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Best Waterfalls In St. Lucia

Diamond Falls

St. Lucia is a mountainous Caribbean island that has tons of beautiful waterfalls.  The island is known for its stunning Piton mountains, lush rainforests, and sandy beaches.  But the island’s mountainous interior gets lots of rain, creating many spectacular natural waterfalls.  Visiting some of the best waterfalls in St Lucia is a popular activity for tourists, but be prepared to pay a few fees here and there.  And some are cash only, so having some USD or ECD on hand is a good idea.  Whether you want to hike deep into the rainforest to a free hidden gem waterfall, or join a guided tour with easy access to some incredible waterfalls, this guide has them covered.

Diamond Falls (+ Botanical Garden & Mineral Baths)

Diamond Falls in St. Lucia.
Diamond Falls in St. Lucia.

The Diamond Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen in my life.  It’s known as the “most colorful” waterfall in the Caribbean. To see the waterfall you need to pay admission to the Diamond Botanical Gardens.  But it’s definitely one of the best things to do near Soufriere, and pricing is very reasonable.  (Adults: US$7 / EC$17.50, Children: Half Price)

It’s about a 10-minute walk on a paved path to see the falls.  But with your ticket, you also get access to the well-kept botanical gardens.  So most guests may spend around 30-45 minutes total.  There are often paid guides at the entrance offering their services.  The guides can offer loads of information about the local plants, but if you are just here for the waterfall, I would pass on a guide.

The colors at Diamond Falls are the result of minerals in the water.  Kaolinite, Quartz, and small quantities of Gypsum, Alunite, Pyrite, and Geotite help to create the vibrant waterfall backdrop.  The colors of the waterfall can change daily depending on the mineral that has the highest concentration. 

And lastly, the property is known for its therapeutic mineral soaking pools.  Water from the stream is fed into both private and public soaking tubs.  It costs a little bit extra to pay for the mineral pools but it can be a relaxing and restorative experience.  (Private Baths: US$7 – EC$17.50, Public Baths: US$6 – EC$15).  People who suffer from chronic rheumatism, sore joints and muscles can benefit from soaking in the mineral pools.  But do note, the baths can be extremely hot, up to around 115 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius).

Toraille Waterfall | Best Waterfalls In St. Lucia

Toraille Waterfall is one of the biggest and best waterfalls in St. Lucia.

This is the most popular destination waterfall in St. Lucia.  But it’s worth dealing with the crowds to experience one of the biggest and best waterfalls in St. Lucia.  The easy access makes it a popular stop for tour groups, so be aware that it can get crowded in an instant.  However the tour groups move through quickly, so if you just wait about 10-15 minutes they usually clear out as fast as they came.  Otherwise, I would recommend trying to go right when they open or just before close to enjoy a more peaceful time at the falls.

Jake and Emily at Toraille Falls in St. Lucia.
Jake and Emily at Toraille Falls in St. Lucia.

The cost to enter is US$3 per person (EC$8).  The waterfall is just past the entrance booth, so no hiking is required.  The waterfall plunges about 40 feet over a cliff edge into the plunge pool below.  Most visitors enjoy a quick “shower” under the powerful waterfall, (a popular way to clean off after visiting the mudbaths at Sulphur Springs).

Piton Falls (& Soaking Tubs)

Piton Falls and Mineral Baths.
Piton Falls and Mineral Baths.

Though one of the smaller waterfalls on the list, Piton Falls is a serene place to take a dip (or some Instagram-worthy photos).  Located right at the base of Petit Piton, the geothermally heated water pours right over Piton Falls into mineral baths.  The pools are man-made, but they blend nicely with the natural waterfall and lush vegetation.  All the pools are hot, probably all around 100F degrees (37C).  So in the tropical climate, perhaps a little hot especially in the middle of the day.  But we found the larger pool under the falls to be a bit cooler, and fine for 20-30 minutes of soaking.

There is an entry booth that charges $3 USD ($7.50 EC) for adults, and $1.50 USD ($3.75 EC) for children under 12.  From there, you hike the short trail down to Piton falls and the mineral baths (about 7 minutes).  The trail is well maintained with stairs for all the steeper parts.  You can probably do it in sandals, to be honest, but be aware that it can be muddy and slippery.

There is a very rustic changing room right by the falls if you want to bring a change of clothes.  Otherwise, just bring a towel.

The mineral pools at Piton Falls.
The mineral pools at Piton Falls.

These secluded mineral baths surrounded by nature are one of our favorite off-the-beaten-path attractions in St. Lucia.  Luckily, the big tours don’t come through here, but if a few other groups are there, it may start to feel overcrowded quickly.  So if it’s peaceful solitude you are after, I would consider going early or late in the day.

En Bas Saut Falls

En Bas Saut Waterfall in St. Lucia.
En Bas Saut Waterfall in St. Lucia.

This is one of the more adventurous waterfalls in St. Lucia.  En Bas Saut Falls is in the rainforest interior, and the drive to get there is an adventure in itself.  But there is no admission fee, unless some local convinces you to pay for their unofficial guiding.

The hike to the falls is pretty short (1.5 miles, 2.2km round-trip) but it is steep and often muddy.  The drive to the trailhead requires driving off-road, where high clearance is needed, and 4×4 is recommended.

Swimming in the plunge pool below En Bas Saut Falls.
Swimming in the plunge pool below En Bas Saut Falls.

We didn’t see another person the whole time, which made this waterfall feel the most secluded.  The waterfall has a plunge pool at the bottom that is perfect for a refreshing swim in the cool water.  If you are serious about doing this hike, I urge you to read my entire post about this waterfall to be well prepared.

Belle Vue Falls

Belle Vue Falls is one of the best waterfalls in St. Lucia.  It’s located on the southeastern side of the island near the town of Belle Vue. This is close to Vieux-Fort, and Eau-Piquant.  So if you are staying in that corner of the island, it will be especially convenient.  Otherwise, it will be quite a long drive from Castries or Soufriere (the reason we didn’t make it to this one).  It’s tricky to find much information about this one, but this blog post covers it pretty well.

Sault Falls (Errard Falls)

Located near the town of Dennery on the east coast of St. Lucia, Sault falls is another spectacular waterfall.  Also sometimes called Dennery Falls or Errard Falls, it is one of the biggest on the island, falling about 55 ft over a giant cliff. The hike is easy and takes about 5 minutes each way.  But as with most hikes in St. Lucia, prepare for muddy and slippery conditions.

Don’t try to locate Saut Falls with the Google Maps pin because it’s way off.  If you instead navigate to Treetop Adventure Park, it’s about a half mile past that on the left.  This waterfall will be a little bit harder to get to for most tourists. There are very few accommodations near Dennery, so it will likely be about a 45-90 minute drive depending on where you are staying.

Conclusion | Best Waterfalls In St. Lucia

The Two Roaming Souls swimming under Toraille Falls in St. Lucia.

A trip to St. Lucia can’t be complete without visiting some of the amazing waterfalls.  The variety of incredible waterfalls are sure to have you appreciating this mountainous Caribbean island. Emily and I rented a car so we could explore the island’s many attractions, but there are lots of ways to get around St. Lucia.

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Best Waterfalls in St. Lucia
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