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Review: Wildly Good Socks | The Comfiest Sock

When we received our Wildly Good Socks, we were super excited! The story behind Wildly Good Socks is they wanted to design a sock that is suitable for all occasions. And with this motto, obviously comes positives and negatives. Jake and I have tried these socks out and have different opinions, but overall we are very happy with the socks! You might even say they are “wildly good”! 

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Who Is Wildly Good Socks Company:

Wildly Good Socks is a family-owned company located in Rutland, Massachusetts. They thought up this sock idea around the campfire one night. They wanted to design one sock that could do it all!

This company takes their feedback from customers very seriously and design their socks for their customers.  This sock is their only product, at the moment, so you know that all their time, energy, and research has gone into making this sock as amazing as it can be.

What Are Wildly Good Socks:

Wildly Good Socks are mid-weight merino wool socks made for comfort. These socks are made for hiking, travel, lounging and simply everyday life. They are all-season socks that are extra tough, anti-stink and blister free. 

Let’s break it down into what we love about the socks and what we don’t.

Pros of Wildly Good Socks:

  • Made from Merino wool: Jake and I are HUGE fans of merino wool, for its great properties and its easier on the environment. Technically it’s a blend with some other materials, but it’s still over 85% wool.
  • 12 Mo. Warranty: If these socks rip or tear within the first year, they will replace them at no cost to you.
  • Happy Feet Guarantee: If the socks don’t fit or simply you are unsatisfied with the socks, they will either replace or refund you for the socks. 
  • Lightweight: These socks are made to be extra durable, but not at the cost of heavy material.
  • Anti-stink/Wick-sweat: Wool absorbs moisture into it’s fibers and off your skin which prevents bacteria growth which is what makes other socks smelly and helps wick moisture from your foot.
  • Cushion: These socks are very cushy, making them a nice sock for standing multiple hours! 
  • Super Soft: When compared to similar brands, the socks are incredibly soft and comfortable. 
  • Can Be Worn Multiple Days In A Row: Unlike other socks that get smelly and crusty after a day or two, these socks can last you a week or so without painfully putting them back on everyday.
  • Donate: They donate socks to charities and the less fortunate, which we absolutely love!
  • Part Of The 1% For The Planet Program: Which donates 1% of every sale to charities that help preserve our planet and save wildfires.
  • Less Expensive: These socks are less expensive than other competitors socks. Wildly Good sells direct to consumer only, so you won’t find a huge mark up that you would find at large retail stores!

Cons of Wildly Good Socks:

  • Loose: Can be a bit looser than traditional hiking socks. Therefore, they might be good for moderate hikes, but not for long haul hikes. You might want a more traditional rigid hiking sock for strenuous hikes.
  • Thick: Having thick socks is not always a bad thing, but it can become a problem if you have narrow shoes making your toes squish together. 
  • Only One Style Of Sock: They only have one style in different colors to choose from.
  • Only Two Sizes: They only come in two sizes.

Emily’s Opinion:

I personally love the socks, and think they are a great value for the quality of product. I find them very comfortable My only issue is I really only wear high socks when I am hiking or just lounging around. Therefore, I would love if they had a low-rise sock option.

More things I love about these sock are that they don’t cut off my circulation like other hiking socks. Plus I am a huge fan of merino wool, so this brand had me sold after learning about their quality material. 

Jake’s Opinion:

I only wear mid-calf socks, so the style of the socks is right up my alley.  And I love the way they look.  They are so much softer than a comparable pair of Smartwool or Darn Tough socks.  Still after several wears and washes they feel like slipping on a pair of brand new socks every time.

The seams at the toe are not noticeable, which is a huge priority when I choose socks.

However, making a sock that excels at everything is difficult and there are obviously compromises that have to be made.

I find that the socks don’t quite have enough structure for demanding hikes. The heel pocket just isn’t defined well enough to stay in place over long distances. But since they only come in two sizes, some people just won’t be able to find that perfect fit.

Who are these socks good for?

Anyone looking for a quality sock that can support your everyday activities! These socks only come in 2 different sizes, so they will fit you a little bit different than the next person. But they are stretchy so they can accommodate everyone’s foot size.

Besides the fact that these are for everyday use, they are especially good for traveling because you can wear them for multiple days in a row. Which limits the amount of socks you need to pack for your next adventure! 


I think these socks are a great price for their versatility and quality! We love supporting small family-owned businesses that strive to make high quality gear for their customers. We think you will enjoy Wildly Good Socks, so give them a try! 


Lightweight Merino Wool Socks Crew (2 Pairs)
Lightweight Merino Wool Low Cut Socks (2 Pair)

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