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ust Gear: Quality Outdoor Gear At An Affordable Price

This post is in collaboration with ust.

Looking for quality, yet affordable gear to get outdoors and enjoy nature? ust has tons of gear that ranges from camping, survival equipment, camping kitchen essentials, even ways to light up the night at the campsite, etc. ust gear will set you up to have one successful camping or backpacking trip outdoors! 

4 different products by ust gear layed out on the sand

First, you might be wondering, what is ust? ust stands for ultimate survival technologies. It is a brand that creates ultimate outdoor survival gear to provide an excellent outdoor camping experience. Whether you are looking to make a delicious cup of coffee, an easy and dependable way to start a campfire or one of the most comfortable nights of sleep, ust gear has you covered.

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Some of our favorite gear from ust is the Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp, FlexWare Boil & Store Bags, FlexWare Coffee Drip, and the BlastMatch Fire Starter. But the list simply doesn’t stop there for quality outdoor gear to get you out exploring beautiful nature. Continue reading to find out why ust gear is quality outdoor gear at an affordable price.

emily eating a handful of trail mix along a hike out of the ust reusable snack bag

History Of ust Gear:

Let’s first dive into who is ust and where they came from? ust has been creating outdoor gear since 1936. Their business started in Jacksonville, FL and has since moved its headquarters to Columbia, Missouri to re-imagine their brand. They now have the beautiful Ozark Mountains to test their products out themselves before putting it into your hands to explore the great outdoors. 

And I don’t think ust’s history ends here, they are set up to continuously create history in the camping community. Their re-fresh series on Youtube, insinuates that they are determined to make your time outdoors one of the best experiences. ust’s goal is to be the brand you go to because of trust and it’s high-quality. 

Our Favorite Products From ust Gear:

Emily Wearing The ust Gear Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp to see a map at night
Emily Wearing The ust Gear Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp

One of my favorite items from ust is the Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp because it is rechargeable, but also takes AAA batteries if you are temporarily unable to charge it. It has several modes of white and red light. It also has the unique feature of being able to switch the light between a floodlight and a spotlight. And it can run up to 18 hours on one charge. This headlamp will be sure to light up your night outdoors. 

Another personal favorite from ust Gear is the FlexWare Coffee Drip. You don’t need to skip the coffee when out on the trail. This collapsible coffee drip makes it super easy to pack along on any backpacking adventure, camping trip or even perfect for vanlife. Just pair it with a filter and you have a super lightweight/compact coffee setup for camping. 

Want an easy way to pack snacks on a hiking or backpacking trip? Or an easy way to cook a meal without the cleaning hassle? Pack along FlexWare Boil & Store Bags for reusable storage bags or an easy way to boil your dinner and wash it out later when you get back home. Jake and I use these bags for our trail mix when out on a hike, so we don’t have any waste. And when making dinner on a backpacking trip, you can boil this bag so you don’t have to make a pot dirty and clean it immediately. 

Here is a guide for some of the best ust gear to have when car camping, backpacking, cooking outdoors and survival gear you should always have along. 

Car Camping Essentials: 

Looking to get a good nights rest out on your next camping trip? ust’s House Party Tent offers tons of extra sleeping room. Pair it with the plush Fillmatic Sleeping mat and the monarch sleeping bag and you will be sleeping in luxury. And of course having a table where you can cook food or wash those dishes is super helpful when car-camping. 

Backpacking Essentials:

Some of ust’s gear is new and improved to conquer your time out in the backcountry. Carry the lightweight Highlander 2-person Backpacking Tent along with the Freestyle Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Mat to not have to sacrifice comfort with weight. And of course, you need an easy way to cook when you’re out there, so you will want to bring the Pack A Long Stove Kit with the Flexware Boil & Store Bags for easy cleanup. 

If you enjoy coffee, don’t forget to pack along the FlexWare Coffee Drip

Camping Kitchen Essentials:

ust Gear has made cooking at camp a breeze. With a collapsible sink, bamboo dinnerware, and soap to clean up with afterward, you are set to have a success story at camp. And of course, pair these camping kitchen essentials with the Pack A Long Camp Table listed above so you don’t need to hunch over when eating or doing the dishes. 

FlexWare Sink 2.0 | UST

FlexWare Sink 2.0

Bamboo Cutting Board 2.0 | UST

Bamboo Cutting Board 2.0

Survival Essentials:

Whether your are out in the backcountry, car camping in a unique spot or just day-hiking, we think you should always have these survival essentials with you on an outdoor adventure.

Like mentioned above, the Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp is one of my favorites and puts out so much light. I am also a huge fan of the BlastMatch Fire Starter. It is super easy to use with one hand and lasts up to 4,000 strikes. So this thing will last you plenty of campfires or flame ignites on your camp stove. 

Brila 580 Bual Power LED Headlamp

Jake using ust Gear's BlastMatch Fire Starter
Jake using ust Gear’s BlastMatch Fire Starter

Why We Love and Trust ust Gear:

the ust coffee pour over for camping and backpacking
ust Gear’s Collapsible Pour-Over Coffee Drip

We love their mission to inspire and cultivate people’s love for the outdoors as we 100% agree. We believe ust brand is making getting outdoors affordable without having to sacrifice quality. We love that they offer a large variety of outdoor gear to fellow adventurers. 

ust is always trying to create new innovative camping gear to get you outdoors in the most comfortable way. You will definitely want to stay tuned for what new gear they create next! 

Takeaway | ust Gear: Quality Outdoor Gear At An Affordable Price 

4 unpackaged items from ust laid out on the sand

ust is continuously trying to create new beautiful, elegant, and functional gear. Their wide variety of quality outdoor gear at an affordable price is unmatched to some of the other outdoor gear on the market. ust can be your one-stop shop to get out and explore the great outdoors. Whether you are car camping, backpacking or simply enjoying your backyard, there is a piece of gear that will help you enjoy nature. 

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