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Unbound Merino Women’s Line | It’s Finally Here

Emily trying out the women's line for Unbound Merino on a hike

If you follow along with our gear reviews, then you probably know Jake wrote a review a year ago about Unbound Merino. I (Emily) got super jealous because at the time they only carried a men’s collection. But in summer 2022, Unbound Merino finally released their women’s line! And I am here to put it to the test and review the Unbound Merino women’s line. Is it as good as the men’s line? Are the styles different? Here we will answer all your burning questions!

Jake and I are huge fans of merino wool, mainly because we live an active lifestyle and live in a camper van. So we need clothes that are great for travel and can go multiple days without being washed. Merino wool is a high-performing natural fiber that keeps us comfortable during all of life’s adventures.

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Here are the main reasons why we love merino wool

Technical Base Layer:

Merino wool is the ultimate technical base layer for outdoor activities. For example, we love wearing merino wool under our ski gear because it is temperature regulating and wicks moisture. So it keeps us dry, comfortable, and warm while out in the mountains. 

The same idea applies to hiking, if the temperatures are cooler, it helps keep our body temperature regulated. Or on a hot hike, it can help keep us cool and not absorb our sweat!

Ethically Sourced:

You might be wondering, but what about the sheep? All Unbound Merino wool is ethically sourced from mulesing-free farms in Australia.  And their wool meets the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a certification that recognizes the best practices for animal welfare and land management.

Unbound Merino Women’s Line is perfect for vanlife or camping

Odor Resistant:

One of the biggest perks of merino wool for Jake and me, is that it is odor resistant. Meaning, we can wear this layer on a hiking adventure and also wear it out to the brewery later and repeat the same activities the next day and the shirt won’t smell. Well, as long as we don’t smell, ourselves! We have all experienced synthetic activewear that eventually has a permanent smell that no wash can remove.

Unbound Merino clothes resist odor and help minimize our laundry usage and we can ultimately do more with fewer clothing items.  Merino eventually picks up some bad scents for our sweat, but usually after several days.


Another huge perk for merino wool is that it is fast drying. So whether we get caught in a rainstorm, don’t have access to a dryer, or work out a little too hard, it can be dry in no time! Many times on a hike, our back is completely soaked with sweat, but after even a short snack break with packs off, our backs are usually close to dry.

Wrinkle-Resistant/Pack lighter for travel:

Merino wool is wrinkle-resistant, so it is the perfect item to pack along on any adventure or on any trip. Plus it’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your suitcase being overweight, at least not from your merino wool clothing. Seriously, as budget travelers who cringe at the idea of checking a bag, we love the versatility and usage we get out of just a few Unbound Merino items in our carry-ons.

Lightweight, Temperature Regulating & Breathable:

Merino wool is light and breathable for those hot days, but also can keep you warmer than other layers when the temperature fluctuates. Making it one of the most technical hiking layers that we think everyone should own.


Another thing we love about Unbound Merino is that it is hypoallergenic. No need to worry about allergies with the Unbound Merino women’s line. 

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What I love Most About The Unbound Merino Women’s Line:

Emily wearing Unbound Merino Women's Line working at the coffee shop
Emily wearing Unbound Merino at work

I have other merino wool clothing, but it’s not exactly fashionable. Definitely more of a “base layer”: type of garment. But what I love most about Unbound Merino’s Women’s line is that it is very versatile. You can hike up the mountain in the morning but you can also catch drinks with the girls later all with the same attire. Their logo-less clothes are timeless and also work just as well meeting a client in the city, or hiking in the mountains. It’s the perfect clothing to travel with because one shirt can do it all.

Unbound Merino’s women’s line also designed a flattering dress, which I haven’t seen done by many other merino wool clothing brands. So it’s the one fancy/yet casual layer you can pack along in your suitcase to fit most every occasion. 

With all the many reasons we love merino wool, Unbound Merino has perfected the fine line between active wear and casual attire really well! 

Comparing the Unbound Merino Men’s Line to The Women’s Line: 

I have noticed a couple things that are different from the men’s line compared to the women’s line. The shirts I got in 2022 are a little bit different than the shirts Jake got a little over a year ago. 

The material thickness is definitely different. The women’s shirts are a bit thinner and show some pilling faster. Not sure if this was an intentional decision. But under my backpack straps, the pilling is apparent after only a few uses.

While I still absolutely love the shirts and how lightweight they are, it’s something to be a bit weary of. I wanted to try the leggings, but I saw reviews of them being a bit see-through. Probably fine as a base layer, but not something you would wear out. So there might need to be some design changes or returning to a thicker material to make them opaque.

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Final Thoughts On The Unbound Merino Women’s Line

Wearing the Unbound Merino Women’s Line on a hike

As you can probably tell from reading this post, I am a big fan of the Unbound Merino Women’s Line.  Being able to do more with less clothing is a big deal! Especially when living in a campervan or traveling out of a suitcase.

But with the good, there are a few less than ideal things to come along, such as the price. Merino wool is expensive. But that’s the same, no matter the brand. And that is because it’s not just your ordinary clothing, there are so many perks and technical aspects that you won’t find in other clothing items. So we always feel that it’s worth the price. Plus, you can always bundle and save! 

Overall, I am happy with the Unbound Merino women’s line and how versatile the clothes are. But I do wish the quality and weight of the shirts was a little more like the men’s shirts Jake got a year ago. I will for sure be a repeating customer of Unbound Merino.

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