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61+ Brilliant Van Life Gifts (Both Unique & Practical)

An arial photo of Jake and Emily hammocking off the back of their campervan, using their campervan hammock hooks

Wondering what to get someone who lives in a van full-time for Christmas or Birthday? Look no further as these van life gifts will give you plenty of great options to give your fellow vanlife friend.

But do note that some of these items are larger, so make sure the vanlifer has enough space to house the item in their van. There are also plenty of practical small items that will make any vanlifers day.

After living in a van full-time for over 4 years, we feel we have mastered some of our favorite vanlife items that help us live our best life. Althought not all items on this list will suit all vanlifers, they will get you started in becoming the best gift giver this christmas or birthday season! We hope you have success in finding the perfect gift for your friend in this gift guide for vanlife. 

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National Parks Pass 

Jake Holding National Parks Pass, which makes the perfect van life gift

One of the best van life gift ideas is an America The Beautiful National Parks Pass. Most likely if you live full-time vanlife, you will be visiting some amazing National Parks along your route. And visiting 2-3 National Parks in one calendar year pays for the pass.

Plus, with this purchase, you are helping the National Parks Service, so in my eyes, it’s a win-win! 

Or if the vanlifer often stays in one state, you could purchase that state’s State Park Pass. For example, California has over 300 state parks. Therefore gifting a State Park Pass would help them explore their state to the fullest! 

Gift Cards

A happy birthday REI Gift Card with 3 dogs celebrating

Gift cards are personally one of my favorite van life gifts. It’s essentially free money that you get to spend somewhere. And if you know the person well enough then you will know exactly what branded gift card to get them that will make their day. For example, Jake and I love REI, it’s like an amusement park for adults who are outdoor enthusiasts. So having “free” money to spend in there is the perfect gift idea.

Another example is if the van lifer you know always eats out on the road you could get them a gift card to fast food restaurants or maybe help them splurge and go out for a nice meal somewhere.

You can find many different gift cards HERE!

Also, living on the road often means you stop at coffee shops for internet, therefore getting them a Starbucks or their local coffee shop gift card will help them stay caffeinated and fed while staying connected on the road. 

Or another great gift card option is a gas card, as gas is usually the #1 expense for someone living full-time on the road. 

And last but not least, is REI or a gift card to their favorite store. A common favorite store among vanlifers is REI because it has almost all the outdoor gear you could possibly need to survive on the road. Or you could get them a gift card to their favorite clothing store, so they can get that clothing item they have had their eye on all season!

Even better, try supporting a local business! Check online to see if they sell gift cards or stop in quick to pick one up. This is the best way to support those smaller businesses during the holiday season! 

Harvest Host Membership

Emily At A Harvest Host Winery In California, representing a Harvest Hosts Membership as one of the best van life gifts
Emily At A Harvest Host Winery In California

Harvest Host is an awesome membership for Vanlifers or RV’ers to have while living full-time on the road. It offers a place to stay for the night while getting to explore different wineries, breweries, farms, museums, etc. Its the perfect companion to a road trip as you can plan your stops well in advance and have a fun and unique place to stay.

But do note, the vanlifer MUST have a self-contained Van/RV with a toilet, water tank, and inside cooking facilities.

There is also a Golf Course oriented membership available. Where people can park at the golf course overnight for free, and get a discount at the course.

Use this referral link to get 15% off a Harvest Hosts membership! Be sure to use code HHFRIENDS15 at checkout.

Members can now pair their membership with Boondocker’s Welcome to get even more places to stay! A Boondockers Welcome membership is a peer-to-peer marketplace where a fellow RV or campervan owner who owns a home too, offers a parking spot at their house.

Merino Wool Clothing

Jake standing on Mt Storm King, sporting an Unbound Merino crew neck t-shirt, representing that merino wool is one of the best van life gifts
Jake wearing an Unbound Merino Wool Shirt on a hiking adventure

The best clothing for a vanlifer is merino wool because you can wear the same clothes for multiple days without washing them. Because let’s face it, going to the laundromat often just doesn’t happen when you live full-time vanlife.

new merino wool gear from Icebreaker, which makes one of the best van life gifts

Jake and I did a 7-day challenge with Icebreaker. We wore Merino Wool Sweaters for 7 days straight, and didn’t even shower for a week to prove that they take a while to get smelly!

Merino wool is a staple in our wardrobe. Some of our favorite quality merino wool brands are Icebreaker, and IsoBaa.

Down Slippers

emily with her feet out the window with her down booties, which is one of the best van life gifts

The floor in a van will always be cold unless you add a heater. But every morning, even in the summer, slippers are a godsend to keep your piggy toes toasty warm!

Sadly, my all-time favorite booties are no longer available. But Jake was so jealous of my booties over the years that he decided it was time for him to get a pair. He can confirm The Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Socks are equally as great!

I promise down booties will be an absolute game changer and will even keep your ankles warm.

Nano-puff Jacket

Emily sitting on a rock with her nano puff jacket at Lake George in CA, which is representing a great van life gift idea

Patagonia nano-puff jackets are the perfect van life gift. They pack down small for stowing away and also keep you super warm. Jake and I basically live in our nano-puff jackets all year long. They are also great to bring along on outdoor adventures all year long.

Check out Great Patagonia Nano Puff Jackets. Also, if you are looking for warmer down jacket, I’m a huge fan of the Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jacket.

Venustas Heated Vest

Emily wearing a Venustas Heated Vest, which is one of the the best van life gifts
Venustas Heated Vest

One of my all-time favorite clothing items in vanlife is this Venustas Heated Vest. I run super cold, so you will find me in this heated vest year-round. It’s not an understatement that this heated vest has changed my life!

Plus we often travel in the Colorado mountains, where even on a summer night the temperatures can drop into the 30’s. So I’ve made a few friends pretty jealous when I whip out my heated vest and stay cozy warm around the campfire.

Use code TWOROAMINGSOULS at checkout for an additional 15% off.

Bug Net Canopy


One awesome addition to our vanlife set up has been a bug net canopy. Depending on where you travel, bugs will be a nuisance. For example, when we were living in Northern Idaho this summer, the mosquitos were relentless. So we set up this bug net canopy so we could enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive. It can also double as sun shade in the middle of those hot summer days!

Jake and I have the Ozark Trail 13′ x 9′ Screenhouse which has held up well in strong winds and packs down to 26.3″x9″x5.9″ for easy stowaway.

CGear Sand-Free Mat

CGear Sand-Free Mat with a couple cheersing in front of their campervan, representing one of the best van life gifts

One of the best additions to our van setup has been this CGear Sand Free Mat. This mat is designed to keep you sand-free whether at the beach, at a sandy campsite, etc. It almost doubles your living space and offers a great way to set up camp outside your van without getting everything covered in dirt. But do note, this item doesn’t compact down very small. So make sure this item is something your van life friend might enjoy first and can dedicate space for.

If you are looking for a smaller version of this mat, check out the SandLite version! It packs down much smaller, and also keeps you sand-free! 

Use code tworoamingsouls at checkout for 10% off


using the Moonshade in the desert for shade from the sun, which is one of the best van life gifts

Another popular sun shade amongst van lifers is a Moonshade. It’s perfect for those hot summer days, where you want to be outside, but shaded from the sun. It’s easy to set up as they offer a magnetic or suction cup connection to your van or RV, so it’s easy to move around the vehicle as the sun rotates.

The shade covers 9ft x 7ft and packs down small for easy stowaway.

We love our Moonshade so much that we even wrote a whole review about it!

Use code tworoamingsouls at checkout for $30 off your order.


Our Hammocks hanging off the van in Glacier National Park, showing that hammocks are one of the best van life gifts

Jake and I love chilling in our hammocks. Therefore, I think it is a one of the best van life gifts. It is also a great way to escape the hot summer days if you can find some shade among the trees to hang out in.

Sometimes sitting on the bench or in the bed gets old, so you can shake up how you hang around the van with a hammock! Plus they don’t take up too much space, so they can easily be packed away when not in use.

And if they have a hammock it might inspire them to add a few hammock hangs onto their van so they only need one tree to have the perfect set up (picture above)! Check out our post: How To Install Hammock Hooks On Your Campervan

Or I’ve seen a few people get this awesome hammock hang that you can add to either the front or back with a trailer hitch!

Or check out our post, best hammock stands for your campervan that are both portable and easy to stow when not in use.

Inflatable Kayak

Jake & Emily in Intex Inflatable Kayak at an alpine lake, which makes one of the best van life gifts

This Intex Explorer 2 inflatable kayak has hands down been the best toy we’ve added to our van set up. We have been able to use this on hot summer days in some cool destinations, and we even backpacked with it in Great Basin National Park (pictured above). But if your vanlife friend has space for this epic gift, it will be one of the best they receive this season!

Or if Paddleboarding is more their style, there are many great paddleboards to choose from! 

RTIC Cooler

jake and emily hanging in hammocks from a tree with the RTIC cooler, which makes a great van life gift

One addition Jake and I recently made to our van is this RTIC Soft Pack Cooler. And you might ask why do you need a cooler in vanlife if you have a fridge. But, when we go out on our inflatable kayak, on a friend’s boat, or to a hike in beach, we want a way to keep our food and beverages cold.

Therefore, this RTIC cooler comes in handy anytime we leave the van! Plus it has incredible insulation, so even just using our small ice cubes from our freezer will keep all our food and beverages cold all day long. 

Maxtrax Traction Boards

X-Bull Recovery Tracks Traction Boards

Maxtrax will be a lifesaver for some van dwellers. It can get you out of loose sand, mud, and snow. But beware that this item is large, and not easy to store. Many people opt to attach these traction boards to the outside of their van so it doesn’t take up valuable space in their van.

So check with the vanlifer you might be purchasing this gift for, to see if it is something they would like! For a less expensive alternative, check into XBull

If you are interested in looking into more off-road items, check out our post: Campervan Off-Roading Essentials

Omnia Oven

An Omnia Oven might just be a game-changer in vanlife. It is basically a pot that acts as an oven on a stovetop. You can use it on any stovetop and make pizza, cake, casseroles, etc. If your friend loves to cook, but has complained about not having an oven in their van, then this could be a huge hit!

Caraway Pots & Pans

a girl cooking outside her campervan at a picnic table in a campground with a Caraway Non-Stick Pot on a Camp Chef Everest camp stove

I promise, if the vanlifer you are trying to gift does not have a non-stick pan, they will be thanking you every time they see you for this gift. 

We switched over to Caraway pots and pans a couple of years ago and wow are they like magic. You basically can cook the stickiest of meals and then simply wipe it out with a paper towel at the end!

Plus they are Non Toxic, PTFE & PFOA Free.

Caraway pots and pans will keep a vanlifers sanity in the kitchen!

Check price on the Caraway Saute Pan and the Caraway Sauce Pan.


A cookbook is a fantastic gift for vanlifers as it empowers them to explore and elevate their culinary adventures on the road. In the limited kitchen space of a van, having a collection of diverse recipes can spark creativity and make meal planning more exciting. 

Cookbooks tailored to vanlife often provide practical tips for cooking in compact spaces and with limited ingredients, making it easier to whip up delicious meals while traveling. 


One of the best things in our van that has been a game-changer is this silicone scrubber. It allows you to scrub your non-stick pans without harming the top-coat. Or with some of those dinners that require a little extra scrubbing and you don’t want to get the sponge covered in grimy food that’s hard to wash out.

It’s a great addition to a van dwellers kitchen. If you know a vanlifer or RV’er who doesn’t already own this, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for vanlife. 

Dish Towels

DIY rope drawer handles in a campervan kitchen

One easy way to spruce up a van is a nice dish towel! And almost all vanlifers have to hand wash and dry their dishes, so it’s an easy vanlife essential on the gift guide for vanlife. 

Collapsible Tupperware

Storage is limited when you live in a 50-foot box, so any way you can save space in the cabinet is essential. Therefore collapsible tupperware is the perfect gift for a vanlifer if they don’t already own some. 

Etee Wraps

Photo by Jack Cole on Unsplash

Or another great option for storing food in a van is with Etee Wraps or Bees Wraps. They are like reusable plastic wraps to keep things fresh. They are eco-friendly, so it’s the perfect item that is reusable on the gift guide for vanlife.

And the perfect item to pair with these wraps are these reusable sandwich baggies

Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle

insulated water bottle with mountains in the backround, which represents one of the best van life gifts

A vacuum-sealed water bottle is something I always travel with in the van. It allows me to have cold water on the go. And especially in vanlife where you aren’t in a temperature-regulated place.

Oftentimes, if your plastic water bottle sits in the sun for just a few minutes it will be warm in no time. Therefore a vacuum-sealed water bottle is a great gift idea for vanlife. My two favorite brands are Hydroflask and Larq

Check out our review of the Larq: The First Self-Cleaning Water Bottle. It uses UV light to clean the water bottle every 2 hours. Or on demand every time you fill up.

Insulated Coffee Mug

Emily enjoying hot coffee on a hike, offering one of the best vanlife gift ideas

And to pair with the water bottle, add is an insulated coffee mug. It will keep your coffee or tea piping hot so you can sip on it for as long as you need without it getting cold!

Luci Light

a luci light, which is one of the best van life gifts

For those nights you want to hang outside, a Luci Light is the perfect van life gift to brighten up the night. It is powered by solar, so you don’t have to waste the batteries in your van to charge this light. They even have cool string lights, that can be fun to hang around the van!

Insect Repellent

If you live in a van, then you most likely spend a ton of time outside, which results in having to deal with pesky bugs. Therefore, an all-natural insect repellent is the perfect gift idea for fellow van lifers. We personally like Murphy’s Naturals because it uses essential oils and no harmful chemicals.

Check out our post: Best Insect Repellents for Camping and Vanlife. There are many different insect repellents on the market, but here is a list of the best! 

Bug Shield

Or you might consider a bug shield instead. A nice addition to a campervan outdoor setup is a shield away from the bugs. There are a few great bug shields that will keep a nice perimeter for the bugs away from your campervan.

Check the Price of the Portable Mosquito Repeller or the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Radius Zone.

Travel-Sized Games

Jake and Emily playing the travelers edition of Catan, which can make one of the best van life gifts

Jake and I love games! And when we started living in a van full-time and needed to make some cuts to our belongings, some games made the cut. But there are a few travel-sized games that doesn’t take up much extra space.

Some of our favorites are Monopoly Deal, Catan, Kan Jam, and Bocce

Check out our post Best Games For Vanlife/RV’ers for other great van life gifts!

Solar Shower

Emily showering outside our van with a solar shower, which can be one of the best van life gifts

An essential item to full-time vanlife is having a way to shower. Some people just stop at the gym or nearby campgrounds to get in a quick shower. But one helpful item we have in the van is this solar shower bag so we can get in a quick rinse when we are away from civilization.

We used the Advanced Element 5 Gallon Shower Bag for years, but have since upgraded to the Nemo Helio LX Prezzurized Shower (both are great solar shower options). 

If you want to get a step up from these two shower bags, check out our post: Best Portable Showers For Vanlife & Camping

Custom Clothing

Jake and Emily posing against a redwood tree with The Woods Clothing T Shirt, which can make a great custom vanlife gift idea

When living in the van, you have to make some tough choices in your wardrobe. Not everything can fit in the van. But if you have a few items that you love and fit great, you will be inclined to wear them much more often! These two items are from The Wood’s Clothing Co and I am absolutely in love! 

Emily wearing The Wood's Clothing Sweatshit

At The Woods Clothing CO, you get to choose your own fabrics and piece them together to get one fabulous piece of clothing. Plus everything is handmade! It’s a great way to support a small business right here in the USA.


weboost cell signal booster is a huge improvement for getting coverage

One of the more expensive van life gifts on the list is a WeBoost. If you are looking for an item to give your vanlife friend that will change their life, then this WeBoost is the perfect gift idea for vanlife.

A WeBoost can boost your signal up to 32 times. So, if a vanlifer is parked somewhere where the internet is spotty, this booster will help make their signal stronger. 

We use this WeBoost often when traveling full-time on the road to pair with our hot spot on the go. It helps us stay connected and work for hours without having to go to the library or coffee shop to get wifi.

But unfortunately, it isn’t magic and does require you to have some signal to work. But, it is a great item to have while traveling on the road full-time!

For more information on the WeBoost, check out our review: Should You Buy A WeBoost (Cell-Signal Booster?)

Wifi Booster

Another option for getting internet on the road is a WiFi Booster. There are many different boosters on the market. We don’t have specific experience with a WiFi Booster, but have done research on some of the best on the market. The top 3 WiFi Boosters we found are:

Or look into our in-depth review for the best portable wifi devices.

Coloring Book

I know this one might sound childish, but there are often times when we are out of service range. And sometimes popping on a movie or TV show you have downloaded just isn’t what you want to do. So a coloring book is a calming way to pass the time. And it can also make great artwork to decorate around the van.

Puffy Down Blanket

Emily Hammocking with The Best Down Puffy Blanket which is one of the best van life gifts
Hammocking with The Best Down Puffy Blanket

One of my favorite additions to our campervan is the Get Out Gear Down Puffy Blanket. It’s the cheaper off-brand to the rival rumpl blanket. But we find it just as warm, packable, and made of quality.

It is also the perfect blanket to put in your hiking pack, use out at the campfire, or simply just in the van as an extra layer. 

Tablet or Phone Holder

Emily reading her Kindle on a backpacking trip
Emily reading her Kindle on a backpacking trip

A tablet or phone holder is a great van life gift idea. It provides hands-free entertainment and possibly a workspace solution in the limited space of a van. 

It enhances organization and productivity, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable mobile lifestyle. Whether you’re watching movies, following a recipe, or working remotely, a holder adds convenience and versatility to your van adventures.

Remote Jump Start

Hulkman Remote Battery Jumpstarter
Hulkman Remote Battery Jumpstarter

This has already saved us a handful of times! I think this might actually be at the top of the list for best van life gifts. It might not be as fun, but it can really save you in an emergency.

Vanlifers often choose remote locations that don’t always have service and might not have other campers driving by that you can flag for help. Therefore, if their battery dies, they are in a tough spot. This Hulkman Jumpstarter can even revive a completely dead battery. It’s like having AAA but much more helpful in the backcountry!

Collapsible Table

the REI Collapsible Table, which is a great van life gift

A collapsible table is one of the best gifts for a campervan owner.  It provides a compact dining or workspace solution when needed, and easily folds away when not in use.

Whether you’re cooking, working, or enjoying a meal outside your van, this portable table offers convenience and functionality, making it an indispensable accessory.

GPS Reach Mini

the GPS Reach Mini, which is a great van life gift for people who often camp in remote areas out of cell-signal

Another great van life gift idea for safety is the GPS Reach Mini. This little device can call for help when you are out of cell-signal reach. So in case of an emergency, you can use this to call 911, and get help immediately. You can also use it to communicate with your loved ones.

Portable Power Station

Bluetti EB70S Solar Power Camping

A new addition to our campervan is the Bluetti EB70S. For those short winter days or when a multi-day storm rolls through, you might run low on power. So we love having a spare battery to help when we need that extra battery juice to keep our laptops charged, run our water kettle, etc. 

They also sell solar panels that pair with the batteries as a bundled package.

Check out our in-depth review on the Bluetti for more details.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be a wonderful vanlife gift idea. Living in a campervan can be crammed at times. So having a place to comfortably stretch outdoors can keep the body right. Plus it doubles as a great place off the ground to get in a quality workout. 

Resistance Bands & Loops

Emily using resistance bands and loops outside her campervan

Another idea to help a fellow vanlifer stay fit on the road is with resistance bands or loops. Plus they take up little to no space. But you will want to give this van life gift in an empathetic way because you don’t want to give them the wrong idea that you think they need to work out (if you know what I mean).

Buddy Heater

If the vanlifer you are trying to buy a gift for doesn’t own a heater and vanlifes in the winter, then they will love you for getting them a Mr. Heater. Jake and I set off for our first year of vanlife and thought Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc would be warm enough, but they still get some cold fronts that roll through. So having a heater can make all the difference for staying comfortable in the van. 

Laundry Scrubba Bag

a Scrubba laundrybag, which makes a great campervan gift

Keep your clothes clean with a Scrubba Clothes Washing Bag. While you probably won’t do all your clothes with this bag, it can be nice when you wear your favorite items and don’t want to head to the laundry mat so you can wear them again. Or of course, if you get a stain and need to wash your clothes ASAP to save it from permanent damage.

And don’t forget the travel-size laundry detergent.

Backseat Organizer

Having a place for everything in your van and staying organized is crucial. While it is a small space, you would be surprised at how often you can lose things if they aren’t put away in the same spot. So capitalizing on all the nooks and crannies you can organize things is important. 

Check out this backseat organizer.

Portable Fire Pit

portable fire pit, which makes the perfect van life gift

A fun and unique gift for campervan owners is a portable fire pit. The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit allows you to have a fire without making a fire pit or having to find a campsite with a fire pit. 

Plus if you often camp in the Western U.S., then it’s likely you will run into a fire ban from mid-summer to early fall where fires are only allowed in a designated fire pit. And well this item will be the perfect way you can still enjoy those summer nights and some tasty smores. 

Slip On Sandals

Being able to slip on your shoes quickly when you need to go outside is dang near essential in vanlife. I did my first year of van life without slip-on shoes and I regret not just investing in some slip-on shoes. And I mean the kind of slip-on shoes you can fashionably wear with socks! 😉

You will probably need to ask for the person’s shoe size, but they will be glad you did when you gift them some nice Birkenstocks or Jake’s personal favorite, Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide. (I personally suggest a pair of waterproof Birks.)

And if you’re looking for a nice budget-friendly pair, these H2K Lightweight slip-ons are seriously pretty great. 

Portable Fan

On those hot summer days, a portable fan makes an ideal gift for vanlife enthusiasts. It provides essential climate control, ventilation, and improved sleep quality in the confined space of a van. 

Its energy-efficient design ensures it won’t drain the van’s power supply, while its compact and versatile nature allows for easy installation and multi-purpose use. 

Water Kettle

How To Make The Best Cup Of Coffee In Vanlife coffee supplies

Most vanlife set ups don’t have a camp stove readily available. So having to take out the camp stove every time you want to boil some water can be a hassle. Having a little water kettle to boil water for coffee, tea, oatmeal, etc can be one of the more practical van life gifts. 


Let’s be honest, most vanlifers are on the road to have the freedom to travel to endless cool places. So having a tripod for photos or video can be the perfect gift for a van lifer. We personally love our Xenvo SquidGrip Tripod.

It allows us to both be in the photo and have some epic footage of us hiking etc. Check out our Youtube Channel and you can see how we put this tripod to good use! 😉

Pudgie Pie Maker

Photo by Bjarke Rosenbeck on Unsplash

Okay, I know when you live in a camper van you have a stove and all the necessary equipment to cook some tasty meals without a campfire. But there is something nostalgic about cooking over the roaring flames. So a Cast Iron Cooker is the perfect fun van life gift you didn’t know you needed! 

It’s simple to use and doesn’t require cleaning. Simply add oil or butter to each side of the iron skillet, place a piece of bread on each side, and add in whatever fillings you desire.

My personal favorite is a Pizza Pudgie Pie, with red sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. Or you can go with a basic grilled cheese. And lastly, you can also do dessert style and add Nutella & banana, smores, or peanut butter & jelly. The options are limitless!

Reusable Grocery Bags

Emily getting some fresh produce at the Minturn Market.
Emily getting some fresh produce at the Minturn Market.

This van life gift may be a bit boring, but having some quality reusable bags can be very handy on the road. 

Reusable Produce Bags

emily shopping for groceries which is a great way to do #vanlife without remote work

Additionally, having reusable produce bags can help eliminate waste and be a nice eco-friendly gift idea. 


A LifeStraw is an excellent gift for a vanlifer as it offers a reliable and portable solution for clean drinking water in case of emergencies. When living in a campervan, we don’t have an endless supply of water, and in some cases, we might run out of our water supply before we expect to. Therefore, having a reliable way to get clean drinking water in a pinch can literally be a lifesaver. 

This can also double as a great stocking stuffer.

We are also huge fans of the Platypus Gravity Works water filter. This is what we use on all our backpacking adventures.


Campervan kitchen with a snake plant on the counter and mountains in the background

A plant makes a thoughtful gift for vanlifers because it brings a touch of nature and homey warmth to their mobile lifestyle. In the confined space of a van, a potted plant can provide a sense of comfort and tranquility. 

Beyond aesthetics, it also contributes to improved air quality by naturally filtering the air and releasing oxygen, creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment. Plus, nurturing a plant can be a rewarding and therapeutic experience for vanlifers, adding a unique dimension to their on-the-road lifestyle.

Check out our guide for the best plants for vanlife

Aero Garden

Can You Use An AeroGarden In A Campervan

An AeroGarden is an exceptional van life gift because it offers a convenient and space-efficient way to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, or even flowers right inside their mobile home. 

This innovative system provides a source of homegrown, organic produce while on the road. It enhances the vanlife experience by promoting self-sufficiency, nutrition, and culinary creativity, all within the limited confines of a van. 

Plus, it adds a touch of greenery and freshness to their living space, making it a practical and enjoyable gift for those embracing van life.

While you likely won’t be able to have a large enough Aerogarden to grow a ton of fruits or veggies, it’s the perfect thing for growing herbs to use on select dishes. We wrote a whole in-depth review about using the Aerogarden in our campervan.

Vanlife Swag

a shirt with a campervan design on it

Of course, everyone loves a little vanlife swag! 

Here is a fun vanlife shirt from Marmot or a unique Livin The Vantasy T-Shirt.

JBL Speaker

JBL speaker sitting on a brick wall with the sun shining through
Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

A portable speaker is the perfect gift idea for van life. Whether it’s playing music by the campfire, enjoying outdoor movie nights, or enhancing the atmosphere inside the van, a portable speaker brings the joy of sound wherever the road leads.

Its compact design and wireless capabilities make it versatile and easy to use, elevating the overall experience of van life.

We are huge fans of the JBL 4, but obviously, there are tons of great portable speakers on the market today.


Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

GoPros are the adventure camera every vanlifer needs. There are tons of unique ways you can use a GoPro. Whether you attach it to your van as you do an epic mountain pass, swim in a pristine alpine lake, or attach it to your head as you wind through the trees on a beautiful bike ride. 

Jake and I personally own the Go Pro 11, which works great for all our adventurous needs!

Go Pros are waterproof and nearly indestructible. And if you do somehow break one, you can usually get a new one through their warranty. 

Tile Mate

For those who can be a bit scatter-brained or don’t put their keys or wallet in the same place every time, will certainly benefit from a Tile Mate. This keychain or Tile Slim will help you find your lost items every time. When you need to locate the last item, simply use the app, and a loud siren with alarm so you can find your missing items at last!

Cigarette Lighter Charger

This is one of the best campervan accessories gifts. A Cigarette Lighter Charger can keep a vanlifer charged while on the road. It uses the car battery versus their “home battery supply”. The Anker USB C Car Charger Adapter is a quality choice that offers multiple ports.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Emily house sitting by working on her computer which is a great way to do #vanlife without remote work

People often ask how Jake and I keep our personal space in the van. And the real answer is we often both just put on some noise-canceling headphones and just zone out to our own hobbies. So if you are looking for the perfect van life gift idea for couples, you found the right one!

Beats are a reputable brand of great noise-canceling headphones. But if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, Jake and I both use these headphones.


Starlink Roam Review Vanlife Remote Work

This one might be a bit more expensive, but if you are looking for that large ticket item that will absolutely make a vanlifers day, then a Starlink will certainly do that! Having a Starlink Roam in our campervan setup has been an absolute game changer for how we are able to work remotely. 

The cost of the Starlink Satellite Dish is a whopping $600. But sadly, this is not a one-time purchase. The subscription to use Starlink is $150 per month, but the benefit is the Starlink Roam can be paused at any time. 

So I’d only get this gift for a vanlifer if they are willing to pay the cost of the monthly subscription. But if they work remotely, this will absolutely change the game!

Check out our Starlink Review for all the details about using this device on the road.

Takeaway For The Best Van Life Gifts

We hope you enjoy this gift guide for vanlife! There are all sorts of great gift ideas for vanlife that will please your van dweller or family member. But do note that living in a van has limited storage space, so some of these items on the list will sacrifice some of that valuable space.

Maybe mention one of these items to your vanlife friend nonchalantly, to see if it is something they would be interested in and if they have room to store it. We hope you find these van life gifts useful and can bring your vanlife friend the best Christmas or Birthday. 

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