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Campervan Storage Hacks | How To Maximize A Small Space

Looking for some awesome campervan storage hacks to save on your very limited, yet valuable living space? This guide shares tons of easy ways to help you save space in your campervan and how to maximize a small living space.

In the cozy confines of a camper van, every inch of space counts, and optimizing storage is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned van lifer looking to revamp your space or a curious traveler contemplating your first conversion, we’ve got a treasure trove of camper van storage ideas waiting for you.

Whether it be collapsible Tupperware, external storage, or hidden compartments to smartly designed shelving, there are tips in here for everyone. Some of these we personally use or are ideas we’ve learned from other vanlifers along our travels. But we know firsthand how valuable every nook & cranny can be in your campervan.

So let’s dive into these awesome campervan storage hacks. 

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Collapsible Tupperware:

Collapsible Tupperware containers are one of the best campervan accessories, especially for saving space. They lie flat in your cabinet or drawer when not in use and can pop up for plenty of extra storage when needed. I personally think collapsible Tupperware is perfect for vanlife instead of having a bunch of random rigid containers. 

You might also consider reusable storage bags to furthermore maximize a small space. 

Slide Out Table or Lagun Table:

a slide out table from under our bed in our van, which is one of the best campervan storage ideas
Working in the van

Slide-out tables and Lagun tables is one of the greatest campervan storage ideas. They can be tucked away when not in use. Or can easily be set up as a place to eat or a working station when needed. They are one of the best ways to maximize a small space.

Slide Out Tables

Jake and I have a slide-out table that slides under our bed when not in use. This option is great for people who have a stationary bed or somewhere they can slide the table back in when not in use.

Jake engineered a budget-friendly table slide, by just mounting plastic wheels side up in our “garage”. When the table is slid out, it slides into a slot in our kitchen counter frame for support (Pictured above). And of course, we have a lock (barrel bolt) for when we are driving our van to prevent the table from sliding out. This way the table can slide out easily when we want to use it or be stowed away.

Another common technique is to use heavy-duty drawer slides mounted on the sides of the table.

I’ve also seen many van builds that have a slide-out table from the rear of their van so they can comfortably cook outside. Other ideas are to have the table be part of your kitchenette and have it slide straight out.  

Lagun Tables

If you have a convertible camper van build then a Lagun table will probably work best for you. Lagun tables are usually mounted via a hole in the floor or attached to the side of a cabinet or wall. The table is often detachable and can swivel for different uses inside your campervan.

Lagun USA, is a great company to get a Lagun table mount system. They provide all the necessary equipment to build out your own removable table mount, but they do not provide the table themselves. Therefore, you will additionally need to either purchase a tabletop or DIY your own. 

I’ve seen many people use their table for part of their bed platform. So you can have a table up during the day and easily stow it away as part of the bed conversion at night.

I’ve encountered numerous van builds featuring a Lagun table up front, adjacent to the driver and passenger seats, effectively eliminating the need for extra chairs. The Lagun table mount offers diverse possibilities for customization and functionality.

Amazon has a few budget options for Lagun Tables, but I can’t find one to strongly recommend because none seem to have great reviews. If you are more on a budget or enjoy DIY projects, follow this van dwellers DIY Lagun style table guide

Fold-Down Tables:

a slide out kitchen from a smaller camper, which is one of the best campervan storage ideas
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Another space-saving table style for campervans is the fold-down table. Commonly used outdoors, it’s handy when your van’s door is open. If you have a kitchenette or bench, this table optimizes space and can be neatly stored when the doors close.

But really a fold-down table can work anywhere in your van that has wall space to properly mount it. Here is a great DIY tutorial to make a fold-down table in your campervan. 

Cargo Boxes:

a campervan with a cargo roof box which is one of the ultimate campervan storage ideas to maximize space

One of the easiest campervan storage ideas is to add a cargo roof box on the outside of your campervan. It’s simply one of the best ways to maximize a small space.

This has allowed Jake and I to have tons more storage in our campervan. It’s where we keep our inflatable kayak, foam roller, winter boots, Kan Jam, extra wood, skimboard, skateboard, recovery traction boards, etc. 

There are a few different external cargo options that can help optimize the amount of space you have for storage in your campervan.

Jake and I have a Yakima Skybox that is attached to our roof rack on our fiberglass hightop. If you have a fiberglass hightop, check out our guide for how to attach a cargo box on a fiberglass hightop roof

Another idea is to attach a Folding Cargo Rack Rear Luggage Basket to the exterior of your vehicle. This offers extra storage on the rear of your vehicle. The drawback to this option is things need to be tied down with bungee cords so they don’t fly off.

Also, the items are not usually locked away in a secured box, making them vulnerable to being stolen and aren’t protected from the elements. This option is best for temporary storage or non-valuable items. 

Therefore, if you want a more permanent external storage container added to the rear of your campervan, consider adding an aluminum storage box to the back of the van. One drawback of these boxes is they might stick out far off the rear of your van. Which in turn can make it harder to fit into one parking spot.

Also, they could make opening and closing the back doors to your campervan difficult.  But these external storage boxes are a much more protective campervan storage hack if you want to keep your valuables locked up and safe. 

Hanging Storage Containers:

Another campervan storage idea is to have hanging storage containers under your cabinets. Attach small spice containers to create extra room within your cabinet. This trick enhances storage while adding a touch of style to your space.

Another idea is to attach mason jar lids under the kitchen cabinets which can really add a nice aesthetic. I’ve often seen hanging glass mason jars, but you can also use plastic jars so it’s more vanlife friendly. 

Many people will hold their bulk items, such as oatmeal, pasta, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc in the mason jars. Plus it adds easy access to these items, rather than having to dig deep into the back of your overhead cabinets.

Fruit & Veggie Hammock:

the easy installation of a fruit hammock is one of the best campervan storage ideas

One of our favorite camper van storage ideas is to add a fruit hammock. Instead of having your fruit and veggies taking up valuable space in your overhead cabinets, hang them below your overhead cabinets. Additionally, adequate airflow is essential to prevent mold in most fruits and vegetables.

Fruit hammocks are a super-easy way to save space in your campervan. Simply hang it under an upper cabinet and it can add a fun aesthetic while allowing extra cabinet storage space in your campervan.

Shoe Rack Organizer: 

Emily hanging out in our fiberglass hightop van in Yosemite National Park
Using a shoe rack organizer on our back door

One of our favorite campervan storage hacks in vanlife is by adding a shoe rack organizer. Attach this to the back of a passenger seat or rear doors to have extra storage. There are also designated organizers for vehicles that attach to the back of a headrest. 

Jake and I have one behind the passenger door and also one on the back of our rear door. We not only keep shoes in here, but also sunscreen, bug spray, headlamps, or really anything that we might need easily accessible. 

Over The Cabinet Door Storage Containers:

Another very similar campervan storage idea is to have over the cabinet storage containers. If your cabinets aren’t filled to the brim then these can be attached to the back of most doors to maximize a small space. 

Or you can add a trash can to the back or front of your cabinet door to maximize a small space. 

Paper Towel Holder:

One of the easiest campervan storage hacks is a paper towel holder. This method eliminates the need to store a bulky paper towel roll in a cabinet or risk misplacing it while stowing.

There are tons of different styles to choose from, but we got one that attaches to the bottom of our overhead cabinet. Just find the best attachment for your campervan kitchen setup.

Space Saver Bags:

Space saver bags are one of the best campervan storage hacks. These bags can almost shrink to half their size. So if you are carrying around clothing for all seasons, or need to store extra blankets, etc, these bags can be a huge lifesaver for extra space in your campervan. 

I will note that they don’t always work perfectly in a camper van. Where we keep them in our “gearage” they probably got punctured by some poorly sanded wood. 

Or it could be the changes in elevation that cause the space bags to “leak”. But we often just suck out the air to fit it into another bag (such as our backpacking packs). Which is then stowed away under our bed, so ultimately it helps preserve space.

You can also use a similar approach with packing cubes.

Magnetic Spice Rack Or Elevated Spice Rack:

Spice Rack is one of the things we added to our campervan after completion, which is one of the best campervan storage ideas
Spice Rack is one of the things we added to our campervan after completion

You wouldn’t think it, but even having a bunch of spice bottles in your cabinet can add up really fast. Upon moving into our campervan, Jake and I dedicated half of a cabinet to spices.

But we came up with a very easy DIY project with extra wood from our build. We added an elevated rack in our cabinet that would allow for spices to sit up higher in our cabinet and not take up valuable cabinet space. 

But personally one of the better ideas would be Magnet Spice Jars that can attach to your fridge or magnetic board. Unfortunately, our fridge door isn’t magnetic, so we had to pivot to a different idea. But one of the ultimate campervan storage hacks is to have your spices attached to your fridge door or a magnetic strip. 

Coat Hooks:

Another super simple campervan storage hack is to add coat hooks around your campervan. This method allows easy hanging of jackets, purses, and more. They stay accessible without cluttering closets or drawers.

Extra Space Under Drawers or Driver/Passenger Seats: 

One place vanlifers might overlook when it comes to extra storage is under drawers or the driver and passenger seats. This is optimal storage space in a campervan.

For example, Jake and I have a little drawer under our fridge that can fully pull out and has about 3+ inches of extra storage. While we don’t store daily essentials there, it’s perfect for manuals, cleaning supplies, random building materials, etc

Furthermore, we stash a selection of our shoes beneath the driver and passenger seats. This makes them readily accessible while staying clear of the doorway. This is the best way to maximize a small space and use every nook and cranny in your campervan.

Or if you have a bench seat in your van, this is the perfect place to store items.

Magnetic Strips:

While you might often see magnetic strips used as a knife holder in a campervan, Jake and I just can’t see how that is a good idea in vanlife. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be super useful for anything else metal in your campervan.

We think a great campervan storage idea is to use a magnetic strip for other kitchen utensils, chip clips, bottle openers, etc.

Our suggestion is that loose knives in your campervan should ideally find a home in a locked drawer, ensuring safety in unforeseen situations. No one wants loose knives to be flying around!

But I think magnetic strips can be a great campervan storage hack and help maximize a small space. 

You could also use this as your spice rack instead of attaching the magnetic spice lids to your refrigerator. 

Extra Thin Hangers: 

For those of you that have closets, one of the greatest unknown campervan storage ideas is to have extra thin hangers. This will allow you to fit a few more items into your closet. 


Velcro can be an easy way to incorporate more storage space in your campervan. Many vanlifers will add velcro to their countertop to hold items down during transportation. Take plants, storage containers, art decor, and knick-knacks, for instance – these items might require securing while driving.

But I will note that velcro isn’t always the strongest adhesive, especially down bumpy dirt roads.

Or velcro may not perform optimally in high temperatures due to its sensitivity to heat. Excessive heat can weaken the adhesive properties of Velcro, causing it to lose its grip and effectiveness over time.

In hot environments, the adhesive backing might soften, leading to items becoming dislodged or falling off. Therefore, while Velcro can be a convenient storage solution in many situations, it’s important to consider its limitations in heat-prone conditions.

Therefore, I wouldn’t place any velcro on windows or where sun exposure is high.

Sink Cover:

To optimize the limited counter space in your campervan, one of the best campervan storage ideas involves integrating a sink cover into your kitchen area.

It comes in super handy when you need that extra space to chop veggies for dinner or when working on a project and your counter space is limited.

If you’re reading this before you start your campervan DIY project, think about keeping a piece of your countertop to use as a cover for your sink. Another option is to find a secondhand sink cover that fits.

And for extra creativity, it can double as a cutting board!

Takeaway | Campervan Storage Hacks:

Making the most of your storage in vanlife is a big deal, especially in such tight quarters. We trust that these top campervan storage ideas we’ve shared will be practical and simple to integrate into your van conversion.

From ingenious ways to organize kitchen essentials to creating hidden nooks for personal items, we’ve explored a myriad of camper van storage ideas that can transform the way you experience life on the road.

Embracing these campervan storage hacks not only declutters your living space but also opens up new avenues for comfort and convenience. Remember, a well-organized camper van isn’t just about tidiness—it’s about enhancing your travel experience, giving you more time to focus on the open road and the breathtaking destinations that lie ahead.

Recognizing the real worth of space in a campervan, we encourage you to adopt as many space-saving strategies as possible to get the most out of your compact area. Heck, if you follow all of these campervan storage ideas, you might even think your tiny home has too much room!

Wishing you happy and enjoyable times in your campervan adventures!

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