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Wild Zora Review | Best Healthy Backpacking Meals

Wild Zora on a backpacking trip

Looking for some healthy backpacking meals to take along on your next adventure? Then, Wild Zora is the answer to all your prayers. From instant soups, hot cereals, meat & veggies bars and easy paleo meals, Wild Zora has some great food for you! And the ingredients in each meal and bar are clean, simple and delicious. So let’s dive into this Wild Zora Review to find out what meals are best for you. 

We received promotional products from Wild Zora. But we retained complete editorial rights to the contents and opinions in this post. We are also frequent returning customers because we love their products.

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History of Wild Zora

All the Wild Zora products together with a green lush background

First, let’s introduce you to Wild Zora if you haven’t heard of their products. Wild Zora was established in Boulder, CO in 2014 by Zora and Josh, a couple from the Czech Republic. Zora was born and raised by farmers, so naturally, she enjoyed cooking with fresh ingredients right outside her backyard. 

The first products introduced to the public were the meat & veggie bars at the Fort Collins, CO farmers market. After people caught on to the deliciousness packed into these little bars, they eventually moved to a larger production facility in 2016. 

In 2018, Zora and Josh acquired their friend’s company, Paleo meals-to-go. Since then, they have continued to launch new products to the public (such as air-dried fruit, instant soups, grain-free hot cereals, raw honey-sticks, and more), and have created this thriving business as we know it today! 

Update: Wild Zora has since brought their products over to This line has all AIP (auto-immune protocol) products. The Fully Healthy webpage breaks down into AIP elimination products and AIP reintro products. There are tons of different brands that offer AIP food.

Pros & Cons Of Wild Zora

Emily holding the Chili Beef Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar

Before fully making your decision about these meals and bars, you gotta weigh the positives and negatives. So let’s dive in. 

Pros of Wild Zora

  • Healthy
  • Packed with protein
  • Clean Ingredients: No hormones, no antibiotics, no chemical preservatives
  • Minimally processed
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Every product is made in small batches (made by hand, by real people)
  • Family Run Business
  • Gluten Free
  • No added sugar
  • No dyes or sulfites added
  • Super easy & convenient to make (great for on-the-go)
  • Meat products are made from Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed, All-Natural, and Humanely Raised productions
  • Many meals can be eaten with hot or cold water (although hot is preferred)
  • Vegan options
  • Many nut-free options (anything made with nuts is made in a separate facility)
  • They package their product with the most recyclable commercial plastic available (polyethylene) to lower our environmental impact
  • Products are part of the AIP (auto-immune protocol) diet (aka anti-inflammatory diet)

As you can see, these products are about as legit as they come! Oh and they actually taste good too! 

Cons of Wild Zora

  • Expensive (a bit pricier than competitor backpacking meals)
  • One paleo meal bag per person (a lot of other backpacking meals are two servings)
  • High in sodium (only because they don’t use harmful preservatives & use sea salt to preserve meals)
  • Some customer reviews complain that the flavor is bland

Seriously, having a hard time finding a ton wrong with these products! 

Why We Love Wild Zora

Emily eating a Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar With the Tumalo Mountains in the background

First off, Wild Zora is family run by people who truly care about the quality of ingredients that go into their products. Everything is handmade and has no added preservatives. Each item they sell is packed with protein and healthy ingredients which is exactly what you need when you are hiking, backpacking or simply just looking for an easy meal to make at home. 

They basically cover every meal, whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. We especially like Wild Zora for our backpacking trips because right when you need that healthy-high protein meal to replenish your muscles, their Paleo Meals have you covered. After eating their meals, we actually feel good about what we ate, versus some other backpacking meals where you are like, “I might need to work this meal off tomorrow.”

The Paleo meals are freeze dried and then are packaged with an oxypack to reduce the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to 0.01%. Plus their Paleo meals just require 1.5 cups of boiled water, which you then add to the bag, so no extra clean-up is necessary. 

If you need a little pick me up during your hiking or backpacking adventure the meat & veggie bars are to die for. Dare I say it… I think they are better than Beef Jerky.

They are so tender and packed with deliciousness. These meat & veggies bars are made by hand, cooked to temp, also packaged with an oxypack and then are ready to be shipped out. They don’t have any added preservatives, so they typically only last 9 months, but once you taste these bars, they won’t last 9 months to begin with!

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Our Favorite Wild Zora Products:

Emily’s Favorite Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar

Jake holding the BBQ Beef Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar with Rialto Beach in the background

BBQ Beef

Jake’s Favorite Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar

Jake holding the Curry Turkey Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar with mountains in the background

Curry Turkey

Emily’s Favorite Wild Zora Backpacking Meal

Bedrock Beef Chili

Jake’s Favorite Wild Zora Backpacking Meal

Caldera Chicken Curry

They also sell a multi-pack of the meals so you can try out which flavor is your favorite!

The Ultimate Wild Zora Variety Pack

If you want to get a killer deal on some of the best healthy backpacking meals, consider this variety pack. It provides you with all of Wild Zora’s best meals. 

New Additions To The Wild Zora Product Line: 

Wild Zora is always creating new and delicious products for their customers to try. They have since added Quinoa Bowls and pre-packaged noodle soups. Both are perfect for on the go or for a quick lunch at home.

Takeaway | Wild Zora Review | Best Healthy Backpacking Meals:

Wild Zora Paleo Meal in a bear canister on a backpacking trip

As mentioned in the cons list above, the only hold up I truly see is the price. But you’re investing in your health by eating better on the trail.  You will be surprised how much better you will feel when you ditch those simple carbohydrate meals.

Jake and I usually tend to be a bit more on the frugal side, but I totally think Wild Zora is worth it for the quality nutrition. Plus they are always conscious of their environmental impact with their meats, veggies, fruits and even their packaging. 

I just truly think Wild Zora is a quality company that I am happy to support. We hope this Wild Zora Review of the Best Healthy Backpacking Meals, gives you all the information you need to give it a try!

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