoy this Larq Review, and it helps answer any questions you have about the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. 

LARQ Filtered Cap:

When the original LARQ water bottle came out, one of my biggest complaints was it didn’t remove any debris or objects floating in the water. But, they have come out with a new technology that will filter out anything that might be floating in the water.

With one of these filtered caps, a user can get up to 40 gallons (151 liters) of water which is equivalent to about 2 months of use. There is an automatic delivery option, so users don’t have to worry about when to replace the filter.

The biggest negative to this option is it doesn’t have the built in UV-C technology. So if you are getting your water from questionable water sources, then you might need to carry both caps with you.

Personally, I still like the original cap better because even if there are objects or debris floating in the water, the UV-C light makes them safe to drink. Therefore, I hope they come up with a combo lid that can simply do it all!

LARQ Bottle Movement:

Another design LARQ has since come out with is the LARQ Bottle Movement. This new design is an ultra-light stainless steel bottle that works in the same way, purifying out any biological contaminants. The biggest different to this bottle is it no longer has the double-wall vacuum insulation. This ultimately makes the bottle much lighter but you won’t get cold water for up to 24 hours.

There is also a new silicone sleeve that prevents dents and dings to the bottle. The LARQ bottle movement comes in 24oz and 32oz, compared to the insulated bottle that comes in 17oz and 25oz.

Where To Buy LARQ Water Bottle:

The best place to buy a LARQ water bottle is straight from the source on LARQ’s webpage. That way you can insure you qualify for their warranty. They often have deals on select products, so you might be able to snag a bottle at a discounted price! Larq also offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. on orders over $80.

Their website is also where you can get the Larq accessories, like their travel sleeve with a vegan leather strap. Or the LARQ Movement silicone sleeve that prevents dents and dings to the bottle.

But you can also purchase a LARQ water bottle from Amazon which can be great for getting your bottle as quick as possible if you have Amazon Prime. Or you can also qualify for free shipping with without a prime membership.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue also sells LARQ water bottle. As well as Best Buy which offers free shipping on orders over $35. Some other companies where you can find this self-cleaning water bottle are Williams Sonoma, Road Runner Sports, and Revolve.

Be sure to have the Rakuten Browser Extension running on your webpage to get cash back with your purchase. If you don’t have an account, use this link for a free $30 when you make your first purchase!

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