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Unbound Merino Wool Clothing | I Put It To The Test

Jake standing on Mt Storm King, sporting an Unbound Merino crew neck t-shirt.

When I gear up for any adventure, Unbound Merino Wool clothing is the unsung hero.  The performance of the merino wool fibers is a game-changer.  And I am embarrassed to admit just how many days in a row that I will wear my Unbound Merino clothing.  But here’s the thing, it doesn’t get smelly.  That’s the magic of the natural wool fibers.  They perform better than any synthetic or cotton shirt ever could, and it honestly makes my life easier.

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I Put Unbound Merino Wool To The Test

And why should you listen to me? Well, I live in a campervan full-time.  That means no homebase to shower or do laundry.  And my lifestyle constantly keeps me outdoors and on-the-go.  From backpacking in the desert, to skiing or hiking mountains, to brewery hopping and trips across the country.  If Unbound Merino Wool can live up to the rigors of my lifestyle then it can handle anything.

Seriously, if you climbed a mountain in 80 degree weather, you probably wouldn’t continue wearing that same t-shirt for days afterward.  Well, I’m telling you, with Unbound Merino Wool, you can do just that.  A cotton or synthetic t-shirt would be so smelly from all that back sweat!  But Unbound Merino Wool is different.  The wool fibers have a natural waxy coating called Lanolin that is biologically adapted to fight the odor causing bacteria.  And it works like magic.

I got so tired of my synthetic clothes literally coming out of the wash smelly.  And plain old cotton simply isn’t up for the task either.  So for me, Unbound Merino clothes are the high-performing material I’ve been searching for.  From the timeless styling, to the stitching, right down to the fiber level, Unbound Merino Wool clothing is elite quality.

Unbound Merino Dries Fast!

And merino wool dries quickly, so you can get back to feeling dry and comfortable fast.  I love that I don’t have to fear breaking a sweat.  I just live my life, and Unbound Merino keeps up.

Pack Lighter For Travel

When I fly on a trip somewhere, I can pack less clothes, and avoid the crush of airline baggage fees.  Just a couple of my go-to Unbound Merino items and I can dress for a week of hiking, beach days, a night out, and everything in between.  Everything I need for a weeklong trip fits right under the seat in front of me.  And it even comes out wrinkle free, ready to wear.

Plus, doing laundry while on a trip is always a challenge, so Unbound Merino makes it so I rarely have to.  It makes traveling light so easy.

Technical Base Layer (Or Pajamas)

Unbound Merino Wool's long sleeve crew shirts are an ideal base layer for skiing or hiking.
Unbound Merino Wool’s long sleeve crew shirts are an ideal base layer for skiing or hiking.

I also love wearing their long sleeve merino shirts underneath my ski gear or for colder hiking temps.  It’s such a superior base layer than synthetic or cotton.  It keeps me cool and comfortable when working up a sweat on the slopes and keeps me warm on windy chairlift rides.

Oh and they also work great as pajama sleeping shirts, which I also wear more nights in a row than I would like to admit to the whole internet.  Merino wool regulates body temperature so well (just ask the Sheep).

Ethically Sourced Wool For A Quality Product

Oh, and speaking of the sheep.  All Unbound Merino wool is ethically sourced from mulesing free farms in Australia.  And their wool meets the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a certification that recognizes the best practices for animal welfare and land management.

And no, this ain’t your grandpa’s wool.  It’s super soft, lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.  Unbound Merino has timeless styles that are fit for the modern man.  Their best-sellers are the 100% merino crew and V-neck t-shirts that are simple and stylish enough for anything.  I will often wear one while hiking and go straight out for a beer afterwards without changing.  They feature beautiful single-color designs with no obnoxious logos or graphics.  (Which helps draw less attention when you wear them several days in a row).

Jake goes straight from trail to brewery in his Unbound Merino t-shirt.

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Other best-sellers are the merino underwear.  And if you’ve never tried wool underwear you might be skeptical, but it’s just as soft and cozy as their other products.  They are tagless and so comfy.  And that odor resistance is even more of a blessing for the nether regions.  They include 12% nylon and 4% spandex for just the right amount of stretch and compression.  Yet another product I’m embarrassed to admit how many days in a row I wear them.

Unbound Merino also has shorts, pants, joggers, socks, and more, all with the simple, timeless styles that will last.  And for occasions when you need to dress up a little more, they have some awesome polos and blazers.

So What’s The Catch?

The price you pay for natural merino wool clothing is a bit more than what you might be used to.  The base price for one of their 100% merino wool t-shirts is $75.  But when you consider how much use and performance you can get out of just one t-shirt, it’s really a fair price.  Comparing it to some cheap cotton t-shirt just isn’t apples to apples.  

But compared to other high-performing activewear brands, it’s priced similarly.  I have always been willing to invest in quality gear and clothing that pays for itself in the long run.

And Unbound Merino has some great bundle pricing on their website, so you can save money while getting a haul of superb items.  They have travel packs and other combinations with shirts, underwear, and socks.  

And don’t forget to use code TWOROAMINGSOULS for 10% off your entire order.

And I should warn you that once you’ve tried Unbound Merino wool you will be clamoring to switch over your whole wardrobe.

The other thing about merino wool is that it needs to be hung to dry and not put in the dryer.  So when you do finally need to wash it, you just have to hang dry the clothes.  But as we covered, it’s quick-drying, so a couple hours hung up and it’s ready to go.

Unbound Merino Wool Women’s Line Now Available!

Emily has been waiting for Unbound Merino to introduce their womens line for quite some time now. And Unbound Merino Women’s Line is now available!

They now have a few different styles of shirts to choose from, and a fashionable dress. And for those wanting a quality pair of leggings, they now have a black pair. Which is great for everyday wear no matter what activity you are doing. Emily was super excited to see practical clothing that can be worn anywhere, whether it be out for lunch or out on the trail.

So you will be seeing her rocking some new Unbound Merino from the women’s line soon!

Shop the Unbound Merino Women’s Line

Takeaway | Unbound Merino Wool

Seriously, no matter what your lifestyle is, Unbound Merino wool clothes are up for the task.  The performance of their merino wool clothing is so superb.  To me, it’s not just clothing, I treat it as part of my gear or equipment for living an active lifestyle.

Nobody likes doing laundry or being smelly.  And Merino wool clothing takes advantage of one of nature’s greatest fibers.  Whether you are climbing mountains, hitting the gym, or stuck on endless Zoom calls, everyone can benefit from clothing that performs better, smells less, and doesn’t need to be washed after each use.

For 10% Off, use code TWOROAMINGSOULS

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