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Best Stops Along An Oregon Coast Road Trip

Emily starring out the window on an Oregon Coast Road Trip

There is no doubt that Oregon’s Coastline has some of the most breathtaking views. From Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor to the historic port town of Astoria. Get ready for a journey and the best stops along this Oregon Coast road trip. And of course, we suggest some of the best places to stop and grab a bite to eat or drink. And you definitely can’t do this road trip without getting a famous Clam Chowder Bowl! 

While you could easily spend months upon months or even years exploring the Oregon Coast, this guide will highlight the most iconic beaches, rock formations, bluffs, lush forests, lighthouses, and coastal towns. These are our picks for best stops along an Oregon Coast Road Trip, so you get to see the most epic views along the route.

Do note this road trip is guided from South to North, so if you are driving the opposite direction, you can easily reverse the order of stops.

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

First up on the best stops along an Oregon Coast Road Trip is the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor. There are a handful of stops along the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor which if you have time are all worth a visit. But if you are in a time crunch, here are a few must-see stops. 

  • Indian Sands
  • Natural Bridges
  • Secret Beach

Indian Sands:

A drone photo of the Two Roaming Souls hiking on Indian Sands Trail, looking down at the natural rock arch.
A drone photo of the Two Roaming Souls hiking on Indian Sands Trail, looking down at the natural rock arch.

Indian Sands is one of the coolest hikes along the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor. You might want to have this hike downloaded via Alltrails, because the beginning of the hike can be a challenge to find. We definitely got off trail at one point but were able to quickly get back on track.

But once you are on the trail, the first section is steep but quickly brings you along the coastline to amazing views of beautiful cliffs and more rocky islands. Follow along the sandy trail and along the coastline, you will come upon a stunning arch. The hike is 1.1 miles with 282 ft elevation change.

Natural Bridges:

Looking down at the Natural Bridges from the viewing platform.
Looking down at the Natural Bridges from the viewing platform.

Natural Bridges is probably the most popular stop along the Oregon Coast. There are two ways to see these breathtaking views. A short walk from the parking lot will bring you to a viewing platform where you can see a couple of natural bridges.

If you are adventurous, you can continue left on the dirt path down to the natural bridges. It is a bit steep, and has sections with loose dirt, so be careful. Once you make it down to the natural bridges, you can actually walk across them. Use extreme caution, it is a long fall down to the water, and there have been reported deaths.  It is, however, the only way to get to this iconic view, pictured below.

Looking south from the ridge above Natural Bridges.
Looking south from the ridge above Natural Bridges to get “the shot”.

But nonetheless, if you are very careful and take your time, you can walk along the arch and get a unique view of the area. 

Secret Beach:

Sunset at Secret Beach along highway 101 in Oregon's Southern Coast.
Sunset at Secret Beach along Highway 101 in Oregon.

Well, Secret Beach isn’t much of a secret anymore. Although it is not quite as official as some of the other stops along the scenic route. There aren’t any signs, so you might want to make sure you have this stop in your GPS before losing service. 

The abundance of rocky islands, dramatic cliffs, and even a couple waterfalls, makes this spot almost dreamlike. There is a trail that is about a ¼ mile, that has a decent decline and is a bit rocky with loose dirt to get down to Secret Beach. 

Once you make it down to the beach, the views will simply sweep you off your feet. This place is absolutely magical. 

Check out our guide Top 5 Best Stops Along Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor.

Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon is a small town that has a lot of character. It has a long history as a bustling fishing town, but now there are tons of recreational activities to choose from. 

Tony’s Crab Shack:

Tony’s Crab Shack in Bandon, Oregon

We got CRABS in Bandon. They literally make you shout that when you order crab! The atmosphere here is actually pretty great. There is a small indoor sitting area as well as a little larger outdoor area. This place tends to always be busy, but for good reason. While Jake and I were here we ordered clam chowder and a crab roll. Both were super tasty and well worth the visit. 

Washed Ashore Gallery (Recycled Art):

A Puffin: Artwork made from recycled ocean plastic

Bandon, Oregon has an awesome art exhibit that you definitely need to check out while you are in town. I think we all know there is a problem with trash in our oceans. So the Washed Ashore project’s mission is to express and teach environmental issues through the arts.

The Artula Institute helps clean up our oceans but expresses the issue through art sculptures. Thier sculptures are made entirely of recovered ocean and beach trash. And they don’t even use any paints or dyes. So while you are in Bandon, OR you can either stop into the Washed Ashore Gallery, although the hours are sparse. You can also see some of the unique artwork around town, which is extremely cool to see. 

Roam Historic Old Town Bandon:

There are many shops, restaurants, art and culture to experience in Bandon. Whether you are looking to pick up a cool souvenir, grab a beer from the local brewery, or grab a tasty snack, Bandon has a ton to offer. You can easily spend the day in Bandon exploring the shops or just go for a scenic stroll. And don’t forget to walk the boardwalk for a unique art exhibit and to see the marina. 

Face Rock State Park:

Face Rock State Park is an area where you can see many unique rock formations along the Oregon Coastline. While there are tons of unique formations to see, here are some that can’t be missed when visiting Face Rock State Park. 

  • Face Rock
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Coquille Point

Face Rock:

Of course, when you visit Face Rock State Park, you gotta see the famous Face Rock. It got it’s name from an old native American legend. But you can see a woman’s face staring up to the sky/moon. 

Wizard’s Hat:

Wizards hat is also a rock formation that is in the shape of a wizards hat. There is one that is very obvious. But there is also another rock formation that looks very similar.

Coquille Point:

Coquille Point

Off Coquille Point, you will find a large rock formation where you will find “Keyhole Rock”. During sunset, you can catch the light shining through the hole in a brilliant fashion. You will also find a beautiful set of stairs that will lead you down to the beach floor. There is also the famous recycled art in the design of a Puffin (pictured above). 

Florence, Oregon

Cape Creek Bridge:

a view of the famous Cape Creek Bridge from sea level
Cape Creek Bridge

A beautiful bridge along Highway 101 is the Cape Creek Bridge which spans Cape Creek. You will either drive over it if you are on a road trip along Highway 101. Or you drive down to the beach to get the stunning view from below. Which we highly suggest! 

Heceta Head Lighthouse: 

Heceta Head Lighthouse

If you choose to drive down to the parking lot to see the beautiful Cape Creek Bridge, then you are already in the parking lot to visit the Heceta Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse stands 56 feet high and is rated as the strongest light on the Oregon Coast. The light can be seen 21 miles in the distance.

You are welcome to walk the short path up to the lighthouse and check it out. There is a trail just above the lighthouse to the right, and it offers a cool vantage point of the lighthouse (and it also the trail to Hobbit Beach).

Or Heceta Head offers tours to the public depending on weather and staffing. Tours are every day from 11am-5pm. 

You can also stay at the Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast if you truly want to get into the lighthouse experience. There are 6 different rooms that can accommodate up to 15 people. The views around here are absolutely breathtaking.

Hobbit Beach:

Emily in the shadows of the forest along the Oregon Coast to Hobbit Beach
The Hike From Heceta Head Lighthouse to Hobbit Beach
A view of Hobbit Beach from above on the hike from Haceta Head Lighthouse
Hobbit Beach

You can either continue on the trail to Hobbit Beach after visiting the Heceta Head Lighthouse or return to your car and drive a bit further up the road to a different trailhead. Our best suggestion is to just continue on the trail as you roam the beautiful Oregon Coastal Forest. And it’s really not that long of a hike!

The hike is an out and back, 3.6 miles with 1003 feet elevation change. Once you reach the beach, the coastline stretches for miles. So find a remote spot to take in the view! We suggest packing along a picnic to enjoy at Hobbit Beach. 

Yachats, Oregon

We really enjoyed our time in Yachats, and we even wrote a whole guide for the Yachats area. But here are a few highlights in Yachats on an Oregon Coast road trip.

Thor’s Well:

A long exposure photo of Thor's well which is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Thor’s Well

Thor’s well is simply a unique attraction you can’t miss while visiting Yachats. It is mesmerizing watching the water flow in and out. But what really causes all the excitement, is during high tide, the water flowing into the well becomes very pressurized and blasts out the top. To then be completely sucked back down the hole before the next wave rolls in to do the same. You could easily spend an hour out here around high tide just continuously watching as each wave comes in and back out.

But use extreme caution around Thor’s Well because a larger set of waves could be just seconds away. A spot that seems safe one minute could be completely thrashed by incoming waves a minute later.

It’s a bit of a challenge to get this famous long-exposure shot of Thor’s Well. While waiting with a tripod to get the perfect timing on the receding water, your camera is exposed to continuous salt water spray. We kept covering our camera in between waves and only exposing it for short bursts to get the shot.

Spouting Horn:

A view of Spouting Horn w/ beautiful greenery & bridge near Yachats, Oregon is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn is the same sort of idea to Thor’s Well but, a smaller hole and the water spouts out the top. Almost making it look like steam. You must also visit during high tide to get the full effect of the spouting horn. Both Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn are very close together, so you can visit both during high tide.

Devils Churn:

Devil’s Churn is just up the road from Thor’s Well & Spouting Rock. You can park in the visitors center parking area. There is a viewing point above, or you can get a much closer look by walking down to the Devil’s Churn. But use extreme caution, as the rocks can be very slippery. 

Devil’s Churn is a narrow inlet. During high tide, waves come into the 80-foot chasm and churn as the wave goes back out and the next wave comes in. 

Luna Sea Fish House:

Emily eating a fish & chips at Luna Sea Fish House which is a must do on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Luna Sea Fish House

Luna Sea Fish House is a must-visit restaurant on this Oregon Coast road trip. If you are looking for a delicious fish fry with quality fish, this is your stop. Jake and I stopped here after checking out the 3 attractions listed above. We even sat out on the back porch where we got a view of the ocean. 

We ordered the halibut and the scallops and they were both super tasty. The fries weren’t our favorite (more like wedges), but the fish is something you can’t pass up if you are in Yachats. 

Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse:

Jake holding up a beer at Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse Is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse

And either before or after getting lunch or dinner at Luna Sea Fish House, head over to the Yachats Brewery & Farmhouse. There is a wide selection of beers on tap, pretty much 1 of each type. They also serve food here, but as mentioned above we highly suggest Luna Sea Fish House for your food. But if you plan to stay in the area for longer than just a day, their menu did look pretty fresh and delicious. 

Newport, Oregon

Next up on this Oregon Coast Road Trip is Newport, Oregon. Newport was one of our favorite coastal towns in Oregon. It is a bit bigger than a small coastal town, but it definitely has its charm. If you head downtown, you will get some whiffs of fish, because the Pacific Seafood plant. But there is much more to the Newport port town. 

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse/Yaquina Bay Bridge:

a moody view of the Yaquina Bay Bridge
Yaquina Bay Bridge

First up on the best stops along an Oregon Coast Road trip when visiting Newport is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. This lighthouse sits upon a bluff at the mouth of the Yaquina River. It was built in 1871 but decommissioned in 1874. But it since has been restored to aid in navigation. It’s also the only wooden lighthouse still standing along Oregon’s Coastline.

You will definitely want to walk to check out the Yaquina Bay Bridge as well, which is about a 100 feet walk to a viewpoint from here. It’s pretty much visible from anywhere in Newport.

Yaquina Head Outstanding Area

A view from afar of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is one of the tops things to do in Newport, OR
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

After checking out the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, head over to Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is located in the Yaquina Head Outstanding Area. The lighthouse started operating on August 20, 1873 and has been active ever since. 

Cobble Beach right below the Lighthouse is a great spot for tide pooling and spotting seals and sea lions. There is usually a ranger down here to help aid in questions and safety tips at the beach.

This area is also one of the West Coast’s largest nesting colonies for seabirds. So be on the lookout for birds flying over the area. You can often spot: Murres, Brandt’s and Pelagic Cormorants, Peregrine Falcons, Pigeon Guillemots, Western Gulls, Black Oystercatchers and Bald Eagles. Also, be on the lookout for gray whales as they can often be spotted off-shore, especially during December, January, March and April. 

Mo’s Clam Chowder:

Emily eating a famous bread clam chowder bowl at Mo's
Emily eating a famous bread clam chowder bowl at Mo’s

Like I mentioned above, you can’t go on this Oregon Coast Road Trip without grabbing a famous Clam Chowder Bowl. And Mo’s Clam Chowder is the perfect stop! We suggest going all out and getting the Clam Chowder in the bread bowl. 

There are also two locations right across the street from each other in Newport. The original location is on the opposite side of the street from the harbor. It doesn’t quite have the epic views as the other location (Mo’s Annex) which sits above the water. So personally you can’t go wrong with either location, as you will either be sitting in the original Mo’s location with rich history that started Mo’s from 1946 or the Annex which overlooks Yaquina Bay where you can watch fishing boats stroll in. Note that the Annex menu doesn’t have any fried food if that helps make your decision. But do be prepared for long wait times during peak summer season for both locations.

Self-Guided Brewery Tour:

The cute crab flight at Newport Brewing Company which is one of the tops things to do in Newport, OR
Newport Brewing Company

If you know Jake and I, then you know we love a good craft beer. And lucky for us, Newport has 3 different local breweries. So we made a fun little brewery tour and hoped between the 3 to make a fun self-guided brewery tour. If you aren’t afraid to walk a little bit, then you can walk between the 3 different breweries, which we always enjoy so both of us can drink and no one has to drive! 

Our suggested route is to start at Rogue ales and spirits downtown, then head over to Newport Brewing Company (this was our favorite). Then, the last stop is up the hill at Bier One Brewing.

Local Ocean Seafoods:

Emily enjoying her Fresh seafood dinner at Local Ocean Seafood which is definitely on the list of top things to do in Newport, OR
Fresh seafood dinner at Local Ocean Seafood

Jake and I don’t splurge often, but we did when we were in Newport at Local Ocean Seafoods. They are known to have some fresh local seafood, so we couldn’t resist. It’s highly encouraged to have a reservation, but if you travel like us and don’t exactly know when you will be rolling through town, it’s best to head there early. 

We just decided to have an early dinner and headed there shortly after they opened for dinner and got right in! The views of the marina are stunning, the service is top-notch and the food and cocktails are absolutely delicious! 

Otter Rock, Oregon

Devil’s Punch Bowl Natural Area

a view from above of Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Reserve during high tide along the Oregon Coast
Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Reserve

Next stop on this Oregon Coast Road Trip is Devil’s Punch Bowl Natural Area. This is like a natural jungle gym in the Ocean. Definitely plan to get here early or you might not find a spot and have to walk a bit to get down to the beach. This area is also very popular amongst the surfing community.

Once you get to the parking lot, definitely go check out the Devil’s Punchbowl from above. But at low tide, you can walk right into the punchbowl. As you can see in the picture above, it does fill with water at mid-high tide. You definitely want to make sure you are not caught in there when the tide comes up.

To get down to the beach, you will have to walk down a path just north of the parking area. But just above the beach, there is a steep section that may be challenging for some. And rocks that lead to the punchbowl can be very slippery, so we highly suggest having shoes with good traction (and even then, be very careful).

You can explore the Devil’s Punchbowl from within and see how the water has carved out this unique wonder. Outside of the punchbowl, low tide is also an amazing time to go tide pooling. Which offers a HUGE area to explore, with so much aquatic life in the pools.

Lincoln City, Oregon

God’s Thumb:

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

God’s Thumb is a unique hike that looks like, well, God’s Thumb. It’s also known as “The Knoll”. The hike is 4.3 miles with 1,131 feet of elevation change. Therefore, the hike is a bit steep and can be very muddy at times. You start the hike through beautiful coastal forest and then come upon the view of the thumb. Which is just a unique sight. Then, once you get to the top of the thumb you witness beautiful cliffs as the waves cycle into shore.

Otis, Oregon

Drift Creek Falls:

a view of Drift Creek Falls after walking along the suspension bridge, before hiking down to the falls
Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls is an awesome stop on this Oregon Coast Road Trip. The hike is 3.2 miles with 541 feet elevation. This hike isn’t exactly on the Oregon Coast, but it is just a short drive and we think it is worth the journey.

The most unique part of this hike is the suspension bridge that brings you from one cliff over to the other. And then you can climb down a steep cliffside to get a closer look of the waterfall, as well as a unique perspective of the suspension bridge from below. 

Neskowin, Oregon

Neskowin Beach “Ghost Beach”:

along this Oregon Coast Road Trip, you will find Neskowin Beach, aka Ghost Beach which is the remnants of an old forest
Neskowin Beach, aka Ghost Beach

Neskowin Beach, aka Ghost Beach, is one of the most unique sights to see along this Oregon Coast Road Trip. You do have to go during low tide, and it’s a bonus if there is coastal fog. It really plays into the spooky vibe!

According to Wikipedia, the “Neskowin Ghost Forest is the remnants of a Sitka spruce forest on the Oregon Coast of the United States. The stumps were likely created when an earthquake of the Cascadia subduction zone abruptly lowered the trees that were then covered by mud from landslides or debris from a tsunami.”

Pacific City, Oregon

Pelican Brewing Company:

View from Pacific City Brewing at sunset
View from Pacific City Brewing at sunset

Pelican Brewing Company is one of the coolest breweries because it is located on the Oregon Coast. So while you enjoy a nice brew you can watch as the waves crash along the shoreline. Or bonus if you catch a legendary west coast sunset. And Pelican Brewing Company has a stunning view of Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda. 

They also have a great food menu! So if you are looking for a bite to eat, this is a good stop. We tried one of their flatbreads and it was super delicious.

Cape Kiwanda:

A view of Cape Kiwanda from Pacific City Brewing

One regret we have when visiting Pacific City is not hiking along Cape Kiwanda. The hike is 1 mile with 187 feet elevation change. And it is a rather easy hike out to the point. The hike consists of climbing up a giant sand dune to get to the top, so it can be tough, but rather short. I’ve also heard if you climb the dunes around the outside, the hike is much easier, but we don’t have first-hand experience. You can get a beautiful view of Haystack Rock as well as the stunning coastline. 

Parking can be a bit of a challenge around these areas. There is a large parking lot for the beach that costs $10. If it is a nice day, the parking lot could be full around 8am. But the overflow parking is along the streets. Be sure to not park in any business parking lot if you aren’t using their service. 

Spend The Day A Pacific City Beach/ Watch The Dory’s Come In:

along our Oregon Coast road Trip we stopped in Pacific City Beach on a nice day to have a beach picnic
Beach day at Pacific City Beach

Jake and I might have gotten very lucky with our beach day at Pacific City Beach, but boy was it one of the best beach days of our summer! It was in the upper 80 degrees (Fahrenheit), the sun was shining and the view was unmatched! Plus there is no open-container law here, so you can freely drink an alcoholic beverage on the beach or around town. But still follow the obvious rule of no glass on the beach, please! 

Pelican Brewing Company also has a to-go beer store attached to their restaurant. So you don’t even need to pick up beer before coming, you can just grab a six-pack from the local brewery and head to the beach! And if you want a bite to eat later, and it’s a busy summer day, you might want to put your name in at Pelican Brewery. The wait time the day we went was 2+ hours. So we put our names in, enjoyed the sun for another hour or so, and then got ready for a late lunch. 

Also, along this beach near Cape Kiwanda you will find the Dory Fleet. And depending on the tide, you can catch them “docking” their boat ashore. These powerful boats head toward shore at a high speed, and at the last second, lift their motor and coast ashore. Then, their vehicle will tow them out as quickly as possible before a wave takes them back out. It was truly a unique sight to see. You also can’t find a dory fleet like this anywhere else in the world!

Cape Meares:

a beautiful lighthouse along a scenic loop of Cape Meares
Cape Meares

A stunning loop hike yet again with breathtaking views along the coastline is Cape Meares Lighthouse Loop scenic walk. The hike is .5 miles with 121 feet elevation change. The path is paved, and well maintained. Along one side of the loop looks out over the ocean with unique rock formations. You can also sometimes spot whales in the distance during migration. Toward the point or ½ way along the trail you will find the Cape Meares Lighthouse. 

The Cape Meares Lighthouse is inactive. It is one of the shortest lighthouses along the Oregon Coast, but has an impressive kerosene-powered lens. Tours of the lighthouse are offered for free, but only with a tour. (Tours are not being held currently, due to covid).

If you are also looking for something else to do in this area, the famous octopus tree can be spotted around here. It looks like an octopus with all its legs flailing in the air. 

Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook Cheese Factory (coast)

Tillamook Creamery

When going up the Oregon Coast, you must visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Their cheese is beyond yummy! There are free self-guided tours offered daily at the factory. You can learn about the process of making cheese, quality control, how it’s packaged, and then go down to the dining hall to taste it all!

When we visited, the lines were super long at the dining hall and it took almost 45+ minutes to get our food ordered. But it was some of the best tasting cheesy meals we’ve ever had! I wouldn’t miss this very important stop on the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour. We ordered fried cheese curds, grilled cheese, and mac & cheese. Our mouths had a cheese explosion. 

Next, we stopped by for ice cream. One of our favorite ice cream flavors is from here “Monster Cookie” which is made with cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter swirls, oats, chocolate flakes and m&m’s. But there are many more flavors to choose from while here, so we ventured out. But ultimately ended on Monster Cookie for the win, ALWAYS! 

If you want to pick up some souvenirs, there is a huge gift shop, where you can get tons of different cheeses they make, ice creams, apparel, other local goods, etc. We highly suggest trying a few different kinds of cheese you normally can’t find in the store. 

Camp @ Blue Heron French Cheese Co:

Also, if you are part of Harvest Hosts, then a great place to park overnight in your camper van or RV is at Blue Heron French Cheese Co. They have a large grassy parking lot where tons of other vanlifers and RV’ers stayed for the night. There is a nice restaurant inside or you can just grab one of the many options inside their gift shop. 

Neahkahnie Coast:

a view from a highway pull off of the Neahkahnie Coast
Neahkahnie Coast

So I’ve noticed you can either get a beautiful view of the Neahkahnie Coast from a hike or honestly from a highway pull-off along hwy 101. The hike is up to Neahkahnie Mountain which is 2.8 miles with 866 ft elevation. The trail has a decent incline, but will bring you through coastal forest to a breathtaking view of the coastline at the top.

We were a little to exhausted to attempt the hike, but still got the nice view above from a highway pullout.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Kelly’s Brighton marina:

Jake throwing in a crabbing net at Kelly's Brighton Marina
Jake throwing in a crabbing net at Kelly’s Brighton Marina
Jake with one of the crabs he caught at Kelly's Brighton Marina On our Oregon Coast Road Trip
Jake with a crab from Kelly’s Brighton Marina

One of the coolest experiences along this Oregon Coast Road Trip is catching crabs at Kelly’s Brighton Marina. They provide you with everything you need to catch some crabs. And if you do get lucky and catch a “keeper”, they will cook it at the restaurant for you too! But there are rules to which crabs you can keep and they must be male and larger than a certain size. This was one of the best things we did along this Oregon Road Trip, but sadly we didn’t catch any “keepable” crabs!

It’s best to bring a couple of chairs down to the dock so you can relax while you wait for the crab pot to sit in the water for 10-15 minutes. 

The cost to rent a crabbing ring and a spot on the dock is $15. Do note, that you will need a crabbing license which will cost an additional $15+ (depending on if you are a resident or not & if you want a day or annual pass). Even though we didn’t catch a crab, the experience was worth the price in our opinion. 

Camp @ Kelly’s:

If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting Kellys Brighton Marina, they have a campground attached to their marina. You should plan in advance if you can, because they were all taken when we arrived (which was during peak summer). But it would be a fun experience to go crabbing more than once to have a better chance of catching a “keepable” crab. There is some strategy knowing the tides to have the best chance of catching some crabs. 

And if you don’t have any luck while crabbing, you can still purchase a crab for dinner upstairs. 

Cannon Beach:

Jake and Em striking a pose in front of Haystack Rock atCannon Beach which is one of the best stops along this Oregon Coast Road Trip
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast

Another famous stop along this Oregon Road Trip is Cannon Beach. It is a famous Haystack Rock that is great for photography and a walk along the beach. The weather around this beach tends to not always be swimsuit weather. But you might get lucky depending on the time you go. 

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is a port city and the oldest town west of the Rocky Mountains. This is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Tons of ships come through here to Astoria and farther inland to Portland. And there’s also the massive Astoria-Megler Bridge that dominates the skyline and connects Oregon and Washington.

Astoria is full of colorful historic houses that dot the steep hills. The neighborhoods give off San Francisco vibes. The town has deep roots in fishing, logging, and manufacturing, but hase been evolving into more of an artsy town that embraces tourism.

a street view from Astoria, Oregon
A street view from Astoria, Oregon

Check Out The Goonies Movie Set:

If you are a Goonies fan, Astoria is the main setting in the movie. I’m embarrassed to say, but I’ve never seen the Goonies. So I am going to send you over to The Goondocks Website, for what to look for when visiting Astoria and seeing the legendary spots in “The Goonies”. 

Self-Guided Brewery Tour In Astoria:

While Jake and I didn’t have time to go on a proper self-guided brewery tour here, it would totally be a great place for that. 

We did stop at one brewery, Fort George Brewery & Public House, and this place is very cool. There are a few different spots inside the one building to sit and have a beer. There is the downstairs pub, pizza restaurant upstairs, and the Lovell Taproom. 

You then could stop at Reach Break Brewing, Astoria Brewing Company, and then Buoy Beer Company. And if you missed Rogue when visiting Newport, you could visit their location here. It is out on the pier, so you get a unique experience out on the water. 

What To Bring On This Oregon Coast Road Trip?

Don’t forget the Road Trip Essentials on this Oregon Coast Road Trip. Some items you must not forget are a rain jacket, camera, and good tunes!

Where To Stay On This Oregon Coast Road Trip?

As you probably know, Jake and I travel in a campervan. So we bring our accommodation with us everywhere we go. We have provided a few great spots to camp along this Oregon Coast Road Trip. We use the apps iOverlander, Sekr or for where to park our campervan overnight. You can also check out our post, where to find Free overnight parking in your campervan, for other great options.

Or there are many great options if you have a Harvest Host Membership. Check out our Harvest Host Review and also included is a link for 15% off a membership!

If you prefer to stay in hotels, use Kayak to find some great deals along the coast.

Or consider renting a few vacation home rentals along the coast on VRBO. This can give you an authentic feel for your own temporary home on the Oregon Coast.

Best Time To Go On An Oregon Coast Road Trip

Well my best answer is whenever you can get the time off work to go! But ultimately summertime (June-September) is the best time to go and when you can get the best weather. The weather will be much more grey, cold and wet during spring, fall, and winter. But sometimes the gloom can add to the mystical vibes of this picturesque coast.

Additional Notes When Visiting The Oregon Coast

Parking lots fill up quick, so plan in advance and get to some of the popular areas early.

Coastal fog is a real thing. You will most likely experience it early morning or late evening, but there is no doubt you will experience some coastal fog while traveling along this Oregon Coast Road Trip. It can make the roads nearly impossible to see where you are driving. Or if you are walking along the coast, it can be easy to get lost. So use caution when exploring the Oregon Coast.

Takeaway | Best Stops Along An Oregon Coast Road Trip

This Oregon Coast Road Trip is one for the books. Your mind will be blown every few miles with unique and enchanting views. And like mentioned above, this trip can be done over a few days, weeks, months or much quicker. So if you are on the fast track, pick a few of the stops that pique your interest most, and save the rest for later!

But ultimately, we hope you enjoy this guide for the best stops along an Oregon Coast Road Trip! Did we miss anything? What is your favorite stop along the Oregon Coast?

Save This ‘Oregon Coast Road Trip’ For Later

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Monday 17th of January 2022

[…] If you are looking for anything else to do along the Oregon Coast, check out our guide for the best stops along an Oregon Coast Road Trip. […]