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The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip – 10 Day Itinerary

Oregon is such a big state, and it can be hard to fit all the best attractions in one epic road trip. But sometimes that’s all the time you have. Jake and I were lucky enough to explore the state of Oregon for a month in our self-converted camper van. Therefore, we put together a 10 day itinerary. This guide will bring you around the state to all the very best attractions that you must-add to your Oregon Bucket List. 

This road trip will be very action-packed, because we don’t want you to miss any epic adventures while you travel this beautiful state. We will include the best accommodation for each location, so that all you have to do is jump into your car (or plane) and be on our way to exploring the beautiful state of Oregon.

Don’t worry, we will add an honorable mention section below, in case something we add isn’t quite your cup of tea. Therefore, you can interchange some of the activities to your liking! 

Let’s dive into this ultimate guide for an Oregon Road Trip 10 day itinerary.  

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Accommodation along this Oregon road trip:

We will suggest places to camp every night if you are traveling in a camper van. Although camping along the coast can strike more of a challenge. Therefore, I will suggest some campgrounds that will require an advanced reservation. Or places where a Harvest Host Membership will be required. 

You can always use the apps iOverlander, sekr, or to help find free overnight parking or camping. But some of the spots are not always official, so I don’t want to lead you somewhere that might no longer be available as you make your way around Oregon. 

But if camping is not your style of accommodation, consider looking up great deals on Kayak or VRBO. There are tons of great hotel accommodations and awesome vacation home rentals. 

Where to fly in and rent a car On An Oregon Road Trip?

If you are not traveling here by car, campervan or RV, we suggest flying into Portland, and starting the road trip here. You can either travel inland first or travel the coast North to South. But you will want to skip ahead to Day 5.

If you need to rent a car, check out our money saving tips for renting a car. Or consider renting a campervan or RV with RVezy or Outdoorsy. We think this would be the funnest option for visiting the beautiful state of Oregon.

Oregon Road Trip – 10 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Travel Up The Coast

From day one of this ultimate Oregon Road Trip 10 day itinerary, you are in for a real treat.

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Cooridor

Secret Beach

A famous scenic route along the southern Oregon Coast is the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor. There are tons of beautiful stops, where you could easily spend the whole day. But if you don’t have a ton of extra time, then you should at least stop at these 3 spots: Indian Sands, Natural Bridges and Secret Beach.

Indian Sands

Indian Sands is a moderate, but short hike along the cliffs of the Oregon Coast. The hike is a 1-mile loop. There’s rocky islands, dramatic cliffs, pine-covered mountains, colorful wildflowers, sandy bluffs, and endless Pacific Ocean vistas.  And Indian Sands Trail offers another one of the natural rock arches that this coast is famous for.

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges can be done a few different ways. There is a very easy viewpoint, just a short walk from the parking lot. Or you can hike down to the bridges and actually walk over them. Although, use extreme caution, this terrain is not the easiest to hike. And the fall is treacherous. Or one of the best routes is to see it by kayak. We did an awesome kayaking adventure with South Coast Tours and it was definitely a highlight along the coast.

Secret Beach

Secret Beach is not so much a secret anymore. This beach is probably one of the most breathtaking beach views you will ever see. The hike down to the beach is rather short, but has a decent decent.

You can also climb the ridge on your right to look down into the adjacent cove.  This can also be a great place to watch sunset because the sun comes down right between the rocks, but bring your sunglasses the because the reflection off the ocean is blinding!

Jake and I visited during low tide, so we walked out onto the beach and set up a picnic as we watched the sunset. But the most picturesque spot is up on the ledge above the beach. You will most likely spot some photographers with their tripods capturing the beauty.

If you have extra time and want to check out some of the other great stops, check out our guide: 5 Best Stops Along The Samuel H. Boardmen Scenic Drive.

Tony’s Crab Shack:

Tony’s in Bandon, Oregon

Depending on the time you venture up the coast, we suggest stopping at Tony’s Crab Shack for a famous crab roll. And now would also be a good time to grab a cup of clam chowder. Tony’s Crab Shack was one of our favorite stops along the coast to get some fresh seafood. Do note, they are only open from 10:30am-6pm. We witnessed a few people show up right around 6pm and super bummed to miss this famous spot.

Camp on Day 1: 

There is some free camping around this area, using the iOverlander app. But like mentioned above, not 100% sure how “official” some of the spots are.

But camping at Bullards Beach State Park is a great option. Camping at Bullards Beach State Park is located near the ocean and is protected from the ocean breeze. You can book a reservation here up to 6 months in advance. Cost is $30/night. 

Day 2: Visit Our 2 Favorite Coastal Towns: Yachats/Newport

A long exposure photo of Thor's well which is one of the top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Thor’s Well

On day 2 of this Oregon Road Trip, you will be visiting 2 of our favorite Oregon Coastal Towns. Yachats has some unique natural attractions that you won’t want to miss when traveling up the coast. Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn are two natural attractions that need to be viewed at high tide. 

Thor’s Well is known as the drainpipe of the pacific. During high tide, water forces its way through the large hole, exploding, and then all the water being sucked back down the hole to make a mesmerizing sight. Be sure to stand far back from this unique attraction, because the water is powerful and the rocks are slippery. 

Next, head over to the spouting horn, which has a similar style of the ocean forcing water out a small hole. Which in return, makes the water spout out the top. The tube was formed by lava flow. Sometimes the spumes from the water can span up to 60 feet high. 

Lunch @ Luna Sea Fish House

Emily eating a fish & chips at Luna Sea Fish House which is a must do on the list of top things to do in Yachats, Oregon
Luna Sea Fish House

Next, head over to Luna Sea Fish house for a fresh fish fry lunch. We got fried scallops and halibut. Both were absolutely divine. If you sit on the side of the building, you can snag a view of the ocean while you eat your fish. 

If you are looking for more things to do in Yachats, check out our guide, Top Things To Do In Yachats.

Spend The Afternoon in Newport:

A view from afar of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is one of the tops things to do in Newport, OR
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Next, head up the coast to Newport. Newport was one of our favorite coastal towns when visiting Oregon. There is tons to do here, where you could easily spend the whole day. But since we only have 10 days on this Oregon Road Trip, we will list some of our favorite activities while here. 

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area:

First, you should definitely check out the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. This is where you can enjoy some of the West Coast’s largest nesting colonies for seabirds. So be on the lookout for birds flying over the area. You can often spot: Murres, Brandt’s and Pelagic Cormorants, Peregrine Falcons, Pigeon Guillemots, Western Gulls, Black Oystercatchers and Bald Eagles.

And of course the stunning view of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse is still active to aid in navigation. This is Oregon’s tallest lighthouse standing 93 ft tall. You can tour the lighthouse, but will need an advanced reservation

Cobble Beach right below the Lighthouse is a great spot for tide pooling and spotting seals and sea lions. There is usually a ranger down here to help aid in questions and safety tips at the beach.

Dinner at Mo’s or Local Oceans Seafood:

Dinner will either be more casual or at one of the finest restaurants in town. Mo’s offers one of the famous Clam Chowder Bowls which is insanely good. But Jake and I also splurged while we were visiting Newport and were so happy we did! We stopped into Local Oceans Seafood for an early dinner and it was super some tasty and fresh seafood. 

You will need a reservation during peak summer and prime dinner time. Unless you are okay with an early dinner, they might be able to squeeze you in. We got the Brazilian Stew and the Tuna Mignon. Both were absolutely amazing and we highly suggest them both. 

Like I said, you could easily spend the whole day in Newport, so check out our guide, Top Things To Do In Newport, OR, if you have extra time on this Oregon Road Trip.

Accommodation Near Newport: 

There aren’t a ton of free camping options near Newport, OR, but if you are planning in advance you could make a reservation at South Beach State Park which is nearby. Or use the app iOverlander or Sekr to find peer reviewed, free campsites nearby. Check out our post: 3 Great Websites For Finding Free Camping

Day 3: Pacific City/ Tillamook:

Today is going to be a bit cheesy! Well, that is because you will be heading to the Tillamook Creamery. But first, we are going to head to Pacific City and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches. And maybe have a tasty beer at the brewery. 

During peak summer, this place gets busy, especially on a nice summer day. There is a parking lot near the beach that costs $10. And if it is a hot summer day, then this parking lot will be full by 9am and you will have to park along the street and walk a ways to the beach. 

If the day is nice when visiting then we suggest having a nice morning hanging out at the beach. You can enjoy the view and if it is high tide, you can also watch a unique experience of the Dory Boat’s coming in. The Dory boats send it into shore at full speed, and right before hitting shore, lift their motor and coast in. A trailer quickly comes to pick them up and take them ashore before another large wave comes crashing in. It was such a cool experience to see! 

If the day is not as nice, then you can hike Cape Kiwanda. The hike to Cape Kiwanda is 1 mile with 187 feet elevation change. And it is a rather easy hike out to the point. The hike consists of climbing up a giant sand dune to get to the top, so it can be tough, but rather short. 

Lunch At Pacific City Brewing

View from Pacific City Brewing at sunset
View from Pacific City Brewing at sunset

One of the coolest breweries Jake and I have been to is Pacific City Brewing. The views from this brewery are absolutely breathtaking, and they have soooo many delicious beers to choose from! Plus their lunch is pretty tasty too, but since it is in a prime location, the prices are a bit high. So Jake and I just split a flatbread, which honestly was more than enough for 2 people!

And if you find a couple beers that you really like, you can pick some up in their gift shop! Or take some to the beach because there is no open-container law in Pacific City. 

Visit The Tillamook Creamery

Tillamook Creamery

The Tillamook Creamery was a priority of mine when we went on this Oregon Road Trip. But I’m from Wisconsin, so cheese is near and dear to my heart. And I wanted to taste some of our competition.

Tillamook Creamery offers free self-guided tours 7 days a week from 10am-6pm. The tour brings you upstairs where you can watch over the employees making and perfecting the cheese. It is fascinating to see how much and fast they produce cheese.

Once you are finished with your tour, then head down to the cafe to get some fresh cheese products. But save some room for ice cream too! And if you want to take home some souvenirs, there is the market gift shop where you can purchase many different kinds of cheese, clothing, knick knacks and other local goods.

Camping & Accommodation Near Pacific City & Tillamook:

This is a good time to have a Harvest Hosts Membership when camping near Tillamook. If you have no idea what a Harvest Hosts Membership is, check out our review for everything you need to know! If you camp in a self-reliant campervan or RV more than 3 times a year and enjoy either wineries, breweries, local farms, museums, golf courses, etc. Then a Harvest Hosts membership will be worth it! If you are still questioning if you should get one or not, check out our Harvest Hosts Review Here.

There is an awesome place to camp with a Harvest Hosts Membership at Blue Heron French Cheese Co. They have a large open field where they allow campers to stay for the night. All you have to do is check in inside, and purchase a small souvenir/gift from their shop. They have local wines, cheeses, a restaurant and more. So it is very easy to support the business while getting a nice place to stay for the night. 

Day 4: Cannon Beach/ McMenamins

Jake and Em striking a pose in front of Haystack Rock atCannon Beach which is one of the best stops along this Oregon Coast Road Trip
Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Oregon’s Coast, then you probably came across a photo of Cannon Beach. It is known for the Haystack Rock and beach front area, which is very popular for photography and just strolling along the beach. The beach is also dog friendly, so you will often find people walking their dogs. 

I’ve visited this area twice both in Fall and Summer, and well it’s not necessarily a beach that gets tons of sun and you are hanging out in your bathing suit. But you might be able to grab a hoodie and enjoy the coastal fog from the beach. 

We’d highly suggest trying to catch a sunrise or sunset at Cannon Beach if possible.

Lunch @ Public Coast Brewing Co.:

Since you already visited Pacific Beach Brewing Company yesterday, stop by Public Coast Brewing Co for lunch today. It is located in Cannon Beach. They are known to have delicious pretzels and fresh fish tacos! And if you are still hungry, you might want to consider a Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwich!

Then, head your way toward Portland.

Accommodation Near Portland/ Afternoon @ McMenamins:

While you are in Portland, you should check out Mcmenamins or consider staying for the night.

Plus, camping in cities is much harder, so this could be a good day to re-fresh in a hotel. But if you prefer camping, you can probably get away with sleeping on a side street for one night. 

Mnmenamins has a very interesting vibe. We had the pleasure of staying at the Edgefield location. Their soaking pool is absolutely worth the stay. Plus there are 11 different restaurants and bars on the property too. So we suggest spending the afternoon here checking out the unique vibe of McMenamins.

And if you are looking to save a little bit of money, then you might still be able to take advantage of their soaking pool and check out a few different bars without staying on the premises. But I will note, finding a place to camp near the city can strike more of a challenge.

Also, tomorrows itinerary is VERY action packed, so you could visit some of the places we suggest for tomorrow, this evening, instead.

Day 5: Portland/Mt. Hood

Let’s be real, you can probably spend a whole week or so exploring Portland. But this is an Oregon Road Trip, so we are going to make our stop through Portland, short and sweet. 

Voodoo Doughnuts:

a picture of a few voodoo doughts, which is a must-stop at spot on an Oregon Road Trip
Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash

A must-do activity when in Portland is visit Voodoo Doughnuts for a famous tasty treat. These doughnuts aren’t just your ordinary doughnut, they are extreme. They are topped with breakfast cereal, cookies, bacon, etc. They even have vegan options too! And we say start with this in the morning, A. because it is a breakfast food, and B. You will want to work out after having one of these doughnuts. And let’s be real, you will probably get more than one, because they all look sooooo good! 

But Voodoo Doughnuts is famous in Portland, so it is something you can’t pass up when you are in Portland. 

Powell’s City Of Books:

a street view of Powell's book Store, which is a must-see stop on an Oregon Road Trip
Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

Another famous stop in Portland is Powell’s City of Books which is the largest used and new bookstore in the world. There are 10 different rooms and over 3500 different sections. So if you are in need of a book, you will DEFINITELY find something to peak your interest here.


When in Portland, you gotta visit one of the food truck pods. There are a few different food truck pods you can visit, but we suggest the Cartlandia Truck Pod. There are 30 different carts offering all different cuisines. So no matter what mood you are in, there will definitely be the food you want here! 

Cartlandia is open from 7am to 9pm. Although, each cart keeps their own hours, so be sure to check out their homepage, so you can visit when the food truck you want is open. 

Visit a Brewery:

Well, of course when you’re in Portland, you have to visit at least one of the 70 different breweries. So I am going to suggest checking out Beervana’s write up about the best breweries in Portland, so you can decide which one is best for you to visit. 

Hike To Multnomah Falls:

Jake & Emily posing in front of Multnomah Falls on a day trip from Portland to Mt. Hood & Hood River
Multnomah Falls

A must-visit waterfall while you are on this Oregon Road Trip is Multnomah Falls. So after you are done visiting Portland head over to Multnomah Falls. This parking lot can fill up quickly during peak summer. And since you are spending the morning in Portland, we suggest heading here late afternoon. Multnomah Falls stands 620 feet tall and has a picturesque bridge separating the 2 falls. 

There is a hike to the top, but we suggest just hiking up to the bridge and back which is rather easy, but a bit of an incline.

The Gorge White House:

Wine Flight From The Gorge White House, Hood River, Oregon
The Gorge White House, Hood River, Oregon

Next, head over to Mt. Hood Area. A super unique experience in Mt. Hood is the Gorge White House. It is a winery, cider house and brewery all in one. This is where you can also snag a nice beverage and dinner. 

If you have more time on this Oregon Road Trip, or you are looking for more things to do in the Mt. Hood Area, check out our day trip guide from Portland to Mt. Hood

Sunset At Trillium Lake:

Trillum Lake at dusk with the reflection of Mt. Hood is a must visit stop on an Oregon Road Trip
Photo by Sean Estergaard on Unsplash

Lastly, head over to Trillium Lake. Since the summer night are long, you can catch a nice sunset over here. Cost to park over here is $10 unless you have a Northwest Forest Service Day Pass

The view of Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the distance and the reflection portrayed on the lake is a legendary view in Oregon. And especially if you can snag the stunning sunset colors, you are in for a real treat! 

Camp Near Trillium Lake:

There is Free National Forest Land where you can camp near Trillium Lake. Campsites tend to be a but close together, but there was still space for us during peak summer.  Please respect this area, as the National Forest has been considering closing it down because of garbage, human waste, cutting of trees, etc. This is an especially important area to try and erase a trace along with leaving no trace. If we all collectively pick up some extra trash, we can make this a better place than it started.

Day 6: Smith Rock State Park

One of the famous shots along the Smith Rock State Park 1-Day Itinerary
Smith Rock State Park 1-Day Itinerary

Ready to hit up a super cool state park on this Oregon Road Trip? Well, Smith Rock State Park is on the agenda for Day 6. If you are a climber, then this will be your haven and I’m sure you will want to spend most of your time here.

But it is also a great place to hike as well, which is what Jake and I did and on the agenda for today. We feel you really only need a day here, unless you are a climber, then you could probably spend a week here climbing a new pitch each day. 

So on the hiking agenda, we suggest Misery Ridge and River Trail. The hike is 3.5 miles with 948 ft elevation. Most of the elevation comes at one time as you will be hiking up the ridge. But the views from the top are worth the extra effort. Along this hike you will get to witness a panoramic view of the surrounding area of Terrebonne. As well as walking by a large rock that looks like a monkey’s face. You then finish the hike along the river. So if it is hot out, you might want to cool down in the river. 

Plan For A Picnic Lunch Along The Smith Rock State Park Rim

We suggest packing along a picnic lunch for today. There are many different benches to enjoy the views as you replenish after your morning hike.

Evening Stroll On Rim Trail

Then, for an evening stroll, we suggest hiking rim trail which stretches about a mile long with only 22ft elevation change. This is where you can witness the famous photo of Smith Rock State Park of the beautiful rock cliffs, the stunning river and the mountains in the distance. This walk is super peaceful and a bonus if you walk during sunset. 

Check out our Ultimate Hiker’s Guide to Smith Rock State Park, for everything you need to know!

Camping Near Smith Rock State Park:

There is a campground at Smith Rock State Park: Bivouac Camp. which we suggest staying at if there is availability. The cost is $9 per person and only tent camping is allowed. 

If you have a camper van or RV and want to sleep in your vehicle,  there is camping at Skull Hollow Campground just 8 miles from the park. The cost is $10 per site & $20 for a double site. Campsites are also on a first come- first serve basis. 

If you are looking for a free place to stay for the night, then you can head over to Crooked River National Grasslands where you will find a handful of designated campsites. During peak summer, we did have to travel pretty far down the road to find a spot. But nonetheless, you should be able to snag a campsite around this area. 

Day 7: Tamolitch Blue Pool, Proxy Falls

Tamolitch Blue Pool view from a cliff, which is one of the best stops on an Oregon Road Trip
Tamolitch Blue Pool

Day 7 on this Oregon road trip is definitely filled with some epic adventures. Tamolitch Blue Pool is one of the most interesting aqua blue swimming holes you will ever witness. The water here is constantly 32 degrees no matter the time of year. So it might be enticing to go for a swim on a hot summer day, but it will surely be a quick one. 

The hike out to Tamolitch Blue Pool is 3.6 miles (roundtrip) with 285 ft elevation change. You will be hiking along the Mckenzie River through lush forest. Once you reach the pool, you will be up on the cliff. If you want to get down to the water, follow the trail around to the backside of the pool. There will be a dirt path down to the water. Take this path at your own risk as it is not well-maintained. 

Afternoon Hike To Proxy Falls

A long-exposure of Proxy Falls, which is one of the best stops along an Oregon Road Trip
Proxy Falls

Next, hop back in your car and head over toward the Proxy Falls Trailhead. This was probably our favorite hike of the summer! This is a loop hike, that stretches 1.6 miles with 147 ft elevation. If you start the hike counter-clockwise, then you will be hiking along lava flow first. But shortly reaching into lush forest. You will spot the waterfall from a distance, but there is a path leading down to the waterfall. We absolutely suggest getting closer!

Do be careful and watch your step as this area can be very slippery. But this waterfall absolutely took our breath away. Maybe pack a little afternoon snack to enjoy as you watch the majestic waterfall down the mossy background. 

There is another waterfall along this hike that is not quite as epic, but still totally worth checking out. Just follow along on the loop and there is a sign that will guide you to the second falls. Or you can always use the GPS map setting in the Alltrails app to help guide you here. 

Accommodation In The Deschutes National Forest:

Camping for tonight is in the Deschutes National Forest right outside Bend, Oregon where it is free to camp. To get to the dispersed campsites requires traveling down a bumpy dirt road, but it’s a great midway point to get to your next destination tomorrow! There are a few different dispersed campsites in the area. So you might have to travel further down the road to find an available spot.

Day 8: Explore Bend, Oregon

Bend was one of my favorite cities in Oregon. It’s not overwhelmingly big, but just big enough to still give you that city feel. Which means there are a ton of activities to do while you are here. So on Day 8 of this Oregon Road Trip, we are going to take the day to explore Bend, Oregon.

Float The Deschutes River:

Jake and Emily Floating The Deschutes River in Bend, OR
Floating Down The Deschutes River in Bend, OR

If you are visiting Bend during peak summer, then floating down the Deschutes River is an absolute must! It was definitely one of the funnest activities while we visited Bend. You can either use a company or do a self-guided float.

Obviously if you are just visiting and don’t have a raft, then you might as well rent from the company. Especially because you get a shuttle ride back to your vehicle. 

But if you do have a raft and want to save a few bucks. Then, you can put your raft in at Riverbend Park and take out at Drake Park. If you are traveling with friends and have more than one vehicle, someone can shuttle the other back to the start. 

Or you can simply walk back to your car, as it is only about a 1.5 mile float. And it will take you less than a half hour to walk back to your car. 

For all the details about floating the Deschutes River, check out our ultimate guide to floating the Deschutes River

Hike To Tumalo Falls:

Tumalo Falls which is one of the top things to do in Bend, Oregon
Tumalo Falls in Bend, Oregon

One hike outside the city, is Tumalo Falls, which we highly consider checking out! You can see the waterfall from the parking lot, but if you want to get a closer look, it’s a short .2 mile hike to the upper viewpoint. 

There is a $5 fee to park in the parking lot, unless you have a Northwest Forest Pass or other local passes. 

If you want to get a little more exercise since you drove out this way, there is a short hike up to two other falls. The hike is called double falls which is 2 miles (roundtrip) with 321 ft elevation. The path is well maintained and you continue along the dirt path past the upper Tumalo Falls viewpoint. Don’t forget insect repellent though, because the mosquitos were out to play the evening we went.

There is also a secret path behind Tumalo Falls. The “secret” path is pretty easy to find between the lower falls viewpoint and the upper falls viewpoint as it is moderately trafficked out. But definitely be extra cautious if you take the path behind the waterfall as it can be super slippery and these falls are definitely flowing strongly. I would not advise taking children back here. Or anyone without proper hiking footwear

Walk Downtown Bend/ Brewery Tour

Em holding a beer at Bend Brewing Company is one of the stops on our self-guided brewery tour in bend
Bend Brewing Company

Bend is such a charming little city. So before you head out of town, we suggest touring the city. There are tons of things to do and see. 

One of Jakes and my favorite breweries is in Bend, OR. We love Silver Moon Brewing Co. The vibe at the brewery was one of our favorites too. But there are tons of great breweries in Bend. So be sure to check out our Self-Guided Brewery Tour In Bend, to find out the best places to go!

If you want to spend more time in Bend, then check out our 1-week Itinerary guide for the best things to do in Bend, Oregon

Camping Near Bend, OR

Camping for this evening can either be the same spot listed as last night. Or there is also National Forest land West of the city if you head toward Mt. Bachelor Ski Area. Please be respectful of these National Forest areas and Leave No Trace (or what we like to say ‘Erase A Trace’ by picking up leftover trash). 

There are two campgrounds in Bend, OR but they aren’t exactly budget-friendly. The Camp is located just a short walk from downtown. They offer a unique experience, as you can rent a tiny cottage, vintage trailer, or a place to park your own RV or campervan. The price starts around $80+/night.

A little south of town, you will find Crown Villa RV Resort which has plenty of amenities (hot tub, steam room, indoor gym, etc) and a place to park for the night. But as mentioned above, the price starts around $100+/night.

There are also two campgrounds in Newberry National Volcanic Monument that are a bit more budget-friendly, but a longer drive to town. Crater Lake Campground is one option that has 49 campsites that either border the lake or are just a short walk. Paulina Lake Campground is the other option nearby which also has great access to the lake and shoreline trail.

There is also camping at the Tumalo State Park, which can be a great option if you plan to hike Tumalo Falls. There is a variety of tent sites, full hookup sites, yurts, and group sites.

Day 9: Toketee Falls / Watson Falls: 

viewpoint on the hike to Toketee Falls which is one of the best stops along an Oregon Road Trip
Toketee Falls
Aerial view of Watson Falls which is a great stop along an Oregon road Trip
Watson Falls

Two epic waterfall hikes right next to each other are Toketee Falls and Watson Falls. We visited these falls when we first entered the state of Oregon and we were completely blown away. You can tend to get waterfall fatigue in Oregon. But these 2 falls are surely not the ones to miss. 

The hike to Toketee Falls is .9 miles with 167 ft elevation. There are quite a few stairs involved in this hike, but it leads you to a nice viewing platform where you can view the falls. You sadly aren’t supposed to go all the way down the hill to the bottom where you can get the best view. But ultimately the viewing platform provides a stunning view of the unique rock formations and flowing water. 

Watson Falls is a 1 mile hike with 524 ft elevation change. It is a bit of a climb but along a well-maintained trail. You can get a good view from below, but you can also continue the climb up to the falls and feel the mist of the water. Which we personally recommend if you have good hiking shoes with good traction

Camping Near Toketee Falls & Watson Falls

Tomorrow on this Oregon Road trip you are headed toward Crater Lake National Park. There is great free camping in the Winema National Forest, which is right outside Crater Lake. So we suggest heading over this way, maybe make yourself dinner over the campfire and enjoy nature. If you are like us, then we wanted to head into Crater National Park early to catch a sunset. It was cold, but stunning as we watched the sun rise over the rim.

Day 10: Crater Lake National Park:

a view from the rim of Crater Lake with us lookin out, which is one of the best stops along an Oregon Road Trip
Crater Lake National Park

Lastly, we head to Crater Lake National Park along this Oregon Road Trip. And just like any other National Park, be prepared to have your breath taken away! The vibrant blue lake is contained in the now-collapsed Mount Manzama Volcano.  The dramatic steep crater rim provides incredible unobstructed views of the lake from nearly any angle.

There are a handful of great hikes in the area. But most of the hikes are either along the rim of Crater Lake offering stunning views. Or to peaks where you can get a bird’s eye view of the crater. So you can tackle this day as hard or easily as you like. 

Watchman Peak Trailhead/Parking Area is one of the best sunrise spots in Crater Lake.
Watching Sunrise from Watchman Peak Trailhead is equally spectacular.

Bonus, if you head here early, you can catch an amazing sunrise. Jake and I headed to Watchmen Peak Viewpoint and it was absolutely stunning! Check out our post of the best sunrise spots at Crater Lake National Park.

Hike To Watchmen Peak Overlook or Garfield Peak

A couple hikes we would suggest is Watchmen Peak Overlook or Garfield Peak. Honestly, right from the parking lots, the views are simply breathtaking. But if you want to get higher, and avoid some of the crowds, you can climb up to the peaks. 

The hike up to the Watchmen Tower is 1.7 miles with 400 ft elevation. And the Garfield Peak is 3.4 miles with 1069 ft elevation. Both offer different views. 

Find A Swimming Hole At Crater Lake National Park

Unfortunately when Jake and I visited, it was a bit chillier, but there are a few awesome swimming spots in Crater Lake. But neither are that easy to get to. Cleetwood Cove Trail is 2 miles with 620 ft elevation. This is near where the boat tours take off. Which is how you get to the other swimming spot. 

The other swimming spot is over on Wizard Island. Which requires a boat tour to get here. The cost is $55 per person, or $37 for children under the age of 12. Once you get the boat tour over to the island, you can either hike to the summit which is 2.3 miles and 751 ft elevation. Or you can hike Fumarole Bay which is 1.5 miles and 141 ft elevation. So if you are looking for a nice place to swim, I’d suggest hiking the Fumarole Bay. 

I wanted to leave the last day as a choose your own adventure. During peak summer, the weather can be nice, but during spring and fall, the temperatures can be a bit chilly. So you might choose a hiking adventure over a swimming adventure or vice versa depending on the weather. Also, this is the last adventure of the trip, so if you are exhausted, there are so many great and easy spots to take in the majestic view. And if you are still up for a full on adventure, there are many great spots to venture too. 

Takeaway | Ultimate Oregon Road Trip – 10 Day Itinerary

This Oregon Road Trip will seriously be a trip of a lifetime. We take you along to some of the best spots Oregon has to offer. From the scenic coastal drive to many inland adventures, there are sure to be many spots that will blow your mind. Like we mentioned above, Jake and I got to spend a whole month exploring this entire state. And we still wish we had more time to see more of what this state has to offer. But without a doubt these are some of the best spots. 

If you have less time on your tour of Oregon, you can leave some of the adventures for a different time. Or if you have more time to explore this beautiful state, then check out some of our other Oregon Guides. There are sooooo many more awesome attractions around Oregon that are so worth checking out. We hope this Oregon Road Trip guide provides you with everything you need to know, so all you have to do is hop in your car and be on your way. 

Honorable Mention Ideas For An Oregon Road Trip

Visit The Old Port Town Of Astoria:

a street view from Astoria, Oregon
a street view from Astoria, Oregon

After you visit Cannon Beach, we head inland. But if you have more time on your road trip. Or simply a big fan of the Goonies, then Astoria might be worth the visit. Astoria is the Most North City along the Oregon Coast. It’s is a port city and the oldest town West of the Rocky Mountains. There is surprsingly alot to do in this little town.

First off, there is tons to do, eat and drink around the area. Many of the shops and restaurants sit over the water adding a unique ambiance. You can also check out the Goonies Movie set. Or hike up the Astoria Column to get an awesome birdseye view of the town.

Simply just driving around the town of Astoria is cool. Jake and I just drove up and down the roads to check out the old houses.

And of course there are a few great breweries to check out while you are here. We really enjoyed our time at Fort Gorge Brewery. There are a few different rooms where you can enjoy a cold one. There is the downstairs pub, pizza upstairs and the Lovell Tasting Room.

Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area:

a view from above of Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Reserve during high tide along the Oregon Coast
Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Reserve

Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area is like a natures jungle gym in the Ocean. Definitely plan to get here early or you might not find a spot and have to walk quite a bit to get down to the beach. This area is also very popular amongst the surfing community.

Once you get to the parking lot, definitely go check out the Devil’s Punchbowl from above. But it will only make you want to go down to explore the area. Do note, you can only walk into the punchbowl at low tide. 

To get down to the ocean floor, you will have to walk down a path carved out between the dirt. It is paved, but the ocean being the ocean, it took out the paved path at about half way to the ocean floor. So you will have to climb down a dirt section, so be careful and watch your footing. Then, head left toward the punch bowl. This area can be very slippery, so we highly suggest having shoes with good traction. 

You can explore the devil’s punchbowl from within and see how the water has carved out this unique wonder. Outside of the punchbowl you can also go tide pooling. Which offers a HUGE area to explore.

Broken Top Hike In Bend, OR

Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

Broken Top is an epic hike near Bend, Oregon. If you are visiting during summer and can drive up the road, the hike is only 6.3 miles with 1614 ft elevation change. But you will need a high-clearance 4×4. As of late summer 2022, apparently the road is VERY BAD.

So if you don’t have the right vehicle to make it up here, then the hike becomes 14 miles 3848 ft elevation change. The good news is if you are planning in advance, you can get a permit to backpack here. If backpacking is of interest, check out to snag a backpacking permit. Don’t forget to pack the backpacking essentials. 

If you are looking for anything else to do along the Oregon Coast, check out our guide for the best stops along an Oregon Coast Road Trip.

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a pinterest pin showing 4 of the best stops along an Oregon Road Trip
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