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Epic Day Trip Through Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, UT is a park that everyone should add to their bucket list. We had been through the area, from past trips to Zion National Park or on our way to Lake Powell. But we never had quite enough time to check out this tremendous State Park…. until now!

The views within the park are so unreal. Along this travel guide we will show you how to have an Epic Day Trip Through Snow Canyon State Park. 

Emily sitting in a crazy creek chair taking in the beautiful red and white wall at Snow Canyon State Park

The Park covers 7,400 acres in the Red Cliff Desert Reserve. And home to the Desert Tortoise. So keep a look out for those guys while out on the roads and trails. 

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Snow Canyon Entrance Fee:

The fee to enter the park is $15 for non-residents and $10 for Utah residents. 

Don’t forget to pack along these Road Trip Essentials!

Butterfly, Lava Flow Tubes & West Canyon Road Loop:

Snow Canyon State Park
Butterfly Trail in Snow Canyon State Park

First stop on the epic day trip through Snow Canyon State Park is an awesome loop hike that brings you to all different views along the trail. And it will give you a great feel for the true beauty of the park by combining several different trails into a manageable loop.

The butterfly trail meanders along beautiful red rocks. You will notice a larger mound of rocks (pictured above) in the distance, where you can climb up top to get a beautiful view higher up of the park. 

Lava Flow in Snow Canyon State Park
Lava Flow

Next, you will come along unique lava flow tubes, which are from old volcanic activity that happened over 27,000 years ago. But the lava flowed underground leaving tubes that are big enough to walk under and explore. Be sure to bring a headlamp to explore deep inside. 

Then, the hike connects with West Canyon Road to the Petrified Dunes (more information below). 

The whole hike is only 2.8 miles with 393 feet elevation change. So we highly suggest starting with this hike in the morning to really take in the true beauty of Snow Canyon State Park.

Petrified Dunes:

Jake and Emily walking hand in hand atPetrified Dunes at Sunset in Snow Canyon State Park
Petrified Dunes at Sunset in Snow Canyon State Park

Jake and I adventured over the Petrified Dunes a couple times along our Epic Day Trip Through Snow Canyon State Park. Once when finishing the Butterfly, Lava Flow Tubes and West Canyon loop and a second time returning to watch a  sunset. It’s pretty easy to access from the parking lot and offers a great vantage point to take in the view of the stunning, red and white marbled walls. 

Over 183 million years ago, wind transported grains of sand to this very spot and was eventually cemented together to create these petrified dunes that are over 2,500 feet thick. Water continues to carve new canyons in the area through these sandstone rock formations. 

You can either see these dunes as part of a loop, or you do a short .5 miles hike from the parking lot or just take in the view right from the parking lot. But we suggest at least climbing up on one or two of the dunes for fun! 

And if you have time, grab a blanket and head to the top of one of them for a nice sunset and take in the beautiful view of the sun setting over the tall canyon walls. 

Jenny’s Canyon:

Emily in the middle of Jenny's Canyon in Snow Canyon State Park
Jenny’s Canyon

Jenny’s Canyon is a short, easy hike that should not be missed if you are on the Epic Day Trip Through Snow Canyon State Park. The hike is only .3 miles, and right off the road. When hiking on the trail, you will be hiking through sand toward the tall canyon wall. Once you get to the tall canyon wall, you will turn left into the slot canyon. 

From there you will be encompassed by the tall canyon walls as you walk toward the back. This canyon hike comes to an abrupt stop at the end, so you can’t hike through, but it is truly beautiful.

And if you want a view down the canyon, there is an overlook to the right as you approach the tall canyon wall. 

Cinder Cone:

Aerial View of Cinder Cone in Snow Canyon State Park
Aerial View of Cinder Cone

Cinder Cone is a very unique hike that is unlike any other hike in the park. It is an old volcano, that erupted over 27,000 years ago. But the remnants from the activity is sure a sight to see.

The trailhead for this hike is actually located out of the park, but not too far from the entrance. 

You can hike up to the rim to get a look inside an old volcano. The hike is 1.7 miles with 449 feet elevation change. The hike can be a bit of a challenge and loose rock on the steep climb up and down from the rim. But it is a unique sight to see while visiting Snow Canyon State Park. 

Snow Canyon Overlook:

Snow Canyon Overlook, Photo By: @themilesofadventurefamily on Instagram

Jake and I didn’t have enough time to book it up here to catch a nice sunset, but if you plan a little better than us, pencil this one in for sunset.

The hike is 4.8 miles with 521 feet elevation change. It is located up on the rim and gives a great vantage point of the park.

Pack a headlamp if you head there for sunet and head toward the rim! To follow along on the GPS tracker for this hike, use AllTrails

Camping near Snow Canyon State Park:

There is one campground in Snow Canyon State Park. The campground has 14 RV sites with hook-ups and water and 17 multi-use campsites. The cost ranges from $25 to $35 per night. Make a reservation reservation here

Free Camping Near Snow Canyon State Park:

Jake and I camp almost every day of our normal life, so we are always in search of free places to camp. And lucky for you, there is BLM land not too far from the park. We stayed at Horseman Park Dispersed Camping Area

Check out our post: 3 Great Websites For Free Camping if you are looking for something else!

Hotels or Other Accommodation Near Snow Canyon State Park:

If camping isn’t your thing, use to find a hotel nearby! Or consider booking a Vrbo.

Or one of our personal favorite options is to rent a campervan or RV from Outdoorsy or RVezy.

For more information about Outdoorsy & RVezy, check out our post: Outdoorsy Vs. RVezy Review | Which Rental Service Is Better

Take A Virtual Tour With Us Through Snow Canyon State Park

Join us for a fun adventure visiting Southern Utah’s finest attractions. We visit Paria Rainbow Mountain, Great Sand Dunes State Park, and finish at Snow Canyon State Park.

Screenshot of Two Roaming Souls Youtube video: Valife Reality which takes a fun tour through Snow Canyon State Park

Takeaway | Epic Day Trip Through Snow Canyon State Park

The multiple layers of Petrified Dunes in Snow Canyon State Park
Petrified Dunes

Jake and I are so happy we stopped through here on our visit to St. George, UT. There are many different State Parks in the area, but this one should be at the top! The colors are stunning and there are so many great hikes within the park. We hope you can also enjoy an epic day trip through Snow Canyon State Park. 

Some other hikes to consider if you are in the area for longer are Whiterocks Amphitheater, Three Ponds or Scout Cave

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