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Sun Company Review | Unique Outdoor Accessories You Need For Your Next Adventure!

Jake with Sun Company's Outsider 4-in-1 Survival Multi-tool on his backpack

Ever been in the search for some unique outdoor accessories? Well, Sun Company has just that. Whether you are looking for outdoor survival gear, multi-functional camping gear, off-roading essentials or fun outdoor gear for the kids. Sun Company has some unique products to fit everyone’s needs and wants! 

We received promotional products from Sun Company. But we retained complete editorial rights to the content and opinions in this post.

This post contains affiliate or referral links which means we may earn a commission if you purchase or download from our links at no additional cost to you! For more information, please read our disclosure policy.

We Put Our Sun Company Products To The Test:

Sun Company hooked us up with 5 of their products to test out:

  • Navigat’r 6 (Six-Function Dashboard Instrument)
  • Outsider (4-in-1 Survival Multi-Tool)
  • Camp Chef ClickWare (Modular Titanium Utensils)
  • Lev-o-gage II RV (Leveling Gauges Pair)
  • Camping with Sasquatch Card Game (Family-Friendly Card Game)

Here are our thoughts on the quality of the products.

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Upgraded Our Camper Van Dashboard With Sun Company’s Navigat’r 6:

Sun Company's Navigat'r 6 Dashboard Instrument on our dashboard with a snowy view out the windshield
Sun Company’s Navigat’r 6 Dashboard Instrument

One product in particular stands out to us which is the Navigat’r 6 Dashboard Instrument. Because our camper van is an old 2010 hotel shuttle, it didn’t come with a compass, temperature gauge, or an altimeter. So having this product sit in our dashboard helps keep us informed and feeling like we upgraded our vehicle a few years! And not only does the Navigat’r 6 have a compass, temperature gauge and altimeter. It also has a barometer, LED light, and signal mirror. 

Not only is this helpful in our dashboard, but we can also grab it to take on a hike as it is portable. Plus no batteries are needed! This has become super helpful on our road trips! We love knowing the altitude our camper van is climbing. And having a thermometer helps us pick clothes for a hike, or get dressed for the day. It’s important that we keep our camper van temperature-regulated, so our pipes don’t freeze and our electronics don’t get too cold. 

So if your campervan doesn’t have these luxuries included, this all-in-one Navigat’r 6 Dashboard Instruent can be a huge help, out on the road. (They also have a few other altimeter models, but we feel this one has everything you need all-in-one).

To Purchase Sun Company’s Navigat’r 6 Dashboard Instrument

Leveling Our Campervan With Sun Company’s Lev-o-gage II RV:

Sun Company's Lev-o-gage II on our campervan door and dashboard to help us level out camper van
Sun Company’s Lev-o-gage II

Having a level camper van is very important. You wouldn’t want a slanted house, right? So having a way to know our campervan is truly level is super helpful. We would often park our van thinking it was level. But no sooner start cooking and have food in the pan all sliding to one side. Or jump on the bed for a quick nap and find that blood is rushing towards your head.

So upgrading our campervan set up with the Lev-o-gage II RV has been a special upgrade. It comes with two gauges so we can be level front to back and also side to side. The lettering is engraved so it won’t fade over time. And they have liquid inside to ensure smooth operation, even in rough conditions.

No more guessing if the van is level. We now can be sure before we even turn off the engine.

To Purchase Sun Company’s Lev-o-gage II RV

Keeping Us Entertained On The Road With Our New Sasquatch Card Game:

Jake & Emily playing Sun Company's Sasquatch Game in a tiny wagon
Sun Company’s Sasquatch Game

Jake and I often find ourselves without service off-grid. While we try to get work done offline, sometimes your brain just needs a break. And adding the Sasquatch Card Game to our Vanlife Games has been extremely fun! It was a 2019 nominee of the rising star innovator of the year. We also love the theme of Sasquatch. 

The Sasquatch card game is very easy to learn, for ages over 6 years old and a fun play on a few different games you might be used to. Think rummy meats slapjack. It’s best played with more than 2 players, but we manage to have a blast when we play against each other! Plus we now have an easy game to teach new vanlifers we meet out on the road!

To Purchase The Sun Company’s Sasquatch Game

Sun Company’s Sasquatch Game

Trail safety is Easy With Our Outsider 4-in-1 Survival Multi-Tool:

Jake with Sun Company's Outsider 4-in-1 Survival Multi-tool on his backpack (close-up)
Sun Company’s Outsider 4-in-1 Survival Multi-tool

Jake and I are always trying to stay safe out on the trail. We now have a 4-in-1 survival multi-tool that we can just clip onto our hiking pack. The Outsider Tool includes a luminous, easy-to-read compass, survival whistle, cushion-mounted thermometer, and flint rod & striker for starting fires. 

You just never know what might happen out on the trail and you might need one of these handy tools. We love the comfort of having so many lightweight survival tools on hand in case something goes wrong out on the trail.

To Purchase Sun Company’s Outsider 4-in-1 Survival Multi-tool

Cooking Up A Delicious Meal With Our Camp Chef ClickWare:

Emily using the Sun Company's ClickWare  Modular Titanium Utensils for cooking eggs in the morning on a cast iron skillet
Sun Company’s ClickWare Modular Titanium Utensils

While you could easily have camping cookware that each have their own handles, it’s nice to be minimalistic when going on a camping trip. If you’ve ever packed for a camping trip, then you know there is so much stuff that has to be brought for just one weekend. So it’s nice to have a separate camping set of utensils and a home set, so you don’t forget anything. 

We did learn the hard way that these are not dishwasher safe. So be sure to hand wash your Camp Chef Clickware!

Sun Company has 6 different modular cutlery available. So if you have a larger family, or need cutlery as well, then check out some of the other models. 

To Purchase Sun Company’s Camp Chef ClickWare

Other awesome products Sun Company Offers:

So we obviously couldn’t try all their products, but they have many other unique outdoor accessories. If you bike or paddleboard they have a few different products you can attach to your bike’s handlebars, or front nose of your paddleboard or kayak. Whether you are looking to stay safe with a compass, light, or thermometer, these products can be super helpful to have!

They also have really awesome gear and toys for kids. They are some of the coolest headlamps I’ve ever seen for kids. Now they can camp in style. Sun Company also has fun belt packs for the kids to carry along on a hike, binoculars to explore cool wildlife from a distance, and thermometer lanyards to stay informed on the trail. 

To Shop All Sun Company’s Products

What We Like About Sun Company As A Whole:

  • Small-batch manufacture their products
  • Products made in the USA (Or at least constructed)
  • Limited 0ne-year warranty
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Unique Outdoor Accessories
  • Been creating quality gear for over 50 years
  • They respect their employees (from gold-standard health care to quarterly bonuses)

Use Code: TWOROAMINGSOULS20 at checkout for 20% off

Our Final Thoughts On Sun Company Products:

We really think Sun Company has some unique outdoor accessories that will step up your adventure game. Whether you are off-roading and need the tools to read the altitude, out on the trail and need to find your way, or need camping kitchen essentials. We hope you find this Sun Company Review helpful, and you can level up your next adventure with some quality and unique outdoor accessories.

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