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Where To Buy A Used Campervan | Great Online Resources

You’re ready to join the #vanlife movement and purchase your own campervan for epic adventures and road trips. But you must be curious where to buy a used campervan?

We’ve got you covered with a list of many websites you can use to find a used campervan for sale. Whether you go with the classic craigslist search or use one of the more van-specific marketplaces, you are sure to find what you are looking for. And lucky for you, there are tons of campervans on the market these days. Use this guide for where to buy a used campervan. 

Ford Transit Campervan is one of the best vehicles to live in

In this guide, I will mainly be talking about campervans that are already built out and ready to be lived in right away. Which tends to drive the price up of the campervans, because the price includes all the modifications and labor costs. 

What is a pre-purchase inspection? And should you get one?

First, lets talk about pre-purchase inspections. We always suggest getting a pre-purchase inspection for all used vehicle purchases.

It usually costs around $100, and it could save you tons of money.

A pre-purchase inspection is where a mechanic generally looks over the whole vehicles body, frame and engine for any issues or damage. The mechanic will then give you a quote for the work that needs to be done to the vehicle.

This can help you drive down the asking price if there are any mechanical issues that need to be fixed. 

For example, Jake and I needed to get new tires ($400+), oil change ($90), ball joints ($1000), etc. So we were able to knock off about $1,300 from the asking price.  

Great Online Resources | Where To Buy A Used Campervan:


I would assume everyone’s heard of Craigslist by now. It is a great online resource for where to buy a used campervan. It is a peer marketplace, so the price tends to be more reasonable than a commercial company.

But buying a used campervan for sale from a website like this does come with some risks. 

The seller might leave out some mechanical issues that the car has, or simply might not know there are mechanical issues. That’s why especially with buying a used campervan for sale by owner you NEED a pre-purchase inspection.

If you are searching for a campervan on a budget, Craigslist is your best bet to find a good deal. As it is free for the advertiser and relatively easy to get in contact with the seller.

We suggest searching near your “home” location first for used campervans. But if you don’t strike gold on the first search, you could broaden your search radius or switch to a completely different city if you are willing to drive or fly to pick it up. 

Be weary of any campervans that seemed to be valued too low. That could be a scam. Don’t ever pay for anything before actually seeing it in person first. We suggest paying in a cashiers check or cash when buying anything from Craigslist. 

Shop Used Campervans On Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace was where we found our dream van “Delphie”. We feel we got a pretty good deal on our van since it already had an aftermarket fiberglass hightop which would allow us to stand up in our van. Which tends to cost an extra $4000 if you get it done afterwards.

Check Out Our DIY Van Conversion Tour On Youtube.

Facebook Marketplace is a great resource to find used campervans for sale. Simply just log into your Facebook account or if you don’t have one, create an account. Then head toward the marketplace to find all sorts of used campervans for sale. 

Keywords to type into the search bar on Facebook Marketplace would be: used campervan, van conversion, vanlife, camper van, etc. You can also turn on notifications for keywords, so if a new campervan is listed, Facebook will notify you. 

One thing I like about Facebook Marketplace is you can usually see if the person selling the car has a “real” account.

But do be careful when sharing personal information and when setting up a time to look at the vehicle.

Jake and I talked on the phone with the person just to make sure we got a good vibe before driving over to the sellers house (which was 6 hours from our home).

But it can be a great online resource to get a great deal on a campervan. 

Shop Used Campervans On Facebook Marketplace


Ebay is another resource for where to buy a used campervan. Ebay has been around for years and has success selling tons of used items.

And you can end up with a great deal on a campervan conversion because the method Ebay uses is to bid on the items. Therefore, if you aren’t competing with anyone for the campervan, you might get it for a relatively low price. 

But with that comes some flaws. Because you might not be able to get the camper van checked out by a mechanic beforehand for any mechanical issues. Which I think is really important when buying a used campervan.

It does seem like you can order an inspection from WeGoLook for $100, but it doesn’t cover a mechanical inspection. All it offers is up to 58 photos, VIN verification, damage verification, and photos of tire tread depth.

So if you are weary of it being a scam, this is a good option. But if the seller lets you get a pre-purchase inspection from a real mechanic, this route will give you much more peace of mind. 

So, do make sure when bidding that there is a way you can get the vehicle checked our first or that there is a grace period between picking up the vehicle and the payment going through. But overall, Ebay is another great online resource where you might be able to snag a great deal on a used campervan. 

Shop Used Campervans On Ebay

Conversion Trader:

Conversion Trader is a very user friendly place to buy a used campervan. When directed to their homepage, you can type in vehicle type, make and price range. Or use the search bar, if you have something specific you are looking for. 

Once you hit search it will give you at a quick glance the year, mileage, gas type and transmission. And when you find your dream van you can either email the seller or give them a call. Plus, you can even get general directions to where you would tentatively pick up the campervan. 

Another cool feature on Conversion Trader is you can find builders and services as well. So if you happen to find the perfect van but it still needs to be built out, you can find some quality builders right there. 

Shop Used Campervans On Conversion Trader

Vanlife Trader:

Vanlife Trader isn’t just for people looking for a place to buy a used campervan. They also have van rentals, van loans and van builders. But because you are on this post looking for where to buy a used campervan, you can just stick to the search feature.

Their website starts off very detailed with asking you for specific keywords, vehicle type, conversion status, vehicle make, number of seats, sleep capacity and price. So you will be set up for success from the start. But if you are unsure of a certain filter, you can just leave it blank and they will show you more campervan options to choose from. 

Once you put in your camper van preferences, you will find the page with all the used campervans for sale with details of the campervans year, mileage, gas type and whether it’s 2wd, 4×4 or awd. 

When you find your dream van, you can contact them via their message template, social media account or call them right from the listing. They will also give you a general location of where the vehicle resides. 

Shop Used Campervans On Vanlife Trader

The Van Camper:

The Van Camper is a newer website, as it was built in early 2020. But it was built to be user friendly and to help fellow travelers to travel responsibly after the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

When you open their website you will find a bunch of campervans for sale all over the U.S. But they have all different filters you can choose from to find campervans near your home city, price, mileage, year, etc. Along with more specific filters as how many the camper van can sleep, roof type, vehicle type, kitchen, fuel, amenities. Which makes it super easy to find your dream campervan. 

There’s no hidden fees either, so it’s very user friendly for both parties involved. When you find your perfect campervan, you can then message the seller directly. The Van Camper also has an app, so you can continuously search for that dream right from your cell phone. 

Shop Used Campervans On The Van Camper

Van Viewer:

Van Viewer is another marketplace to find used or slightly used campervans.

When you first land on their home page, you will be shown a grid of many different campervans for sale. The details will show you the make, model, year, location and price.

If you are looking for specific features, you can fill in the filters on the left hand side of the browser. You can even select the designer of the campervan whether you are looking for a custom build out or a more professional built out campervan.

There is even a map mode where you can see all the different locations the used campervans are sold.

If you find the campervan you desire amongst the list, then you can contact the seller via phone or email them through the website’s message template. 

Shop Used Campervans On Van Viewer

RV Trader:

Just as the title insinuates, RV Trader is more of a website for used RV’s. But if you are looking for a Class B RV which is essentially a “fancy” campervan, then you can find those here.

A class B type campervan is much better equipped for utilizing full-hookups at RV parks and campgrounds, if that is important to you. But do note that these types of used campervans are relatively expensive as they are generally built out professionally by commercial companies. 

But on the positive note, Class B RVs/campervans can usually be “fixed” at an RV mechanic shop. So if something breaks in the van such as electrical or the plumbing leaks, an RV mechanic can probably fix it. Whereas much of the other self-converted campervans are all made differently, so it might be much harder to fix little problems along the way. 

With your initial search, you will want to select Class B Motorhomes. Then, you can add in your zip code and the radius you are searching within. Then you will be shown all the camper van options with the price, make, mileage, brief description and whether it is a private seller or dealership.

If you find your dream campervan here, then you can contact them via phone or their message template right on the website. Or be directed to the dealerships website. You can even request additional photos or videos easily on their message template. 

Shop Used Campervans On RV Trader

Classic vans:

Classic Vans is known to be America’s #1 Conversion Van, Camper Van and Wheelchair Accessible Dealer.

These used campervans are also built out professionally which makes them easier to get fixed if you find a problem after purchasing or along your road trips. But with that comes a higher asking price. 

They also offer Nationwide Delivery, so if you find your perfect van but it is located across the country, no need to worry. 

After doing a quick search, many of their used campervans tend to have low mileage. So if you are looking for a lightly used van, this is a great resource for where to buy a used campervan. When searching for a used campervan, at a quick glance they provide you with the make, model, year, their price vs retail price, and mileage. 

If you find your dream van, you can click on inquiry and you can get in contact with the dealership.

Shop Used Campervans On Classic Vans

Cars For Sale:

‘Cars For Sale’ doesn’t exclusively sell camper vans, but they can sometimes be found on there. So use the search bar when trying to find campervans on this site.

We suggest typing “campervans for sale at cars for sale .com” into your browser (or click our link below). It will then direct you to the page where they have a list of campervans for sale. 

There tends to be more classic campervans or Euro style vans for sale via this site. But you might also find some other great options as well. So it’s worth a shot if you are looking for your perfect campervan. 

You can add more specific filters as to price range, mileage, year, transmission, engine, fuel type, etc. Once you enter your desired filters, and you find your ideal campervan, you can contact them via phone or email directly. 

To Shop Used Campervans On Cars For Sale

How To Buy A used Campervan interior

Before purchasing a used campervan, be sure to read our other post: How To Buy A Campervan For Sale By Owner to know what to look for when buying a used campervan. Such as insulation, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

Takeaway | Where To Buy A Used Campervan:

There are tons of great websites for you to find your dream tiny home on wheels. Some sites might be better than others depending on the exact type of campervan you are searching for.

So if you don’t find the perfect van on your first web search, keep going down the list, as I am sure you will find something you like within one of these sites. We hope this helps you find where to buy a used campervan! Happy Van Hunting! 

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