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Best Websites To Find Quality Camping Gear

Looking for great websites to find quality camping gear? Lucky for you there are tons of great websites where you can find a wide range of camping gear to suit all your camping needs. Some websites might be more niche for certain items versus some larger websites that might have it all in one spot. 

One perk for sticking with one particular website to find quality camping gear is they have reward programs, memberships or a point system which can help get you cash back or points toward free gear. Plus they often offer extra discount codes or exclusive sneak peaks for new gear. Let’s dive into the best websites to find quality camping gear. 

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REI is your best one-stop shop when it comes to camping gear. They literally sell everything you could possibly need for any camping adventure. Whether it be car camping, backpacking, glamping, etc. Plus, REI chooses the products they allow in their store wisely when it comes to quality gear. Therefore, I feel you can buy things with confidence for a successful camping trip.

REI also has their own brand of quality gear which tends to be priced just below other comparable quality brands. So if you don’t need a specific brand, then the REI Co-Op brand can be exactly what you need to find quality camping gear. They sell anything from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothing, camping accessories, and more.

One of the even better parts about REI is they also offer the REI Outlet where you can get a killer deal on previous year’s models and products. However, Outlet purchases do not count towards you member dividend. Or the REI used gear website where you can shop used gear that is still in great condition. 

I think the biggest perk to REI is they have so many physical stores located around the U.S. as well as an awesome online platform that is easy to use. Thus, you can buy things physically in-store or choose to order online. Which also makes it super easy to return/exchange any items or use their great warranty program. Plus sometimes it’s just nice to try on clothes and shoes, or physically see & feel the quality camping gear. That way you know it is going to hold up to your standard of quality. 

REI Rewards Program: REI has a lifetime membership for a one-time purchase of $30. With the membership, you get 10% cashback on all eligible purchases,  free standard shipping, 20% off shop services and more. Join REI’s Membership today


Backcountry is another one-stop shop when it comes to the best websites to find quality camping gear. 

They also have three different brands that are exclusive brands to Backcountry. The three exclusive brands are: Backcountry, Stoic, and Basin + Range. Stoic is the brand that will have most of the items geared toward camping. Their exclusive brands also tend to be priced just under market price of other quality camping gear. They sell anything from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothing, camping accessories, and more. 

Plus on top of having their own brands, they also carry many other quality brands, so you are sure to find whatever quality camping gear you need all in one place. 

Don’t forget to check out their Sale Page to find great deals on old models and products, or closeout deals.  The one downfall is there are only 5 retail stores in the U.S., so everything is basically done online unless you live near a retail store. 

Backcountry Rewards Program: Backcountry has a reward program called Expedition Perks. For every 500 points you earn, you get $5 of rewards. Plus you get 2x points on the 3 Backcountry brands listed above. There are also different tiers the more money you spend. Which in return will give you bigger coupons and more exclusive member deals. Join Backcountry’s Expedition Perks Program today. 

The Clymb:

The Clymb is not only a website that sells quality camping gear, they also sell travel packages. And not your average luxury travel packages, but immersive guided travel that includes hiking & camping. They take the hard part out of finding where to camp, getting the permit, and then set you up with a guide that can give you the best experience possible. 

Once you find the perfect place to travel to, then it’s time to set yourself up with some quality camping gear. 

The one catch is that you have to sign up for a membership in order to unlock the deals or even to see the prices. Otherwise, the website doesn’t really have a purpose for you. But the membership is free. With the membership, you can typically save between 50-70% off retail prices. 

Personally, this isn’t my favorite website to find quality outdoor gear. There a definitely deals to be had, but I often struggle to find a deal that also has my preferred size and color in stock. But with a little persistence, Jake has definitely found some good deals on great camping gear on The Clymb.

The Clymb doesn’t have any physical locations, so everything is done online via their website.

The Clymb Rewards Program: The Clymb does have a reward program called Clymb+. Clymb+ costs $4.99 per month which is billed at the annual rate of $59.88. Some benefits of Clymb+ are you can save 15% off every order, get 5% store credit annually on qualifying purchases and free returns. Plus a $100 annual travel voucher for any adventure on their website. Sign up for Clymb+ today. 


Moosejaw is another great website to shop for some quality camping gear and snag a great deal. They have everything you could possibly need for any camping excursion and many different brands to choose from. Moosejaw does carry their own brand but it is for clothing, so unless you are in the market for some apparel, their own brand won’t provide you with the camping gear you need. 

Plus Moosejaw has 12 retail locations, making it convenient if you want to physically shop in-store, or return/exchange anything.

Moosejaw Rewards Program: Moosejaw has a reward program where you get up to 10% cashback on qualifying purchases. The program is free. The cashback comes in the form of Moosejaw dollars (MJ$) to use anywhere in their store or online. The MJ$ must be used within 2 years. 

And the more you spend, there are different tiers of reward programs perks in their High Altitude Rewards Program you can work up to. Ultimately you just get higher percentages off on products and get exclusive access to private promotions, early access to key sales promotions, key shipping benefits, an annual gift, VIP phone support, and free shipping on returns. Join Moosejaw’s Reward Program today. 


Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills

Sierra is one of the best websites to find quality camping gear at a fraction of market price. It is a sister company to TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and Home Sense. Sierra is their branch for outdoor gear specifically. While you won’t find every camping brand under the sun, you will find camping gear at a discount. Therefore, I love this website when I want or need to save a few bucks. And that is not to say they don’t have quality gear, it just means it might not be the latest technology or style. Although, you might need to be a bit more particular when choosing each product.

Sierra is a great website to shop if you are just starting out to see if camping is more than just a sporadic hobby. Sierra does provide a decent selection to cover just about everything you need for camping gear, but it might not have everything you want/need in quality. If you like to have a selection of many different brands to choose from for each item, then Sierra might not be the best website to build up your whole camping setup. 

Sierra Rewards Program: Sierra doesn’t exactly have a rewards program, rather a credit card you can apply for that can give you great deals and cashback. Once you apply for the credit card, you will get 10% off your first purchase. For additional purchases using the card you can earn 5% cashback rewards. And additionally, receive invites to private exclusive shopping events. 


Let me just start off with, I love Evo. Evo has a wide selection of quality brands and you can also get a killer deal. They might not have every brand under the sun like some of the other websites listed above, but they do have a good selection of different product makes and models to choose from when it comes to quality camping gear. 

Evo Rewards Program: I’d say the biggest downfall comparing all these best websites to find quality camping gear is there is no special reward program for Evo. But it almost doesn’t matter because their prices are so competitive to begin with. They do offer 15% off when you sign up for their email newsletter. And then you will additionally receive the latest Evo deals, tips, and news! But ultimately, they do offer the lowest price guarantee. Meaning, that if you do find a product that happens to be more expensive than a different website, they will price match and give an additional 5% off. 

Outdoor Gear Exchange:

Outdoor Gear Exchange is a great website to buy camping gear if you are looking for a specific item or just have an open mind of what products you want. Contrary to the name, all their gear and clothing is brand new. Unless you live near Burlington, VT where you can find their in-store consignment shop.  

Outdoor Gear Exchange does have a good selection of quality camping gear brands, but a little bit more limited selection compared to a few other websites on this list. Therefore, it’s worth checking out this website to find great deals on items, but you might not find everything you need in a one-stop shop. 

Outdoor Gear Exchange Rewards Program: Outdoor Gear Exchange does not have a rewards program. Although, they do have a price match guarantee. 

Steep & Cheap:

Steep & Cheap is a branch of Backcountry. It is basically Backcountry’s Outlet store where you can find heavily discounted camping gear. They have camping gear for a limited-time, and a limited-quantity. So if you are planning to shop around, you might lose a killer deal you see. Our best suggestion if you plan to use Steep & Cheap is to find the camping gear you want and see if they have a deal on some of the items. Or simply just use the website as you are ready to buy if you find a deal that suits your needs. 

Steep & Cheap Rewards Program: Steep & Cheap doesn’t have a rewards program. Rather their website is designed to give you a great deal from the start. And they do price match guarantee if you find a better deal elsewhere. They also have an email newsletter that occasionally gives coupon codes to snag an extra percentage off an already great deal. 


beginners guide to backpacking

CampSaver is basically another website that well, helps you save money on camping gear, like it says in the name. Their website prides itself on only choosing high-quality camping gear they use themselves and providing items up to 87% off. 

Additionally, they also have an outlet store and a shed. The outlet store has discounted items even more heavily discounted. And the shed has items where either their box was already opened, demo products, or a vendor sample. But all the products are as good as new. 

CampSaver Reward Program: CampSaver has a reward program where you can make 5% cash back on full-priced items. You can then use the rewards on your next purchase. They also have bonus rewards on select items. And you can refer a friend and earn $20 to use on your next CampSaver purchase.

Campingmaxx - Consistently the Lowest Price!

Campingmaxx has some great deals on quality camping gear. While I can’t say this is my absolute favorite website to use to find camping gear, you might be able to find just what you need. I find the website a little out of date and harder to use than some of the other websites listed above. But ultimately, it is another website to find quality camping gear. 

Campingmaxx Rewards Program: Campingmaxx doesn’t have a rewards program, but they do have an email sign-up where they offer weekly deals up to 75% off. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Dick’s Sporting Good is better known for its physical store locations as they are in many malls. But they also do have a great online store. Dick Sporting Goods carries many quality brands, but they do have less, small niche companies that say maybe REI or Backcountry might carry. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods Reward Program: Dick’s does have a rewards program called Score Card. Basically, every dollar you spend equals one point. When you reach 300 points, you get a $10 reward. Additionally, you can get insider exclusive deals. The membership is free to join. 

Bass Pro Shop:

Similar to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop is also one of the websites to find quality camping gear. They are more well known for their department stores, but also have a decent online store where you can find camping gear. I would say they gear more toward hunting and fishing, but ultimately they carry the gear you might need. So you might not get the technical gear or brands that some of the other websites offer but you will find quality camping gear on their website.

Bass Pro Shop Rewards Program: Bass Pro Shop’s Reward Program is a credit card that will get you $40 in club points when you sign up. With additional purchases at Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s, you will get 2x points. And 1% points on all other purchases. 


Just like stated above about Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s also has a great assortment of camping gear you need for your next adventure. They are generally more geared toward hunting and fishing, but that definitely doesn’t mean they don’t have the camping gear you might need. 

Cabela’s Rewards Program: Cabela’s Reward Program is the same as Bass Pro Shop as their companies combined in 2020. 


Again, similarly to Dick’s, Bass Pro Shop & Cabela’s, Scheels also has it all. From sporting goods to camping gear. And because they are a sporting goods store, they do have everything, you may need for a camping expedition, but maybe not as big of a variety as REI or Backcountry which are more geared toward camping, hiking and similar outdoor activities. But, they will pretty much provide everything you would possibly need for a great camping adventure. 

Scheels Rewards Program: Scheels doesn’t have a free reward program, but rather a Visa card you can apply for. When shopping at Scheels and you use this credit card you get 3 points per $1 spent. and 1 point per $1 spent elsewhere. Additionally, they offer a $25 gift card for every 2500 points. They also have a sign up bonus when you apply. For example, at the moment when you sign up, you get a $70 E-gift card to use at Scheels. 


Photo by Nathan Shipps on Unsplash

Coleman is a quality camping brand that has been around for many years! Since the 1900’s to be exact. They sell just about everything you could possibly need for any camping expedition. From lighting, tents, sleeping bags, stoves, the and more. 

Coleman Rewards Program: Coleman does not have a rewards program. But if you sign up for their email list, you can receive a 15% off coupon. 


Just like their brand name, you can camp more when you shop with Campmor. 😉 Their website provides many different brands for quality camping gear options. Don’t forget to also check out their deals page for additional savings. 

Campmor Rewards Program: Campmor has a unique rewards program. It is free to join, and you can get points for either writing a review, subscribing to their social media platforms, 2x points on your birthday and more. Most importantly, you will receive 1 point for every $1 you spend with Campmor.


I’m sure you know all about Amazon and they basically have a product for absolutely everything you would possibly need. Even when it comes to camping gear. While they definitely have a selection of some quality brands to choose from on their website, they also do carry their AmazonBasics brand of camping gear. Can’t totally vouch for the quality of the products, but like most Amazon products, they come at a discounted price compared to other gear. Plus, you can always find other quality brands on their platform. And well their 2-day shipping sometimes can’t be beat. Especially if you have a camping trip planned very soon. 


Honestly, Walmart has some great camping gear to choose from. I can’t totally speak up for the longevity of the gear, but Jake and I have had some Ozark Trail gear that has suited us well on our camping adventures. So if you are in need of some less expensive camping gear to get you started, Walmart can be a good start. Walmart definitely has a better in-store experience compared to their online platform. But if you don’t live near a Walmart or would just rather order things online, you can find most of what you need when it comes to camping gear.

Sometimes The Best Websites To Find Quality Camping Gear Is With A Specific Brand:

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

You can also shop specifically for the brand you want on their website. Which is sometimes the best way to make sure you get what you want, specific warranties for certain products and a direct customer service platform for any issues you might encounter. And you’d hope the quantities on the brands website are always more abundant than other websites. But many of these brands specialize in specific products, making it more challenging to get all the camping gear you need in one go. 

Big Agnes:

Big Agnes is one of our favorite brands when it comes to backpacking gear (especially ultra light gear). We have the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 Tent, which is perfect for any backpacking adventure. We also both have a Big Agnes Sleeping Pad, and I can vouch they are very comfortable when you are miles from your own bed! Big Agnes sells everything from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacking and some camping furniture. What you won’t find is the camping kitchen essentials you need. Shop Big Agnes Here

NEMO Equipment:

Nemo also has a great selection of quality camping gear from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and some camping furniture. Shop Nemo Equipment Here


MSR has a great selection of tents for every category whether you’re car-camping, backpacking, and more. Additionally, you will find camp stoves, camping pots and pans, and cookware. But, what you won’t find is brand-specific sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Shop MSR Here

UST Gear:

UST Gear I find as a quality brand that is more affordable to comparable quality brands. We even wrote a whole review about UST gear. And they have just about everything you could possibly need on their website. Including the camping basics, camping kitchen gear, tools, lighting, and more. Shop UST Gear Here


Marmot is my favorite brand for sleeping bags. I personally have the Marmot Ouray 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag and I am absolutely in love! They also carry quality tents, backpacks, and clothing. But what they lack is the camping kitchen essentials. Shop Marmot Here


Klymit has a go-to camping selection for tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and other camping accessories. And their gear is lightweight, so if you are also trying to get into backpacking, then Klymit can be just the brand to get you there. Shop Klymit Here


Kelty is a quality brand that is perfect for starting out with the necessary camping gear. Jake and I have a Kelty tent and Kelty Backpacking Packs. While neither can claim to be ultra-light, they did get us into backpacking and checking out epic scenery. Kelty has a great selection of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and other camping accessories. But lacks the camping kitchen essentials you might need. Shop Kelty Here

The North Face:

The North Face is another very popular brand for outdoor recreational sports. On their website, you can find their brand-specific tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and of course, apparel. The North Face repeatedly has some of the best camping gear on the market today, but their price often reflects that. Shop The North Face Here


Therm-a-Rest definitely excels in the sleeping department when it comes to camping gear. They make great sleeping bags and sleeping pads. As well as blankets. Therefore, as stated above, you will need to shop elsewhere for other camping gear essentials. Shop Therm-a-Rest Here

Sea to Summit:

Sea to Summit does it all. So if you are looking for a brand that has a one-stop shop, then, Sea To Summit has you covered. Even soaps & stuff sacks. Shop Sea to Summit Here

ALPS Mountaineering:

ALPS Mountaineering will set you up with everything from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, camping furniture, and more. Plus their gear is pretty affordable compared to some other brands on the list. Shop ALPS Mountaineering Here

Mountain Hardwear:

Mountain Hardwear has your back when it comes to quality tents, sleeping bags, or apparel. But they do lack in getting your whole camping gear set up in one place. Shop Mountain Hardwear Here


Eureka is another one of the best websites to find quality camping gear because it is a one-stop shop. You will find most of the camping gear you need all in one stop. Plus their prices are pretty competitive compared to some of these other brands! Shop Eureka Here

Outdoor Vitals:

Outdoor Vitals is your go-to shop for ultralight backpacking gear that doesn’t tack on an extra hefty price tag. What they excel in are sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks. Shop Outdoor Vitals Here

Literally, the list could go on and on, from Eddie Bauer, Black Diamond, L.L. Bean, etc . These are just some of our favorite brands and what we find to fall under quality camping gear. 

Takeaway | Best Website To Find Quality Camping Gear

Jake and Emily sitting at a campfire on a backpacking trip

Overall, my favorite websites to find quality camping gear are REI, Backcountry, Evo, and Moosejaw. Or if I have a specific brand in mind, then I might also just visit the site first-hand. After years of sourcing gear, I put together the ultimate list of the best websites to find quality camping gear. While I’m certain I missed some other great websites, these are our favorites to find some great camping gear with amazing deals. So I hope this guide helps and we see you out there enjoying the outdoors with your new camping gear! 🙂

Check out some of our personal favorite items: Quality Camping Gear Here!

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