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Top Things To Do In Yachats, Oregon

Every time we are traveling the Oregon Coast, we love to stop and explore Yachats, Oregon. And in case you struggle with the pronunciation like I did, it’s pronounced Yah-Hots.

Yachats, Oregon is a charming little coastal town that is incredibly scenic. There are a few different restaurants, shops, and even a local brewery, so it’s worth the stop if you are around the area. Plus it’s right on the beach so if you want to enjoy the views there’s a place for that too! So let’s dive into the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon. 

Yachats, Oregon

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Luna Sea Fish House:

Emily eating a fish & chips at Luna Sea Fish House which is a must do on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Luna Sea Fish House

First, on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon is to visit Luna Sea Fish House. It is where we stopped for a good old-fashioned fish and chips. I was literally craving this as we drove up the coast, so we decided to stop at Luna Sea Fish House as it was recommended by a few other bloggers.

It’s known for its locally fresh-caught fish and seafood! And it was pretty busy when we visited, filled with tourists satisfied with the fabulous taste.

We ordered the Halibut and Scallops which both tasted super fresh and delicious. You can either get the fish grilled or fried. We both decided to get our meal fried, because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned fried fish & chips! 

I’d say the halibut was perfectly breaded, the scallops because of their slick outer layer didn’t quite hold the breading very well, so it often flaked off. But the scallops were HUGE, like almost as big as a hockey puck, and they were still very tasty!

I would recommend this place, but their fries aren’t really our style of fry. They are super thick and very potatoey, so that was a little disappointing for us since fries are basically half of the meal. But for the classic fried or grilled seafood, Luna’s Sea Fish House delivers!

You can even get a great view of the ocean if you sit outside near the back of the restaurant. But, you might want to mention you are back there, because it took a bit long for a server to show up at our table. It just looked like they were a little short-staffed after covid, so just be patient and they will get you some high-quality fish to your table!

Yachats Brewery & Farmstore: 

Jake holding up a beer at Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse Is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse

Next on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon is to visit Yachats Brewery & Farmstore. It has a decent selection of beers and a nice farm-fresh food menu. We just happened to grab lunch at a different place in town, so we were just here for beers. 

If you want something besides alcohol, they even make their own kombuchas and sodas.
But equally as renowned is the food. Know for serving locally grown produce, pasture-raised meats, and even house-fermented vegetables. Their Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, and Garlic Dill Pickles get tastefully incorporated across most of the menu items.

The Yachats Brewery & Farmstore has a nice atmosphere with a large garage door that connects the indoor area to the outdoors. Outside there’s tent for people who want shade and also a few tables in direct sun. 

In our opinion, they almost try to have too wide of a variety of beers (like literally one of each kind) instead of excelling at one specific style. So the beers we had were just okay… They didn’t really have our favorite styles of beer (fruity/tropical Hazy IPA’s, or at least hints of citrus).  But most beer drinkers will find something worth a try on the menu. 

The atmosphere, drinks, and food together make the Yachats Brewery & Farmstore a worthy stop on the Oregon coast.

Thor’s Well:

A long exposure photo of Thor's well which is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon. It does require a short walk down to the ocean, but the mesmerizing view of the water coming up the well and slowly flowing back down is like watching a campfire. We literally spent at least a half hour just mesmerized by the well. 

The best time to visit Thor’s Well is during high tide. You can either check high tide online, visit the Devil’s Churn information center, or the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center just down the road, which will let you know all the information you need to safely visit Thor’s Well. 

But do use extreme caution when checking out Thor’s Well. Don’t get too close to the well, as the water coming up and flowing back down the well is extremely powerful and can suck you into the well.

So if you are traveling with little kids, make sure you keep them far enough from the well. It might be tempting to get closer for an epic picture, but we suggest staying behind the higher ledge about 10+ feet from the well. Waves come in sets, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s safe, because bigger waves could be moments away.

Spouting Horn:

A view of Spouting Horn w/ beautiful greenery & bridge near Yachats, Oregon is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Spouting Horn

Right after checking out Thor’s Well, head over toward the bridge before walking back up to the parking lot. Here you will find a natural geyser called Spouting Horn. There is a wide inlet of rushing ocean water that separates you from the spouting horn across the way. Or you can also view the Spouting Horn from the safety of a platform by the parking lot.

This natural geyser also puts on a show at high tide. When big waves come it pressurizes a cavity under the rocks sending a powerful geyser skyward.
But not every wave delivers the magic, so sometimes you gotta be patient for just the right conditions to align.

But be careful of incoming waves if you walk down onto the ledge. make sure the water isn’t coming too far up on the cliff edge where it might suck you into the inlet. If you are traveling with small children, make sure you keep them away from the cliff edge. 

Devil’s Churn:

Devils churn is a coastal crack in the rocks.

Just down the road near is another unique natural feature called Devil’s Churn. This large crevice in the rocks creates a turbulent, chaotic, churning of ocean water.

It’s most active at high tide, as waves force their way down the narrowing crack, sloshing violently from side to side. You can view the Devil’s Churn from a viewpoint at the parking lot. But you really need to hike down to appreciate its power.

The trail is a short but steep 0.2 miles down the ledge above the churn. Many people seem to miss the best part, just stopping at the bottom of the trail. But the real exciting part of the churn is all the way at the very end.

Parking is $5 dollars per car, but several inter-agency passes are accepted (i.e. National Parks Pass, Northwest Forest Pass, National Forest Recreation Pass, Golden Age Passport, and more).

Again always be cautious of waves that might come over the ledge.

Yachats State Recreation Area:

Yachats State Recreation Area
Yachats State Recreation Area

If you just want to enjoy the view of the ocean head down to Yachats State Recreation Area.

There’s a beautiful viewing deck on the rocky cliff edge and you can spot harbor seals and occasionally even whales in the distance.

During low tides you can walk down the steep path to the rocky intertidal area and check out the tide pools. But just tread lightly, only stepping on bare rock or sand. While these species can survive a lifetime of abuse from tides and waves, they are easily crushed by human footsteps.

It’s also a popular surfing area for the locals which can be fun to watch from the viewing deck. Or head down to the sandy area to the left, which we mention next on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon. 

Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Area:

Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site is a beach access area.

If you want to get down onto the beach, the Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Area has stairs leading you to the sandy beach. But do note there is very limited parking for this beach access. This beach is where the Yachats River meets the Pacific Ocean which is a neat thing to see.

During low tide, this spot is also good for tide pooling. 

You can even have a campfire on this beach shore! But please still fully put it out, which should be easy with the abundance of water nearby! Also, make sure there is no fire ban in effect. 

Kayak Up The Yachats River:

If you are looking for more adventure on your visit to Yachats, consider kayaking up the Yachats River.

The closest place to rent kayaks is Coastal River Adventures in nearby Waldport, Oregon.

You can simply bring the kayak down to the sandy beach via the Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Area. Make sure you have everything ready, place the kayak in the water, and start paddling upstream. This will be a bit of a workout, but once you turn around and head downstream it should be a breeze.

If you don’t want to work that hard by paddling upstream, there are a few spots up Yachats River Road where you can pull off, and bring the kayak down to the water. But this option works best if you can carpool with 2 cars, or you might have to walk back to your car afterward. But nonetheless, this would be a fun adventure near Yachats.

Our super budget-friendly kayak we travel with is the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak. Or check out these other portable kayaks for road trips.  We keep our inflatable kayak in our campervan so it’s ready for any chance to get on the water. Most portable kayaks pack down reasonably small so you can pack it along, and use it on the go. 

Green Salmon Coffee Company:

Getting breakfast at the Green Salmon Coffee Company.

Green Salmon Coffee Company is a cute little coffee shop that sells fair-trade coffee. Their mission is to run their business sustainably and help support other local businesses. They buy locally and a portion of the profits from the purchase of a fresh bag of coffee helps support, either a farm sanctuary, bat conservation, or Oregon Wild.

They also have premium teas and cocoa. There is a wide variety of green, black, herbal & miscellaneous teas to choose from. They also have 3 different cocoa to choose from: Organic Cocoa from Ecuador, Pacific Northwest mix w/ lavender & rosemary, and a 14-blend mushroom mix that helps improve the immune system, fatigue, depression, dementia, tumors, colds & flus.  

So be sure to either grab a fresh cup of coffee, tea, cocoa in the morning or pick up a bag of fresh beans or tea to brew your own!

This is one of the best places on the Oregon Coast for vegan options. We tried their bagel and plant-based caviar breakfast plate, which was delicious and so unique. And they also have delicious-looking pastries, so this will be a great spot to start off your morning right!

Bread & Roses Bakery:

Enjoying some pastries and a coffee at Bread & Roses Bakery.

If you are around for the weekend, you should stop by the Bread & Roses Bakery. This delightful little bakery and cafe is a great place to get breakfast and a coffee.

Their array of delicious baked goods will have you salivating before you even order. Our favorite thing we tried was the Spinach and Artichoke turnover.

But they are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Topper’s Ice Cream & Candy: 

If you need to cool off during a hot day, or just in the mood for a sweet treat head over to Topper’s Ice Cream & Candy. They have Tillamook and Umpqua ice cream and offer cones, shakes, and sundaes!

Or if you want some candy, this is a great spot to stop! They have fresh fudge, chocolates, salt water taffy, and more. And if you want something other than a sugar high, they also have a full espresso bar. So this place seems like a win-win if you are traveling with kids. 

Cape Perpetua Lookout:

Emily enjoying sunset at the Cape Perpetua Lookout.
Cape Perpetua Lookout

For the best views, one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon is head up to the Cape Perpetua Lookout. A windy road takes you all the way to the top, so you don’t have to work too hard to get this stunning view of the coast from up above.

Some short mellow trails offer great views down the coastline and of the forest.

Along the trail to Cape Perpetua Overlook

This is a nice spot to watch the sunset, if the PNW fog doesn’t roll in too thick (which happened to us). But this lookout is definitely worth a stop because it offers an easy way to get some epic views.

Yachats Farmer’s Market:

Yachats Farmers Market

Visit the Yachats Farmers Market, every Sunday from Mother’s Day to Mid-October. This small farmers market takes place on 4th street.

We’ve been to our fair share of farmers’ markets, and I must say, for a smaller market, this one has a really impressive collection of local foods, crafts, and artists. The coastal-inspired art feels really authentic and connected to its surroundings. If we had a house to furnish and didn’t live in a van, it would be hard not to purchase something.

Our favorite pick ups, were some fresh fruits and veggies.

Camping & Accommodation:

If you are planning in advance, consider booking a reservation at Cape Perpetua Campground. Or you can try Tillicum Beach Campground or Beachside State Recreation Site.

Otherwise, there isn’t a ton of free camping along this part of the Oregon Coast. Mostly narrow steep forest roads, with rarely a small dispersed campsite. But if you use the app iOverlander or Sekr, you might be able to find some free camping nearby if you want to stay around the area.

Hotels & Other Accommodation:

There are a few different cute hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts in the area.

So if you want to enjoy the area to the fullest, consider using to find a great deal. Or look for a vacation rental with VRBO for a perfect coastal experience.

Or better yet, consider renting an RV or camper van from RVezy or Outdoorsy and drive up the coast to other beautiful ocean towns along the Oregon Coast. 

For more information about Outdoorsy & RVezy, check out our post: Outdoorsy Vs. RVezy Review | Which Rental Service Is Better

Takeaway | Top Things To Do In Yachats, Oregon:

Downtown Yachats, Oregon

Yachats, Oregon is a nice little beach town along the coast that is worth visiting! If you are looking for some tasty fresh fish & chips, a local brewery, and beautiful views, Yachats is a good place to stop along the coast.

We hope this guide on the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon helps you have a fun trip along the Oregon Coast!

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