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13 Companies That Can Convert A Van For Under $25,000

Finding a camper van conversion company on a tight budget can be a challenge. But we’ve gathered a list of awesome companies that can convert a van for under $25,000.

Many companies charge upward of $50,000+ for a professionally built-out van. And that’s not even including the van itself.

So it can seem like a professional van conversion is out of the question if you are on a tight budget. But luckily there are a few great companies geared towards affordable professional van conversions.

Perhaps you just are not handy at all and just want to pay someone else to bring your dream van to life. Or maybe you want to purchase a DIY kit and save money by installing it yourself.

Or even if you just need help with certain aspects like solar/electrical, or plumbing. Fear not, many of these van conversion companies are happy to help you get your affordable van conversion.

Wayfarer Vans

-Colorado Springs, CO

Van Conversion Design by Wayfarer Vans
Van Conversion Design by Wayfarer Vans

Wayfarer Vans is not only a budget camper van conversion company, they can get you out on the road fast and efficiently. All their layouts are pre-built before you arrive, so when the van shows up, everything can be installed and you are already on your way to your first adventure!

Initially focusing on converting Ram Promaster City vans, Wayfarer Vans has adapted to changes in the market as these vans have since been discontinued. They now offer conversions for both Ram Promaster and Ford Transit models. 

However, if you happen to come across a used Ram Promaster City and envision a budget conversion, you can still reach out to inquire about the possibilities. Wayfarer Vans remains open to accommodating customer preferences and exploring options beyond their primary offerings.

  • Price: Starting around $20,000 (not including van)
  • Convert: Ram Promaster, & Ford Transit
  • Build Time: 2-12 weeks

Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles 

-Fairview, NC

Van Conversion Design by Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles
Van Conversion Design by Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles

Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles, located in Fairview, NC, is an exceptional van conversion company in the East. With nearly two decades of experience in the van building industry, they excel in creating customized vans that fulfill their customers’ ultimate dreams. Their approach is highly personalized, aiming to establish a strong connection with clients and custom build their ideal van.

Whether you require assistance with a project, desire a partially built-out van, or seek a comprehensive custom conversion, Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles is fully equipped to cater to your specific needs. They possess the expertise and willingness to assist you with virtually any task.

Their primary mission is to create adventure-ready campervans to enhance the outdoor lifestyle. If you’re interested in purchasing an already converted van to hit the road quickly. Explore their website for a selection of pre-built vans available for sale.

  • Price: Starting at $20,000-$25,000 (not including van)
  • Convert: Mercedes Sprinter, Metris, Ford Transit, Transit Connect, Econoline, Ram Promaster
  • Build Time: 4 months from start to finish (around 1 month + for the build itself)


-Portland, OR

Van Conversion Design by Zenvanz
Van Conversion Design by Zenvanz

Zenvanz provides a couple of unique options to make your dream camper van conversion a reality. For a more budget-friendly option, they offer modular DIY kits that can easily be installed yourself. 

Their DIY kits are constructed of a rugged aluminum exoskeleton and bent bamboo panels for a beautiful aesthetic. The cabinet kit includes: a kitchen/galley, upper cabinets, a 3-panel bed system, and a fold-out gear drying rack. 

Each kit is built-to-order, so you can make final changes before fabrication.

Zenanz also offers fully customizable camper van conversions that are 4×4 and ready to tackle all 4 seasons. But of course, this will likely exceed the budget-friendly van category. 

Their fully custom-built vans allow you to bring your dream van to life with their expert craftsmanship and high-quality components. They work closely with their customers by providing a 3D layout design that can give you the best idea of how the van will look in real life before fabrication.

Whether you seek professional assistance or prefer a do-it-yourself approach, Zenvanz has all the options to fulfill your requirements and deliver exceptional results.

  • Price: Starting around $18,000 (custom kit- not including van)
  • Convert: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Build Time: Custom

Oasis Campervans 

-Larkspur, CO

Oasis Campervans specializes in converting minivans into campervans. They prioritize affordability and efficiency, enabling you to embark on your journey quickly and within a reasonable budget.

However, it’s important to note that opting for a minivan conversion means compromising on space, since minivans are inherently smaller in size. However, they can get great gas mileage and are more practical as a daily driver.

Oasis Campervans builds compact conversions that make excellent use of the small space.

  • Price: Starting at $8,100
  • Convert: Toyota Sienna (also convert Mercedes Metris, Honda Odyssey, Kia Carnival, Kia Sedona, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica, Chrysler Town and Country, Nissan NV200, Chevy Astro, and others)
  • Build Time: 2-3 weeks

Cardiff Campervans 

-Encinitas CA

Campervan Conversion by Cardiff Campervans
Campervan Conversion by Cardiff Campervans

Cardiff Campervans specializes exclusively in van conversions designed for weekend getaways. They excel in completing these conversions in a remarkably short time frame, often as quickly as two weeks. 

However, if you require a more extensive custom build for full-time living, it would be advisable to explore other options. Cardiff Campervans specializes in simpler, more streamlined builds and prefers to focus on that particular niche.

  • Price: Starting at $9,000
  • Convert: Sprinter Crew and Passenger Vans 
  • Build Time: 2-4 weeks

Cascade Campers 

-Grass Valley, CA

Van Conversion by Cascade Campers
Van Conversion by Cascade Campers

Cascade Campers aims to make the campervan lifestyle affordable for a wider audience. Their expertise lies in converting smaller vans into campervans, maintaining a focus on modest conversions that are cost-effective while still offering the liberating experience of van life. 

Notably, Cascade Campers boasts one of the quickest build-out times in the market, with conversions typically completed in just two days.

However, it’s worth noting that smaller vans are becoming increasingly scarce as they are being phased out by major car dealers. Therefore, if you’re interested in this type of conversion, it is advisable to act quickly and seize the opportunity while it lasts.

  • Price: Starting at $9,800
  • Convert: 2015 and newer RAM ProMaster City cargo vans
  • Build Time: 2 days

Van Smith 

-Boulder, CO

Foundation Build by Van Smith

Van Smith is a reputable camper van conversion company located in Boulder, CO. They prioritize using high-quality materials that are built to withstand all of your adventures, both on and off-road. 

The cabinets they use are locally sourced in Colorado and crafted from premium Baltic Birch Plywood. Additionally, they are committed to environmental sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly fabrics into their designs. This ensures that when you choose Van Smith, you not only receive a van from a company that values the environment but also guarantees top-notch quality.

One notable feature in Van Smith’s lineup is their foundation build (pictured above). This includes essential elements such as insulation, walls, ceiling, flooring, mounting, and rough wiring. 

This option is particularly useful if you want help getting the first steps of your van conversion done. With the boring stuff out of the way, you can focus on the more exciting van conversion steps.

They also provide DIY kits for cabinets, galleys, benches, beds, and more.

In addition to the foundation build, Van Smith offers three other standard builds that include essential features like cabinets, beds, kitchens, and more. 

Moreover, they are open to creating custom build-outs tailored to your specific preferences if you desire a more personalized conversion.

  • Price: Starting at $12,000 (not including van)
  • Convert: Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster
  • Build Time: 2-3 months

Colorado Camper Van

-Loveland, CO

Van Conversion Design by Colorado Camper Vans
Van Conversion by Colorado Camper Vans

Colorado Camper Vans is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a budget-friendly campervan or considering adding a pop-top to your existing campervan. In fact, they specialize in a wide range of custom build-outs to cater to diverse preferences. 

Their expertise extends to various aspects of campervan conversions, making them a comprehensive solution provider.

  • Price: Starting at $12,500 (not including van)
  • Convert: most vans
  • Build Time: 4-5 weeks

Adventure Wagon

-Portland, OR

Adventure Wagon is a camper van conversion company located in the Pacific Northwest. What sets them apart is their building configurator widget that allows you to create your dream campervan right on their website. This interactive tool enables you to customize various aspects of the conversion according to your preferences.

Adventure Wagon offers two different options for van builds.

One DIY solution prepares all the necessary components for you and then you install the conversion yourself (this is a great option for people on a tighter budget).

Or Adventure Wagon will build out your custom van entirely from start to finish.

If you are not confident in your building skills, they will bring your dream campervan to life so you can embark on your adventures quickly.

  • Price: Starting at $16,000 (not including van)
  • Convert: Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit
  • Build Time: 5 days


-Arvada, CO

Van Conversion Design by Contravans
Van Conversion Design by Contravans

Contravans specializes in converting a wide range of van makes and models. For smaller van models, they can complete the conversion process within a remarkably short timeframe of 4-6 days. Making them an ideal choice if you’re seeking an affordable and fast conversion. 

However, they also cater to custom builds, which may take up to 12 weeks to ensure a more personalized result.

One notable advantage of choosing Contravans is their warranty policy. In the event that any component breaks or malfunctions under normal wear and tear, they are committed to fixing or replacing it for you. This warranty offers peace of mind and reassurance that your investment is protected.

  • Price: Starting around $15,000
  • Convert: Most van makes & models (inquire within)
  • Built Time: 4 days to 12 weeks

Custom Coach Creations 

-DeLand, FL

Van Conversion design by Custom Coach Creations
Van Conversion Design by Custom Coach Creations

True to their name, Custom Coach Creations specializes in crafting stunning custom van builds. With over 25 years of experience in the RV industry, you can rest assured that your campervan is entrusted to skilled craftsmen.

Each piece of furniture and cabinetry is meticulously hand-built to ensure a perfect fit and reflect your personal preferences. Custom Coach Creations values customer involvement and strives to keep you engaged throughout the process, ensuring that every detail meets your exact standards.

  • Price: Starting at $24,995 (not including van)
  • Convert: All vans and more
  • Build Time: 4-5 months

Adventure Vehicle Concepts 

-Loveland, CO

Van Conversion design by Adventure Vehicle Concepts
Van Conversion by Adventure Vehicle Concepts

Adventure Vehicle Concepts is a conversion company based in Colorado that offers a range of options to suit various needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic interior base to kickstart your DIY build or seeking a complete custom build, they have you covered. 

With a selection of different designs available, you can choose one that fits within a modest budget while still providing you the opportunity to embark on unforgettable adventures and explore the beauty of the great outdoors.

  • Price: Starting at $25,000 (van not included)
  • Convert: Ford Transit Cargo & Crew Vans
  • Build Time: 3-8 weeks


-Huntington, IN, Phoenix, AZ, & Austin, TX

Gold GMC Savana Sportsmobile Campervan 4x4
Van Conversion by Sportsmobile

With a history dating back to 1961, Sportsmobile holds a prominent position as one of the most established campervan conversion companies in the industry. Their expertise lies in transforming vans into formidable off-road machines. 

Operating from three locations across the United States, they provide convenient access to their conversion services.

When it comes to converting your van into an off-road rig, Sportsmobile stands out as the premier choice. Their vans are built to conquer the untamed wilderness, adeptly navigating rocky terrains, traversing rivers, and tackling genuine 4×4 terrain. 

Furthermore, Sportsmobile caters to a wide range of van makes and models, ensuring compatibility and options for various preferences.

  • Price: Starting around $25,000 for partial build outs (not including van)
  • Convert: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Dodge ProMaster, Chevy Express & Ford E Series
  • Built Time: 3 months

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Takeaway | 13 Companies That Can Convert A Van For Under $25,000

You don’t have to break the bank to have a campervan professionally built out. These are 13 great companies that create beautiful, budget-friendly van conversions.

Each company offers unique and practical designs that will get you on the road quickly. They focus on simple and functional van conversions that make vanlife accessible to more people.

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