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Outdoorsy Vs RVezy Review | Which Rental Service Is Better

So you are ready to rent an RV or Campervan, but you are curious what rental company to choose between Outdoorsy Vs RVezy? Well, Outdoorsy and RVezy are two great rental companies to choose from. Both platforms match private RV owners with renters, basically like the Airbnb of RV rentals.  While the two platforms share a lot of similarities, they also outshine each other in certain categories. Therefore, in this review between Outdoorsy Vs RVezy, I will help you decide which rental service is better for you. 

Plus when renting from Outdoorsy & RVezy, you can choose your ideal rental. Do you want an RV that sleeps the whole family, a campervan that has a beautiful outdoor kitchen, or an overland vehicle that will get you down 4×4 roads? There are tons of different rentals you can choose from, so follow this ultimate guide of Outdoorsy Vs RVezy, to see which rental service is better for you. 

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Outdoorsy Vs RVezy | Which Rental Service Is Better?


First, let’s start with what Outdoorsy has to offer. Outdoorsy has a range of different tiny homes on wheels you can rent such as: Class A, Class B, Class C, campervans, truck campers and other overland vehicles. Therefore, no matter what you are looking to rent, Outdoorsy will have something for you. 

Delivery vs Stationery For Outdoorsy

One thing I really like about Outdoorsy is that you can choose your delivery method such as driveable or stationary. Therefore, if you don’t want the hassle of driving your rental around, it can be delivered to your desired location by the owner. That way you don’t have to be nervous about driving someone else’s vehicle or a vehicle much bigger than you are used to. 

Or if you want to go on an extended road trip, you can get your vehicle delivered to a convenient location that works for both you and the owner and simply adventure from there. 

How To Rent An RV or Campervan From Outdoorsy

At a quick glance you can click on campervans that are pet-friendly, rentals under $150/night, family-friendly, and campervans that are instantly ready for you. 

Or start on their homepage where you can put in your location, and the dates you want to rent the RV or campervan. It will then show you all the available options for rent. But it doesn’t just stop there, you can put in all types of filters to find your perfect campervan rental. 

Some categories are how many guests, if you want a rig that is pet-friendly, or if you are looking for an ADA accessible RV or campervan. Next, you can put in your desired price range and the vehicle type you are looking for. Lastly, choose your delivery method such as delivered to your home, convenient pick up location or driven to your desired location (some restrictions apply to individual RV and campervan rentals). 

And if you want to get more specific into the luxuries each rental offers such as air conditioner, heater, fridge, etc you can plug those in too. Do note though that you will then be shown a limited amount of campervans for rent in your area the more filters you add. So if you don’t have strict specifications, I suggest keeping your search more general. 

Once You Find Your Dream RV or Campervan Rental From Outdoorsy

Once you find your desired RV or campervan rental from Outdoorsy, you can find out all the information you need about the rental. The owner will write a brief description of what to expect with your RV or campervan rental. Along with the specs, amenities, rules & policies, and the cancellation policy for this specific campervan rental. 

In the box to the right you will see all the fees included in the total price for when you rent from Outdoorsy. The fees consist of how much the campervan rental is per night, insurance, delivery fee (if applicable), mileage fees, state & local tax and service fees. Do note, there is a refundable security deposit with each campervan rental as well. 

Insurance Plans At Outdoorsy:

Another great option for Outdoorsy Campervan Rentals is their up to one million dollar coverage. Outdoorsy offers episodic insurance which means from the time you take the key from the owner til it is returned back into their hands, the insurance is through Assurant for up to one million dollars in both liability and comprehensive & collision coverage.

Special insurance is important because unlike a normal car rental where your car insurance usually covers rentals, it typically doesn’t cover RV rentals. (But check with your individual insurance company). 

As there will always be complaints from customers when it comes to insurance claims, and overall Outdoorsy has good insurance coverage. One common complaint is that it takes a while to get ahold of someone who can help if they do have a problem with their rental. But Outdoorsy is a peer marketplace, so they don’t always have full control of what the owners provide with their rental. Therefore, some simple complaints are that roadside assistance takes a while, or that people have trouble getting a full refund if they had problems with their rentals due to the owner’s responsibilities. 

Their insurance is broken up into 3 different categories: risk taker, essential and peace of mind. These simple categories are helpful to “dumb it down” and help you choose your risk level.  But it still puts some pressure on the renter to choose their insurance tier.

Or if you have a stationary delivery where you won’t be driving the vehicle, they have a special coverage package.

For more information on Outdoorsy’s Insurance Plan Click Here

Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance

This is another area when comparing Outdoorsy vs RVezy, the roadside assistance is a bit different. Outdoorsy includes roadside assistance in their insurance policy. But it tends to cover less than RVezy. Their roadside assistance plan includes 24/7 Technical Support, towing, jump starts mobile tire assistance, locksmith & lockout service, delivery of fuel & emergency fluids, and a mobile mechanic.

Customers have complained about having to wait up to multiple hours for roadside assistance to show up. But I think this is dependant on where in the country the issue resides. Obviously, if you are miles down a long dirt road, it will take a mechanic a while to reach you.

For more information on Outdoorsy roadside assistance click here

Cancellation Policy For Outdoorsy

The cancellation policy for Outdoorsy in my opinion is better when comparing Outdoorsy Vs RVezy. The cancellation policy is put moreso into the owner’s hands. There are three different categories each rental has: flexible, moderate, and strict. All three cancellation policies offer a full refund if the booking is made at least 14 days out and within 48 hours of making the booking. Renters are able to see the type of cancellation policy when searching and thus take that into account.

Flexible is the most lenient plan. If the booking is canceled outside 5 days of the rental dates, a full refund is given back to the renter minus the service fees. If the booking is canceled within 5 days, then the renter will be refunded 75% of the booking total minus service fees. Insurance will be refunded at any state of the cancellation. 

Moderate is the medium plan. If a booking is canceled 7 days out from the desired dates, the renter will receive 75% of the total booking cost minus service fees. If the booking is canceled within 7 days of the desired dates, the renter a 50% refund minus the service fees.

Strict is obviously the most strict cancellation policy. If the booking is canceled outside of 14 days from the desired dates, then the renter will only get back 25% of the total booking minus the service fees. And if the booking is canceled within 14 days, the renter will forfeit the whole booking cost and not get a refund. 

For more information on the cancellation policies with Outdoorsy, click here.  

Outdoorsy Customer Service

In comparing Outdoorsy vs RVezy, I think customer service is where Outdoorsy might lack. They still have a great customer service reputation, but RVezy is known to have outstanding customer service. And looking through customer service claims on Outdoorsy, there seems to be mixed reviews with problems getting resolved quickly or being directed to a different resource to help. Outdoorsy overall has more rentals on their website vs RVezy, so this is why they might have had to deal with more customer-facing issues. 

However, Outdoorsy’s customer service is available 24/7, while RVezy is only during certain hours. 

Overall, I wouldn’t let customer service completely weigh your decision too much. But I do think it is important to know you have someone you can talk to in case you encounter an issue. Outdoorsy has mixed reviews, some happy and some unhappy customers, which is typical with such a large peer-to-peer network of RV rentals.  

Pros Of Outdoorsy

  • Bigger selection of rentals
  • More reviews from renters
  • Wide selections of different types of rentals
  • Pet-friendly Rentals
  • Road-side assistance is included in Insurance Policy
  • 24/7 customer service hours

Cons Of Outdoorsy

  • Roadside Assistance isn’t as good as RVezy
  • Mileage per day isn’t included in overall price per night
  • Additional fees exist for delivery


Photo provided from RVezy

RVezy is another great option for you to rent an RV or campervan. The company started in Canada and quickly branched it’s network to the U.S. bringing fellow adventurers rentable RV’s and campervans. You can choose between motorized (Class A, B, and C RVs, Truck Campers & Campervans), towable (fifth wheel, travel trailer, tent trailer, hybrid, toy hauler and micro trailer) and RV cottages (stationary). So you have many different options when it comes to picking the perfect rental. 

Delivery vs Stationary For RVezy

Similar to Outdoorsy, RVezy also has a few different options when it comes to how you want to receive your rental. If you don’t want to drive the rental to your desired location, you can have the owner drop it off where you want it. Or if you plan to road trip, you can pick a location that both you and the owner agree on and start the adventure from there.

If you know for sure that you don’t want to drive the RV or Campervan, click the RV cottage. This booking will come with benefits as the RV is always stationary and will usually have things set up, such as chairs, awning, additional flaps open, etc. You don’t need to spend time learning how to work everything in the RV or campervan as it will already be set up for you. And no need to stress about preparing and driving a large recreational vehicle.

But if the RV cottage isn’t set up in your desired location, then you can still have the RV delivered and set up for stationary use. Additional costs apply for a deliverable rental.

How To Rent An RV or Campervan From RVezy

When directed to their homepage, you can put in your desired location, and the dates you plan to travel. It will then bring you to all the rental types that are available in the area. What’s helpful is the map they provide of where the campervan generally resides. Then, check the boxes next to the type of rental you are searching for. If you don’t have a rental preference, then keep all the boxes unchecked and it will show you all the available options in your area. 

If you want to get more specific with the desired campervan rental, then you can put how many guests you plan to travel with. Along with other filters such as full winter rentals, air conditioning, pet-friendly, family-friendly, kitchen sink, toilet, and vintage.  

Once You Find Your Dream Campervan Rental From RVezy:

Once you find the perfect RV or campervan, the listing will show you all the features it offers. The owner will have a brief description of what to expect with your campervan rental. Along with the amenities, delivery options/fees, and campervan details.

Many owners are willing to deliver the campervan within a certain mileage at a standard rate. The rental will also give you a range of miles you can drive each day, and charge an additional rate per mile traveled over the limit. 

In the box to the right, it will go over the insurance protection & roadside assistance. Along with the fees, such as RVezy service fee, cleaning fee and a refundable security deposit. 

What I like about RVezy is the mileage per day is included in the nightly rate. They do charge extra per mile you go over, but in general they typically include 100 miles/day +. You might even find a rental that is has unlimited miles. 

Insurance Plans At RVezy:

RVezy has a great insurance plan up to one million in liability coverage for when you rent a campervan. RVezys insurance is through Aon in the U.S., which covers liability, Standard Accident Benefits, Collision, and Comprehensive. 

There are two options when it comes to insurance policies: Standard or Premium. With the option of 24/7 roadside assistance. The coverage is the same, but Premium will be a higher price per day but a lower deductible. Standard will be a lower overall price but a higher deductible. So choose your plan wisely. If you have experience driving an RV or Campervan, you might be okay with the standard insurance plan. But if you have little experience driving a larger vehicle, it might be safer to go with the premium insurance plan. 

For more information on RVezy’s Insurance Plans: Click Here

RVezy Roadside Assistance

I think one of the main complaints amongst RVezy renters is that roadside assistance is an added policy. Outdoorsy’s roadside assistance is included in the insurance package. But roadside assistance is something you will want as a renter because you don’t know the full history of the vehicle. And you don’t want to be stranded if there is to be an issue in the middle of nowhere. 

RVezy’s roadside assistance goes above and beyond with what it covers. If you add it to your plan is costs $18/day (maximum $198). It covers towing services, tire replacement, septic blockage removal, battery assistance, food spoilage protecting from fridge failure, on-site mechanic, locksmith, fuel/fluid delivery, and meal/taxi/hotel reimbursement. Therefore, if there is anything to go wrong, you know you will have everything covered. 

For more information on RVezy roadside assistance click here.

Cancellation Policy For RVezy

RVezy’s cancellation policy is constructed a bit different when comparing Outdoorsy Vs RVezy. If a booking is canceled outside 30 days from the booked dates, then the renter will receive a full refund minus the service fees and tax.

No matter where the cancellation falls, all add-ons, cleaning fee, insurance, and roadside charges will be refunded to the renter.

If the booking is between 8-30 days of the booked dates, then the renter will receive 50% of the total booking, also minus the service fees and tax. 

If the booking is canceled within 7 days, then the renter will forfeit the total booking cost minus the service fees and tax.

For more information about RVezy’s cancellation policy, click here.

RVezy Customer Service:

RVezy is known to have some of the best customer service amongst rental companies. When comparing Outdoorsy Vs Rvezy, this is where they often outshine Outdoorsy. But they have also fewer rentals within the U.S., possibly why there’s just a smaller volume of unhappy customers. But from the overall consensus, RVezy provides a better customer service experience because all claims are handled “in-house”. That is, you deal with an RVezy employee the whole time and aren’t kicked around between insurance agents. This seemingly minor difference between RVezy and Outdoorsy appears to have a big impact on overall customer satisfaction with the customer service.

Their customer service does have hours 9 am-9 pm EST on weekdays and from 11 am-7 pm on weekend. With chat also available the same hours. So when comparing 24/7 Outdoorsy vs RVezy, their hours are a bit more limited. 

Pros Of RVezy

  • Top of the line customer service
  • Wide selections of different types of rentals
  • Great Roadside Assistance Coverage
  • Pet-friendly Rentals
  • Mileage (within a certain range) is included in overall price per night

Cons Of RVezy

  • Roadside assistance isn’t automatically included in insurance
  • Not as many rentals as Outdoorsy
  • Most rentals are near major cities (not around rural towns)
  • Customer service isn’t available 24/7
  • Additional fees exist for delivery

Takeaway | Outdoorsy Vs RVezy Review | Which Rental Service Is Better?

Both Outdoorsy and RVezy are great RV and campervan rental companies. They both have very modern platforms to make renting a recreational vehicle very simple. The ability to rent from a private owner saves you lots of money versus traditional RV companies. And it also provides the potential for more unique rentals when compared to the cookie-cutter RV rental businesses. Both Outdoorsy and RVezy offer top-of-the-line insurance and have dedicated customer service teams to help in the event of a problem.

Outdoorsy is US-based and has been around longer, so they have more total rentals/reviews and might be a little more well known in the U.S. But the Canadian-based  RVezy is quickly expanding it’s listings in the US to rival Outdoorsy.

There are certain ways that each company outshines the other. Outdoorsy has tons more rentals around the U.S. currently, so you will probably have a better chance of finding your dream rental in the location you plan to travel. RVezy has more limited listings, especially in less popular RV destinations.  But RVezy is expanding fast, and could certainly have the perfect rental for you.

When it comes to customer service, then RVezy tends to have the advantage. It could be the “in-house” claims department, or just the smaller company vibe, but RVezy has a slight edge here. However, I do think Outdoorsy has just dealt with more customer service related issues because of the higher number of total rentals.

I personally think you should check out both websites and see if you can find your perfect RV or campervan rental on each website. Both Outdoorsy & RVezy offer different and unique campervan rentals so I am sure you are going to find your perfect RV or campervan to rent on your next adventure. 

There are tons of other campervan rental companies to choose from. Check out our post: Best Campervan Rental Companies To “Try Out” Vanlife

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