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Roam America Horseshoe Bend Review: Excellent RV Park In Page Arizona

Roam America Horseshoe Bend entrance.

Roam America Horseshoe Bend is Page, Arizona’s newest campground and RV Park. It is perfectly situated to explore nearby attractions like Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and more. 

Cabin Views

There are over 200 RV sites, and 12 modern cabins, that provide a premium RV Resort experience. The super-friendly staff and top-class amenities can accommodate any type of traveler. In this guide, we will provide an honest review of what this Page, AZ campground has to offer.

This review is a part of a paid partnership with Roam America Horseshoe Bend. But all opinions are our own.

Amenities At Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Super Clean Bathhouses


The bathhouses at this Page, AZ campground are some of the nicest we have ever experienced on the road. Of course, they have brand new construction, but each bathhouse has 6 individual private bathrooms each with a toilet, sink, large counter, and a glass shower.

The super clean and private campground bathroom are a unique amenity at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

Roam America Horseshoe Bend provides shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in each shower stall. 

Every time we saw other guests in the bathhouse they always mentioned how nice these bathrooms were.

There are 3 different bathhouses located around this Page, AZ RV Park.

Laundry Facilities

There are washers and dryers located in every bathhouse. They accept both coins and debit/credit cards.

Laundry Facilities

It’s the perfect two-for-one combo, throw your clothes in the wash before you take a shower, and by the time you are finished, they are ready to be sent into the dryer.

Fire Pits & Picnic Tables

Campfire Cooking Vanlife

At every RV site, there is a picnic table and a fire ring. Great for a picnic lunch or enjoying a cozy setting around the campfire. 

At premium sites, each fire ring has a grill attachment where you can grill anything over the fire to get that yummy wood-fired taste.

Heated Pool

The pool is a nice perk of staying at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

One of the coolest features at this Page, AZ campground is the pool. The climate in Page can get into the upper 90s mid-summer, so having a pool to cool off in is nearly essential!

The pool is heated to an ideal temperature, so it’s refreshing in hot weather, but still comfortable to swim when the weather cools off. It’s a great place to relax and the scenery surrounding this Page, AZ RV Park. 

There is a bathhouse nearby, so you can wash off before and after jumping in the pool. 

Dump Station, Potable Water, and Full Hook-Ups

Campsite Utility Hookups

At every campsite, there is a potable water hook-up, an electrical hook-up, and a sewer connection. So you have it all right at your site to stay connected and power up for your next adventure!


Roam America Horseshoe Bend is dog-friendly and they even have a little paw park located in the middle of the campground.

The Dog Park at Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Don’t expect a green grassy field, because it’s in the desert after all. But the fenced-in gravel park is where your little doggo can roam freely and safely.

High-Speed Internet

Working remotely at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

A huge perk of Roam America Horseshoe Bend is the high-speed internet located all around the RV Park. Therefore, this Page, AZ campground is perfect for anyone looking to stay connected with loved ones, or digital nomads alike. 

We used the WIFI right at our site to work remotely and stream a football game!

But if you are on a work trip or a digital nomad and especially need a strong reliable connection, they offer new state-of-the-art Digital Nomad WiFi+. This option provides faster internet speed and a dedicated router at select sites.

Or you can visit the front desk lounge area, with some desks and comfy seating to work remotely.

Retail Store

Retail shop

At the main check-in desk, there is also a retail store. You can pick up little items you may have forgotten to get at the store, such as propane canisters, marshmallows, drinks, and even their own coffee. Or they have great souvenirs to remember your amazing time at one of the best Page, AZ campgrounds! 🙂

Friendly Staff

The best amenity that most other Page, AZ campgrounds can’t top is how friendly the staff is at Roam American Horseshoe Bend.

Friendly Staff at Roam America Horseshoe Bend

The hosts Anne-Marie & Stan are often on site and will always greet you with a friendly smile.

And the other staff members are always willing to accommodate your needs and make your stay at Roam America Horseshoe Bend the absolute best. Definitely chat with them if you want advice on fun things to do around Page Arizona.

Variety Of RV Sites (Classic versus Premium Campsites)

RV Resort Page AZ Roam America Horseshoe Bend

There are many different sites available at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.  With a variety of 30/50 amp hook-ups, back-in or pull-through spots, plus lite, classic, and premium campsites.

Difference between Lite, Classic, & Premium Campsites

There are a few different options when browsing the different campsites at Roam. 

Lite sites are generally the least expensive option. These sites are smaller and better for vanlifers, or tent campers.

Classic sites are generally closer together offering a more community-style vibe. These sites are great for traveling in groups or if you enjoy meeting new friends on the road.

Glen Canyon Views at Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Premium sites are the campsites offering the best views of Glen Canyon, Navajo Mountain, Tower Butte, and other iconic sights in the surrounding area. The sites are slightly more spaced out providing more space between other RV friends.

Nightly and Extended Stays Available

Roam America Horseshoe Bend Campground RVs

Roam America Horseshoe Bend offers both nightly rates and extended stays. Therefore, if you are looking to settle down for a bit, this Page, AZ Campground is the perfect spot. They regularly host many National Park Service employees during the busy season.

Or if you are just passing through town, Roam America provides a great spot to recharge and send it out onto the next adventure!

Our Suggested Best Sites At Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Red rock views from a campsite at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

Let me first start off by saying that there truly isn’t a bad site at Roam America Horseshoe Bend. They all have at least some views of the surrounding area or nearby red rock mesas as a backdrop.

Aerial view of the RV park Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

Both the West and East have stunning red rock formations. To the north, you have epic views down the valley (especially nice during sunset).

And at the south end of the park, you have excellent views of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

Vermillion Cliffs to the south of the RV park in Page AZ.

Not surprisingly, our favorite sites are mostly the premium sites because they have the best views!

However, they are a little farther from the pool and closest bathhouse (if that’s a factor for you). If we had rank our top choices that are exceptionally well situated: 

  • 171 – 175
  • 201
  • 151 – 153
  • 142 – 148
Camper Trailer Page Arizona

Keep in mind that when you book at Roam America Horseshoe Bend you don’t choose a specific site number. So this would only be for potentially making a request to the staff, which they may or may not be able to fulfill depending on availability.

Cabin Review: Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Cabins at Roam America Horseshoe Bend

The cabins at Roam America Horseshoe Bend are like modern tiny homes with cozy amenities.

Cabin Living Room

The front room has giant glass windows so you still can enjoy the views from the comfort of your little tiny home.

Cabin Bathroom
Cabin Bathroom

Each cabin comes with a queen bedroom, well-appointed kitchenette, modern bathroom, and cozy living room with couch and working space.

Cabin Bedroom
Cabin Bedroom

Top Things To Do Near Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Visit Lake Powell

Boat Tour Antelope Canyon Lake Powell Page Arizona

Visiting Lake Powell is an absolute must when in Page, AZ. Luckily there are a handful of unique ways to explore the lake. For budget travelers, you can head to Lone Rock Beach and go for a swim with famous views of Lone Rock.

Kayaking Antelope Canyon

There is also the option to rent kayaks or paddleboards from Wahweap Marina or Antelope Point Marina.

But to truly explore how grand Lake Powell is, we think it is best explored by powerboat or houseboat. You can either rent a boat and self-guide your own exploration or join a tour.

We used Lake Powell Experience to explore the upper section of Antelope Canyon, and we highly suggest taking a tour with them!

They have a variety of tours to choose from, including boat tours and guided hikes.

Do note, that there is a $30 fee to access the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (National Parks Passes are accepted).

Hike to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Overlook Page Arizona

Another absolute must-do adventure in Page, AZ is a hike to Horseshoe Bend. It’s an iconic viewpoint from the rim above the Colorado River. Bring your wide-angle lens because Horseshoe Bend is massive!

The hike is a short 1.5-mile (round trip) hike with 242 feet elevation. The cost is $10 per vehicle to park in the lot, which is open from sunrise to sunset.

To learn more about this hike, visit our Horseshoe Bend Hiking Guide for more details. 

Tour Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Page Arizona

Antelope Canyon is an iconic slot canyon southeast of town. There are two different tours to choose from, upper and lower Antelope Canyon. Both offer a hike through the winding red rock slots with endless photo opportunities. Tours must be taken with a Navajo Nation guide. 

We highly suggest Shundiin Tours. They are a Navajo-owned and family-operated tour company that offers 6 different unique tours through various canyons nearby. 

View The Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam was built in 1966 and stands 710 ft tall.

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook Page AZ

It’s responsible for creating Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S. with a capacity of more than 25 million acre-feet. It is certainly a sight to see when passing through Page, AZ. 

There are a few different ways to experience the Glen Canyon Dam. 

  • Glen Canyon Dam Bridge: One easy way is to simply drive over the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge. There is a parking lot and Visitor Center on the west side of the Dam or a few pull-off spots on the east side of the Dam. You can easily walk across the bridge on the pedestrian path. 
  • Glen Canyon Dam Overlook: Also, there is an easy hike to the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook via scenic view road.
  • The Chains Hike: Another fun way to see the dam is to hike down to The Chains location. It’s a good way to get a little swim in the lake for free. There is a little slick rock shelf where many people swim (but be careful of boat wakes). The short steep hike down may prove challenging for less fit individuals.

Hiking Right From The Campground

Page Arizona RV Park Roam America Horseshoe Bend

What sets this Page, AZ RV Park apart from others is the hiking right from camp. You don’t even need to get into your car to get a little exercise and experience the red sandstone formations. 

You can hike around both red rock mesas that border Roam America Horseshoe Bend. In our opinion, the mesa to the East has cooler rock formations to explore.

Hiking Red Rocks in Page Arizona

Additionally, the property is working on installing guided hiking trails directly from the campgrounds for even easier access around the area.


Don’t forget to look up at night. You can see amazing stars right from your campsite at Roam America Horseshoe Bend.

A camper trailer under a starry sky.

You will be amazed at how clearly you can see the Milky Way, even while sitting around the campfire.

Pros & Cons Of Roam America Horseshoe Bend

Emily cooking outside at our campsite.

Pros Of This Page, AZ Campground

  • Brand new
  • Clean facilities
  • Heated Pool
  • Beautiful scenery and views
  • AC in buildings (working space inside check-in area)
  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Free Wifi available all around camp

Cons Of This Page, AZ RV Park

  • Power lines in view (but Page wouldn’t exist without the hydroelectric dam providing power to Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Nebraska, so it’s a small price to pay)
  • Airport nearby (sometimes loud air traffic, but also makes Page easy to get to)
  • Sites are close together (but that’s just typically the nature of campgrounds)
  • Not all sites are perfectly level (bring leveling blocks or similar)
  • No shade at camp (need to have your own awning)
  • No mature trees yet (but many are planted around the RV Park)

Takeaway: Roam America Horseshoe Bend Review

Roam America Horseshoe Bend is an awesome RV park to stay in Page Arizona. This is a very comfortable and convenient place to stay close to Page Arizona’s biggest attractions.

The experience really goes above and beyond the typical RV park/campground. We are thrilled to see campgrounds like this striving to create a more modern camping experience. One that actually meets the needs of today’s campers, road trippers, vanlifers, and digital nomads.

The level of sophistication and amenities at Roam America Horseshoe Bend are rare among the nations mostly aging camping infrastructure. We would be thrilled to stay here again the next time we visit Page.

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